Hello creators! 

We told you in our Consumer Insights post that we’ll be sharing more insights and reports with you, and we’re a Card Content team of our word. 

We’ve put a lens on the typical thortful shopper (carefully and away from direct sunlight) to find out how they think, how they feel and what they look for when it comes to cards. We’re really excited to share this report with you; we hope you can use it to build on your designs and increase your card sales. 

                                                   >>DOWNLOAD THE REPORT HERE<<

Just like the Consumer Insights report, this document is password protected. To find the password, log into your creator account and you’ll find the password at the top of your dashboard

If you’re a thortful creator and you can’t see the password, let us know – [email protected] – and we’ll sort it out for you. 

We also have some important news on how we’re optimising the catalogue which you can view here. If you missed it, we have the Mother’s Day deadline and lookbook and a look on what makes a Mother’s Day best seller.  

Team thortful