10 Alternative and thoughtful ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day to show your mum just how much she means to you, and say ‘thank you’ for all that she does. If you’re racking your brains trying to think of ideas for Mother’s Day, and ways you can make the day special, don’t worry – we’ve got you.

Read on to discover some great Mother’s Day ideas that are sure to make her smile and feel treasured on the big day – and if you’re looking for some present ideas, well, wouldn’t you just know it, we’ve got a best Mother’s Day gifts guide for that too!

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Nice ideas for things to do on Mother’s Day

If you’re looking for some classic, thoughtful Mother’s Day ideas, or some inspiration for things to do on Mother’s Day, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favourite suggestions.

Make a scrapbook

Stuck for what to do for Mother’s Day ideas? Creating a scrapbook is a really sweet idea for Mother’s Day – and even better, it gives you a couple of options.

Option one: If your mum loves a trip down memory lane, then make some time together to go through old photo albums and make a scrapbook of favourite mother-child memories. Take the time to ask her about her life, and find out more about her childhood and parents – learning more about your mum will give you a greater understanding of her as a person, and give you a better appreciation of where you come from! You could even get your grandma involved, and create a history of your family in your scrapbook.

Option two: Create a scrapbook for your mum for Mother’s Day. Maybe a history of all the places you’ve been together, or favourite family memories from holidays. Or if she’s missed out on seeing your kids over the last year, make her a scrapbook of everything they’ve been up to so that she can treasure it – even if she couldn’t be there in person.

Mother's Day Celebrations

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Treat her to a girly pamper day

Looking for things to do this Mother’s Day? There’s nothing wrong with a classic, so treat your mum to a good old fashioned pamper session. Take her to her fave spa and relaaaaax for a day of pampering.

Or, if you’re feeling creative, we have some great Mother’s Day ideas so you can recreate the spa experience at home – for example, deliver a perfect pamper package to her door, full of goodies she can use to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation.

Think face masks, prosecco on ice, a DVD of her favourite old movie, some of her favourite sweet treats and maybe a bubble bath or body oil from her favourite spa brand. Wrap it all up in a little hamper and drop it off at the door, then text your dad and make sure he makes himself scarce so she can really kick back and relax!

Treat her to her favourite cocktail

Whether you’re a cocktail-making maestro or an aperitif amateur, why not treat your mum to her favourite cocktail for Mother’s Day? If you’re not sure what to do for Mother’s Day but you want to do something special, brush up your mixologist skills for her – order everything you need to make her fave tipple, and mix it fresh.

And remember, if your mum likes a cheeky G&T, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of finest Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’, available as a gift with any Mother’s Day card from thortful with next day delivery! Or if she prefers something bubbly, then look no further than a bottle of Nyetimber, one of England’s finest homegrown sparkling wines – also available with any thortful card.

Prepare a homemade meal

What better way to treat your mum than preparing her a homemade meal this Mother’s Day? Let her sit back and relax whilst you brush up on your chef skills in the kitchen. How about a hearty, fresh Italian pasta dish followed by her favourite dessert?

To make the evening extra-special, set the table with taper candles, and add a bunch of flowers in her favourite colour to really show her how much you care. You could even go the extra mile and handwrite her a bespoke menu (which we’re sure she’ll treasure forever).

Just tell her to close her eyes, relax, and imagine she’s dining in a piazza in Rome…

Alternative option to a homemade meal: Of course, we’re not all culinary geniuses. If your mum loves getting a little bit dressed up, then one great option for how to make your mum happy this Mother’s Day is to take her out for dinner at her favourite restaurant; all paid for by you and the family, obviously, so she can go wild with the starter menu or order her favourite fancy cocktails.

Go out together or as a family on a day trip or weekend getaway

If your mum is the kind of person who loves new experiences and places, then a great way to show your mum some appreciation is to find a new place she’s never been to before and take her there to make some fab new memories!

Whether for the day or the weekend, plan out all the sights you want to show your mum and then act as a tour guide for her as you explore a new location, visit its shops and cafes, and end the day in a nice local restaurant.

Alternative and unusual ideas for Mother’s Day

Alright, you want to skip the usual gin/prosecco/box of chocolates situation this year? We hear you. Here are some fun and unusual ideas for Mother’s Day that will show your mum just how treasured she is – no wilted flowers from the garage down the street here.

Breakfast in bed

Your usual routine of things to do for Mother’s Day – breakfast in bed, a card and flowers in a vase – don’t have to stop just because you’re not 5 anymore. Some of the sweetest Mother’s Day ideas can be easily adapted for grown ups with a little bit of planning and preparation.

If you live close to your mum, make her favourite breakfast in bed, pack it up in Tupperware and bring it to her door. If you’re not confident that your preparations will stay warm during the journey, go for some classic Danish pastries and croissants for an elegantly European breakfast. And if you’re a long way away, you could even order in from a local café and have them deliver breakfast for her with a little note to say Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Flowers

Image source: Unsplash

Decorate her front door

Mother’s Day ideas like this involve a little bit more preparation, but it’s guaranteed to make her day. When you drop off her Mother’s Day card and gift, coordinate with your mum’s partner/your siblings to keep her busy, and take time to decorate her front door with a special display for Mother’s Day.

Think a pretty spring wreath, a homemade sign, balloons or cut-out some letters saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ When she opens her door, she’ll be delighted with a surprise burst of cheer – and everyone on her street will know just how much you love and value your mum. It’s like a mini-Christmas, just for her.

Get crafting together

For a more hands-on approach to celebrating mum appreciation day, why not delve into the world of arts and crafts?

If there’s a soap or a candle your mum really likes, why not have a go at making it together? We’re not promising you’ll be able to recreate her favourite posh candle on the first attempt (Tom Ford eat your heart out) but you’ll have plenty of fun attempting to recreate it – or experimenting to make something entirely new! Before you know it, you and your mum could have your own personal soaps or candles that you associate with each other.

Arrange a Mother’s Day picnic

There are countless Mother’s Day activities, but there’s nothing quite like a Mother’s Day picnic. Head to the shops and stock up on all your mum’s fave snacks (including sweet treats, drinks, and sandwiches). Then, head to a nearby park and bask in the spring sunshine (weather permitting of course…)

If the weather’s not on your side this Mother’s Day, why not bring your picnic indoors, and set your table afternoon tea style? Indulge in scones, jam, and cream to let your mum know just how much you love her.

To make the day even more special, invite siblings, grandparents, and any other mother figures to your get-together!

Get outside

Thinking of ideas for Mother’s Day is a difficult task, but it isn’t always about grand gestures, huge plans, and expensive gifts.

Sometimes something as simple as grabbing a coffee and taking a walk in your mum’s favourite nature spot will make her day one to remember. Put your phones away and spend real quality time together laughing, reminiscing, and taking in the special day.

It might be cliché, but often, the greatest gift you can give your mum is your time. Time together, no matter, how short, is how the best memories are made. The ones you remember and smile about years down the line.

No matter what you decide to do this Mother’s Day, hopefully our Mother’s Day ideas will have given you some serious inspiration for ways you can go above and beyond the usual.

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