How to make Christmas wreaths

There is something about the festive season that really makes us want to get artsy and crafty – maybe something to do with all those paper chains and snowflakes we had to make as children? We think that making Christmas wreaths is the perfect DIY craft for you to do this Christmas! Making Christmas wreaths is a really fun project that you can do with the family or all on your own, but it’s a craft that you’ll be able to pull out every Christmas for years to come to hang on your front door to welcome all your guests.

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How to make Christmas wreaths

When it comes to arts and crafts projects, we like to be prepared as possible, which is why we’ve created this handy step-by-step guide to making the best Christmas door wreath ever. The first step, as with all Christmas crafts, is gathering together all your utensils.

What you’ll need:

  •       Gloves (we recommend thick ones like gardening gloves)
  •       Wire frame, or thin wire bent into a circle shape
  •       Twine or gardening wire
  •       Gardening scissors (or a pair of gardening shears)
  •       Foliage such as moss, eucalyptus leaves or holly
  •       Ribbons
  •       Decorations – berries, pinecones, additional foliage, glitter, ornaments, anything you would like to add on!

Making Christmas wreaths: step-by-step

  1.     Step 1 – Once you have all your utensils, we can begin by either creating your circular frame or prepping a pre-made wreath frame with some twine (or wire). This involves securing your twine to the frame with a couple of twists, with the twine still attached to the reel and on the outside of the frame.
  2.   Step 2 – Next, you will take your base foliage (we recommend moss because it is really dense and has a lot of moisture to sustain the foliage you will add in later) and attach it to the frame by wrapping the twine around it and the frame.
  3.   Step 3 – Once the frame is covered in the base foliage and you have a green circle, you can collect a bunch of your preferred decorative foliage (we like to use eucalyptus leaves for their matte green softness, and pine branches to add some wintery texture) and attach these to the wreath frame on top of the base foliage with the twine.
  4.   Step 4 – Continue adding bundles of foliage around the wreath, overlapping them until the base foliage is evenly covered. Cut the twine once everything is secured by twisting it a few times at the back and (carefully) cutting with gardening scissors.
  5.   Step 5 – Next, you’re going to take your twine and wrap it around the individual decorations you want to tie on, creating two long strands which you will use to attach them to your wreath.
  6.   Step 6 – Attach your decorations at random intervals around the wreath, making sure to separate them fairly evenly but at natural gaps.
  7.   Step 7 – Attach a thick ribbon to the wreath by looping it through the back of the frame and tie it in a pretty bow at the top.
  8.   Step 8 – Use the ribbon to hang your wreath on a door or suitable place and enjoy your fancy new Christmas wreath!

Decorating Christmas wreaths

Now, we’ve given a pretty basic overview of decorating your wreath there, but it’s important to keep in mind that those steps are for a basic Christmas wreath – you can decorate your wreath however you like! If you want to opt for fancy leaves and spray paint the whole thing gold, you go for it! In fact, we have some pretty great style inspiration for you to try out if you’re stuck for ideas.

Styling homemade wreaths

You could make your wreath extra Christmassy by adding in some lovely smelling decorations like dried oranges or cinnamon sticks. Alternatively, buy some tiny baubles to add some playful elements to your wreath – you could even try a small string of battery-powered lights around it to add some warmth to your front door in the dark evenings.

For a wreath that probably won’t last until next year, but will look stunning, use fresh flowers like thistles, wallflowers, and winter berries. Or add a cute and cheap modern flair to your wreath by using pom poms as decorations – this colourful craft can easily be done just using hot glue too!

Alternative Christmas wreaths

There are a few different ways you can create alternative Christmas wreaths if you want to depart from tradition. Go for earthy tones, using dried flowers, pinecones, and pheasant feathers to create a wreath that can be used not just at Christmas, but for autumn and New Year too. Alternatively, go for a really fun look by creating a wreath out of red, green, and pink balloons to add some whimsy to this year’s Christmas decorations.

Gold glitter leaves can create a truly decadent Christmas door wreath for those looking to step up their Christmas décor, and this design is sure to last forever if you make sure to pack it carefully after Christmas is over. Another chic way to make your wreath different is by using twigs and driftwood as the base, and adding seashells and coastal ornaments, for the perfect Christmas by the coast décor!


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