Things to do with your girlfriend

National Girlfriend’s Day is coming up on August 1st (you’re welcome for the reminder), and it’s the perfect time to show your girlfriend just how much she means to you. Whether that’s through a grand romantic gesture, or perhaps a simpler expression of your love, it’s an ideal occasion to make her feel super special. 

Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas though, as luckily, we’ve created a blog bursting with inspiration to guide you. Whether you’re looking to plan a memorable adventure, a cosy evening in or perhaps a fun-filled trip away, we’ve got you covered.  

So, if you’re searching for romantic ideas for her, or maybe something a little more laidback, dive into our things to do with your girlfriend guide! 

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Thoughtful things to do with your girlfriend 

A guaranteed way to make her feel special is by focusing on the smaller details. So, to help you out with this, here are a couple of extra thoughtful ideas (which are bound to earn you some serious brownie points).  

Recreate your first date 

Up first, we have the idea of recreating your very first date. Whether you met at a restaurant, a coffee shop or perhaps a park, simply head back to your first date spot and take a trip down memory lane. 

This is a great way to remind one another just how far you’ve come since those first date jitters. Plus, you’ll have a chance to spend some real quality time together. What’s not to love? 

You could even get inventive and recreate the date at home. If your first date was in a restaurant for instance, surprise her with candles, handwritten menus, and a replica of the food you ate. Doubly thoughtful, this option is bound to impress! 

Organise a surprise picnic 

Another thoughtful yet super simple option, all you’ll need is a picnic blanket, your fave snacks, and each other! 

Pop to the shops to stock up on food (we’re thinking sandwiches, fruit, and sweet treats), then pack them up and head down to your nearest park. The next thing you’ll need to do is pray for a bit of sunshine. But if the weather does let you down this August 1st, simply turn a washout into an extra special indoor picnic. 

With this option, there’s also plenty of scope to throw in some thoughtful finishing touches. A top tip is to pick up a bunch of her favourite flowers or bring along her fave dessert for extra brownie points. 

Fun things to do with your girlfriend 

If fun, high-energy dates are more your thing, here are a couple of ideas which are bound to make her (and you) smile this National Girlfriend’s Day. 

A fun evening out 

You can’t go wrong with planning a fun evening out which you’ll both enjoy. From fancy restaurants to gigs and escape rooms, the options really are endless with this one. 

Or, if she’s always cracking a joke, how about snapping up some comedy night tickets for two? You’ll be able to laugh the evening away and make some memories to treasure forever. 

Create a couple’s scrapbook 

How about channelling your inner creativity and designing a couple’s scrapbook? To do so you’ll need craft supplies (including glue, scissors, pens and paints) plus plenty of pre-printed pictures. Simply scroll through your camera roll and get printing snaps of sunny holidays, Christmases, and memorable dates gone by. 

Alternatively, there are plenty of art projects you could turn your hands to, such as painting or clay pottery which are both fun and fulfilling! You could even attempt to paint each other (if you’re feeling brave). 

Romantic things to do together

There’s no better way to celebrate National Girlfriend’s Day than with a little romance… so, here are a couple of romantic options to inspire you! 

A romantic at-home dinner 

When it comes to romantic things to do with your girlfriend at home, how about planning and preparing a romantic meal? Decide on a few delicious recipes, then head out to grab your supplies. 

You could even get creative and design a handwritten menu, featuring a personalised cocktail based on her name! Tiny details such as these are guaranteed to impress. 

Or if you’re not quite Gordon Ramsay, and you’ve got images of burnt food and raw desserts flashing through your mind, why not let someone else do the cooking for you? (We’ve got a deluxe dining for two gifting experience which she’s bound to love.)

A cosy movie evening in 

We know you’ve probably had your fair share of movie evenings if you’ve been together a while, but why not elevate your run-of-the-mill movie night into something more spectacular? 

We’re thinking wine, cosy lighting, homemade pizzas, and an epic snack selection for the ultimate evening. Once the preparations are done, you’ll simply be able to sit back, press play, and enjoy a snug, romantic night just the two of you. 

Adventurous things to do 

Last up, if you’re the couple who’s always searching for their next adventure, one of the below options might suit you perfectly this National Girlfriend’s Day. 

Plan a couple’s trip away 

Now, this doesn’t have to be a luxury holiday to the Bahamas (although it could be if you’re hoping to go all out). We’re thinking more a weekend trip in Europe, or perhaps a two-night getaway for two closer to home? 

Rain or shine, a UK staycation can be a great option. Simply tell your girlfriend to pack a bag, then hop in the car and drive towards a weekend full of fun. You’ll be able to wander through new streets, perhaps visit a museum, then set up camp in a cosy coffee shop to watch the world go by. 

Get outside 

Our final option for adventure lovers is to get outside and go on a walking adventure. Perfect for outdoorsy couples, this simple idea will allow you to get some fresh air whilst chatting away to your heart’s content. 

This no fuss option is perfect for spending real quality time together, and it’s a wonderful way to celebrate National Girlfriend’s Day. Whether it’s a slow stroll around a local park or a trek along a popular hiking route, simply set off on a day of adventure! 

National Girlfriend’s Day is all about making your girlfriend feel appreciated, seen, and super special. So, whether you’re hoping to plan a high-energy adventure, or a more chilled, cosy evening in, hopefully our ideas have inspired you to get the ball rolling! 

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