Thortful discounts, offers and promo codes

Want to save some cash on cards but don’t want to compromise on quality? You’ve certainly come to the right place. After all, this is the official hub for all things thortful discount-related. Here at thortful, we’re all about celebrating each and every occasion – and yes, that obviously involves lots and lots of cards. Whether you’re in need of a birthday card or an anniversary card, we want to make celebrating every occasion and gesture affordable. That’s why we’ve got a range of deals that you can take advantage of – plus, if you’re anything like us, you simply can’t say no to a great deal! Go ahead and discover all of thortful’s promo codes and discounts below. 

20% off for new thortful app customers

If you’re always on the lookout for great deals, listen up! Download the thortful app and you’ll get a 20% discount off of your first order using the app. Whether you’re planning a special surprise or just remembered you need to sort a card whilst you’re out and about, our app is the easiest way to shop greeting cards from your phone.

4 for 10 on thortful cards

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of cards you need to buy at once or perhaps you’re just an extra-prepared person and want to stock up on cards in advance? Either way, it sounds like our 4 for £10 offer is exactly what you need. Save yourself a couple of quid by picking out 4 of our A5 cards and get them for just £10! Choose 4 cards from the same range or mix and match across various special occasions.

£5 off when you refer a friend to thortful

Sick of receiving bog-standard cards from your mates? Drop them a not-so-subtle hint by referring a friend to thortful and you’ll no longer have to deal with boring cards for future special occasions! Referring a friend means you’ll get £5 off your own next order, and they’ll get 30% off their first order. Simply create or log into your account and generate a unique link they can use to order. 

8 cards for £20 AND free delivery

Yep, you read that right. Pick up 8 thortful A5 cards for £20, and get free delivery. You can mix and match across occasions.