Hello creators,

If you’re here you’re probably after our Mother’s Day 2023 Lookbook: our collection of inspiration for the big occasion. 

We know there are many, many kinds of mother, and we want to celebrate them all: step mums, dads taking on the traditional role of mums, grandmas, pet mums (yes) and more. They all have a place in our catalogue.

We really want to see designs beyond the usual stereotypes of mothers, so our lookbook is full of different mum archetypes (matriarchetypes?) that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Don’t forget: The deadline for designs to be submitted is: 6 February 2023

You can upload Mother’s Day designs after this date, but they’re far less likely to be featured in thortful marketing campaigns, and may not be considered for the main catalogue.

We’ve also put our thinking caps on and come up with some ideas on what makes a Mother's Day bestseller . You can take a look at those here


As always with Big Occasions, the accepted card designs will be held in a pre-release category to be released at the optimum time, so they won’t be immediately available in the main catalogue.


Click here to get started. We can’t wait to see your designs!


Team thortful x