How to celebrate a Christmas birthday

How to celebrate a Christmas birthday

People born on Christmas day certainly don’t have it easy having to share their own big day with another, and potentially even being overshadowed by the larger festive occasion. Previously, we’ve explored the struggles of Christmas birthdays including receiving combined presents and fewer people noticing that it’s even your birthday. However, it’s not all bad and if you’re looking for Christmas birthday ideas and ways to make the day just as special, then you’re in exactly the right place. Simply carry on reading to discover our Christmas birthday ideas and other important little things to remember if you’re celebrating a Christmas birthday this year.

Christmas birthday party ideas

As we all know, Christmas is not only known as the most wonderful time of the year but perhaps the most expensive too. Therefore, it’s understandable that friends and family might be watching their pennies even more closely this time of year. However, it goes without saying that not all plans have to be expensive and who doesn’t love a good birthday party?

If you still want to mark the occasion but in need of some inspiration, here are some of our Christmas birthday party ideas:

1. Celebrate separately and don’t mention Christmas

It’s not fair that Christmas birthdays can be overlooked, so why not celebrate the two occasions completely separately? The 25th can be a typical Christmas for the family including everyone opening their presents in the morning and enjoying a festive feast. Then on the 26th, aka Boxing Day, you can focus on the birthday celebrations complete with a completely different theme and absolutely no mention of Christmas allowed. Let’s be honest, it’s only fair that the birthday boy or girl is the centre of attention on their special day.

Alternatively, if you prefer to celebrate on the 25th then you could split the day in half by celebrating one occasion in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

2. Embrace the Christmas spirit with an epic festive party

Alternatively, those who truly thrive throughout the festive season can truly embrace the Christmas spirit with an epic party! Invite all your family and friends over and have a jolly ol’ time together stuffing your face with yummy food and treats while dancing along to all your favourite Christmas songs. After all, you might as well take advantage of having a birthday on Christmas day and both only come once a year!

3. Don’t throw a party and go do something instead

Typically, there are lots of things going on in December such as office parties, other festive parties with friends and family, and later in the month, there are even New Year’s Eve parties too. If you’re not really feeling like adding another party to the list, there’s always the option of going out and doing something else for your birthday instead. Think ice skating, a trip to the theatre, or a spa day to name a few, the options are endless!

Little things to remember for Christmas birthdays

To make someone else’s Christmas birthday extra special, there are some other little things to bear in mind:

Combined presents are a big no-no

As pretty much anyone with a birthday in December can relate to, the concept of combined presents is a big no-no. We repeat – do not combine Christmas and birthdays into one present! They can’t help what day they were born on so just treat it like any other birthday and get them a separate present for each celebration.

Use different wrapping paper

While you might want to get any present wrapping out of the way in one go, you shouldn’t use the same festive paper that you’re using for all your other Christmas presents. Instead, use another non-Christmassy roll of paper so that it’s clear which gifts are for their birthday, and which aren’t.

Make or buy a proper birthday cake

Mince pies, stollen, and tubs of chocolate are just some of the many sweet treats to be enjoyed over the festive season, but even with all those a proper birthday cake complete with candles is still a must! Plus, does anyone really need a better excuse to enjoy more yummy cake? Although we do feel we must add that Christmas cake should not be used as a substitute for a birthday cake (unless it’s their absolute favourite of course).

Still sing Happy Birthday

It may seem obvious, but make sure to have everyone huddle together and sing Happy Birthday off-pitch. Understandably, you might only have Christmas songs constantly stuck in your head, but this really is one birthday tradition that shouldn’t be forgotten.

What about a Christmas Eve birthday?

Perhaps their birthday isn’t on the 25th but on the 24th instead? Well, all of the above still applies and it’s just as important not to let the excitement of Christmas morning overshadow their Christmas Eve birthday either.

No matter if it’s you or a loved one that’s celebrating a Christmas birthday, we hope we’ve given you all sorts of ideas on how to celebrate and other little things to bear in mind. And if it’s someone else’s birthday coming up on December 25th, then you should definitely take a look at our appropriately themed range of Christmas birthday cards to hand them on their special day alongside their other Christmas card.

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