How to make your own Christmas decorations

Feeling like your Christmas could stand out a little bit more? Forget the mass-produced ornaments and decorations this year – make your own Christmas decorations for a standout look that will set your home apart. Get the whole family involved, with our suggestions for easy-to-make Christmas decorations to make with children. 

Even if you don’t have kids, you might still be wondering how to make Christmas decorations that don’t look like a child made them. Don’t worry – we’ve got some ideas. From pretty paper Christmas decorations to stunning centrepieces, there’s plenty of ways to add a homemade touch to the holidays. And if you’re looking for tree-specific decorations that you can still craft with your own two hands, we’ve got a convenient guide on how to make your own Christmas tree ornaments.

If you’re looking for some appropriately festive design ideas, check out our huge range of Christmas cards – our independent card makers are a pretty creative bunch if we do say so ourselves, and they’ve got tons of ideas that might spark a bit of inspiration. 

Homemade Christmas decorations for children to make

A Christmas crafting day with the kids can be a ton of fun. As long as you don’t mind cleaning up PVA glue spills and glitter, you’re bound to create tons of happy memories! If you’re hoping to show your little ones how to make Christmas decorations, it’s best to keep it simple. Here are our ideas for some easy Christmas decorations to make with children this year. 

Paper poinsettias

Poinsettias are a classic Christmas flower, but you need to be careful if you have pets at home – the pretty petals can be really toxic for cats and dogs. Play it safe with these sweet paper poinsettias from Lia Griffith. The simple design is easy for kids to make with a little bit of supervision – frankly, even if you don’t have pets these homemade Christmas decorations are still worth making to add fancy floral style to your Christmas display.

Image source: Lia Griffith

Pinecone Christmas trees

These easy DIY pinecone trees from PJs and Paint are ideal paper Christmas decorations for children to make – all you need is pinecones, paint, and glue. But even though it’s a simple idea, the end result is super effective! Take the kids on a woodland walk and challenge them to find lots of different sized pinecones, from short and stubby to tall and thin. When they’re all painted and arranged together, they’ll make a great little forest display!

Image source: PJs and Paint

No-sew sock snowmen

Good news for parents with a total lack of sewing skill – these sweet homemade Christmas decorations can be made with no needle and thread at all. The DIY tutorial from Easy Peasy and Fun is simple to follow, and kids will love filling socks with rice (or stuffing if you have it to hand). Odd buttons, ribbons and fabric scraps make up his coal buttons and his scarf. Old coloured socks make a fab little hat – and the end result is just unbearably cute. You could even create a whole clan of little snowmen, and decorate each one to match a member of your family! Just don’t use a good pair of socks – but if it’s too late and the kids have already decimated dad’s sock drawer, then get him a replacement for Christmas with our cute sock cards

Image source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Paper Christmas decorations you can make at home

Whether you’re trying to keep your home more eco-friendly this Christmas or just going for a low-key boho crafty feel, these paper Christmas decorations are surprisingly stylish. Seeing your hard work hanging around the room is bound to make your Christmas feel a little bit more special – and it also nets you serious ‘Oh, these decorations? We actually made them ourselves’ humblebrag opportunities.

Christmas lightbulb advent calendar

Paper Christmas decorations have come a long way from the basic paper chains and snowflakes you might remember from being a kid. These adorable DIY ‘lightbulbs’ from Lars are stylish, and hide a surprise – they’re actually an advent calendar in disguise! They’re easier to make than you might think at first glance, and you can hide sweets or little toys for kids inside for some Christmas fun.

Image source: Lars

Origami paper Christmas trees

These stylish and sophisticated paper trees from Birds Party are perfect for a homemade Christmas table centerpiece, but would look just as lovely arranged on a side table or windowsill. Bonus points for being eco-friendly and reusing paper that you already have around your home. You could even re-use last year’s Christmas cards! 

Image source: Birds Party 

Paper house Christmas ornaments

If you love Scandianvian-inspired design, these adorable little paper house decorations from Lia Griffith could be for you. Download the PDF, then print and get cutting and sticking to create these sweet 3D designs. Add a loop of thread to hang them on the Christmas tree or along the fireplace, or arrange a whole little village on a table and use wire fairy lights to light them up as a charming centerpiece.

Image source: Lia Griffith

You don’t have to spend tons on fancy ornaments this year – keep it simple and give your home an extra special touch this Christmas, with homemade Christmas decorations that are bound to impress. And if you’re looking for some extra Christmas inspiration, check out our huge range of unique Christmas cards, browse our range of thoughtful gifts, or head to the thortful blog for more DIY guides and lifestyle ideas.