Best birthday gift ideas for her

Best birthday gift ideas for her

When it’s time to celebrate the wonderful women in your life, don’t make the mistake of leaving it to the last minute and grabbing a tired bunch of flowers from a petrol station (trust us, the consequences won’t be great!).

There are so many brilliant birthday gifts for your mum, grandma, girlfriend, and sister, meaning you don’t have any excuses these days! But if you’re struggling, read on – we’ve compiled some ideas around birthday gifts for her that will keep you on the straight and narrow.

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Would the lady in your life appreciate a gin taster gift box?

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What to look for when buying birthday gifts for her

Think about the message you’d like to convey in the gift you’re choosing. After all, if you’re choosing a birthday gift for your mum, you don’t want to pick something out that screams romance. By equal measure, choosing a birthday present for your partner that is too homely and not romantic enough might land you in hot water too! Read on and let us guide you through the types of birthday gift ideas for her that will hit the right notes.

Luxury hampers make great birthday gifts for mum, filling her house with beautiful items and her belly with yummy things!

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Birthday gifts for mum

Mums are the people who raise us into who we are, so when it comes to finding gifts for mums this can require some extra consideration. Make your mum feel extra special on her birthday with one of our ideas.

Bottomless brunch

Most mums love being made to feel special on their birthdays, so treating your mum to a spa day or a can make for an ideal birthday gift. Plus, you get to enjoy the present too so it’s a win-win situation.

Treat your mum to a spa break for her birthday

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At-home spa gift set

If you reckon your mum would rather be treated in the comfort of her own home, you could buy her a gift set of aromatherapy oils or a luxurious hamper of deliciousness and delectation. Or treat her to a pamper pack from our range of thortful gifts!

A new handbag

If your mum’s always using the same handbag every time she goes out for a nice day, it might be time for you to take the initiative and give her a well-need upgrade. Other than being a super practical present that she’ll love, the best part is that this present works for all budgets. So, if you’ve got a little extra cash to splash then you could go for a more luxury brand.

Birthday present ideas for grandma

All grandmas are different, but the thing they all have in common is loving their grandkids! So, if you can find a birthday gift for grandma that incorporates you in some way, you’re onto a winner.

Personalised photo frame or cushion

Look for photo frames with personalisation options and create a montage of memories or make gran’s favourite chair an even more comfortable place to sit by giving her a personalised photo cushion featuring the two of you together!

There's no better birthday present than personalised cushions

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Fuzzy socks or slippers

Fuzzy socks or slippers are always a safe choice for any grandparent, and they come in particularly handy when the colder weather hits, which is pretty often in the UK. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of warm and cosy slippers or fuzzy socks!

Jigsaw puzzle

Make sure your grandma doesn’t get bored anytime soon with a jigsaw puzzle for her birthday. Not only will this keep her entertained but it’s also a great way to keep the mind active. There are all sorts of different jigsaw puzzles out there to choose from so it’s up to you how much of a challenge you want to give her.

Birthday gifts for daughter

Daughters can be tricky to buy for, particularly if they’re of an age when anything their parents say or do is wrong!

Personalised journal

But if your daughter is striving for her freedom or is in the process of planning her life, a  can make a great birthday present for her. There are so many mental health benefits of journaling, meaning you can get her a gift that she’ll enjoy, while boosting her health and happiness.

A bottle of perfume

One of the best gifts for women is a bottle of their favourite perfume, and that’s no different for your daughter. Whether you get her a bottle of her favourite which is running out or take a risk and try something new that will become her new go-to, this is a great birthday gift for your daughter.

Tea subscription

Does your daughter prefer tea over coffee? Well, a good cup of tea can fix pretty much everything and start your day right. At thortful, we’ve made gift-giving easy and you can get a tea tasting club subscription by Bird & Box to go nicely along with your birthday card for your daughter. How easy is that!

Birthday gifts for sister or best friend

Looking for gifts for the closest girls in your life? Whether it’s your sister or best friend’s birthday coming up, it’s important to get it right and we’re here to help you do just that.

A bottle of gin

The popularity of gin has literally exploded in the last few years, with new brands and flavours filling the shelves to the delight of cocktail fans everywhere. If you’re seeking birthday gifts for your sister or best friend, something along the lines of a gin and tonic hamper might be right up her street! You can’t go wrong with a bottle of gin – and especially not when that bottle is award-winning Salcombe gin from thortful.

Treat your sister or best friend to a craft pink gin

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Heatless hair curlers

If she always spends a good hour in the morning curling her hair to perfection, then you might want to think about getting her some heatless hair curlers. You know, the ones that have gone viral on TikTok? They’re great because not only will they not cause damage to her hair but they’re super easy to use and she can just sleep in them and wake up with bouncy curls the next day.


House plants are another great choice of birthday present for sisters and BFFs with an eye for interior design. Plants like the Monstera (cheese plant) and Ceropegia (string of hearts) will help to keep her Instagram on point. If you want to get all of your shopping done in one go, browse our range of brilliant house plant gifts, all available with a birthday card for her.

A string of hearts plant is a great gift for expressing sibling love in a stylish way!

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Birthday gifts for girlfriend or wife

Every year, a lot of men dread a certain day of the year – their wife’s birthday.  To make sure you get it right, here are some birthday gifts for your wife or girlfriend.


Jewellery is a sure-fire winner if you’re struggling to think of a great birthday gift for your girlfriend or partner, with engraving and personalisation often available to make it more special.

A getaway break for two

Of course, what your partner also wants is your company, and the chance to make some special memories. Have a look for rural escapes and getaways online, with plenty of retailers offering amazingly affordable breaks as gift vouchers you can give to her.

A box of date night cards

Another good option for a birthday present for your wife/girlfriend/partner/significant other is a box of date night cards – simply write out a selection of date ideas on notecards, package them in a gift box, and give the gift of future fun times!

Personalise a box of date night cards just for her

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Buying birthday cards for her

Now that we’ve gone through our gift ideas for women, it’s time to talk about the final thing you need to sort out, a birthday card. From cards depicting ‘how to yoga on your birthday’ to puns about pugs, gin, and champagne, the range of birthday cards for her at thortful has got you covered when it comes to choosing a message that will resonate with the special woman in your life. And don’t worry, you can filter out the rude ones if you want to keep it clean! Alternatively, if it’s more gift guide inspiration you’re after, head on over to our blog.