Revealed: The UK cities buying last-minute Mother’s Day cards

To find out where the most forgetful children, both young and old, can be found, we took a look at our own data from 2023 to see which UK cities were picking up the most cards on the day before, the day of, and even after Mother’s Day!

Are you a mum wondering whether it’s just your kid who seems to wait right until the last moment? Perhaps you’re just generally curious? Whatever the case may be, just keep on reading to discover which cities are the worst for remembering to sort cards for their mum on Mother’s Day.

Wait, before we go any further, are you one of those people who haven’t picked up a card for Mother’s Day 2024 yet? If so, here’s a friendly reminder that you’ll probably want to sort that out sooner rather than later.

Below is just a little glimpse into the types of wonderful Mother’s Day cards that our very own talented team of creators come up with. (Don’t forget to check whether you can use one of our thortful discount codes towards your order too!)

Which UK cities are most likely to forget to pick up a card for their mum?

Okay, let’s get straight into it! First up in our rankings for the UK city where people are most likely to leave their Mother’s Day card purchasing until the very last minute is…. *insert drumroll please*…. Leeds.

With 3,324 cards being bought by people from Leeds in the three-day period around Mother’s Day in 2023, they easily take the crown as the UK last-minute Mother’s Day buyers. Now, this is not to say that people from this West Yorkshire city don’t care about their mums, but they’re somehow ignoring all signs and advertisements telling them that Mother’s Day is coming up.

Next up over 150 miles down South taking the second spot in Buckinghamshire. This is all thanks to precisely 2,331 people picking up cards at the very last (and in some cases, too late) moment.

Wiltshire makes an appearance in the third spot on our list where 2,122 cards were suddenly bought as people remembered just what day it was and wanted to get their Mother’s Day order in.

Rounding out the top five are both Cornwall (2,076) and Birmingham (1,896) – so just a heads up to any mums from these areas that it sounds as though you’re lucky to even be getting a card judging by the number of last-minute purchases.

What types of Mother’s Day cards are Brits actually buying?

Taking a look into the particular types of cards Brits are buying, the majority of the top three most popular cards bought in all five of our ‘most forgetful’ cities came from our range of funny Mother’s Day cards. So it seems that a lot of kids, both young and old, are looking to be a bit cheeky with a corker of a card that will make their mum chuckle.

Whether you’re the type to leave things until the last moment or are always super prepared weeks in advance, the very least you should do is write a sweet note inside the card. Luckily, If you’re struggling for inspiration, we can help as we’ve got all sorts of ideas on what to write in your Mother’s Day card.

Maybe you’ve lost a mother figure but still want to write out a special card message in her honour? It can be hard to put your emotions down in writing, but hopefully our article on happy heavenly Mother’s Day wishes can help with this.

Ultimately, whilst us guys here at thortful believe that every special occasion warrants a lovely card, you might choose to celebrate in other ways like with a gift or by preparing an afternoon tea for Mother’s Day.

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The data was taken from thortful’s Mother’s Day card sales data for 2023.