Fun things to do on Father's Day

Things to do on Father’s Day with your dad

Father’s Day is here again! In 2024, Father’s Day falls on the 16th of June here in the UK (in case you need the reminder!). If you’ve already sorted out the Father’s Day card and gift, but are struggling for things to do on Father’s Day with dear old dad, then we’re here to help.

This is a great chance to show just how much your dad means to you by planning the perfect day. But if you’re yet to figure out what to do on Father’s Day, and are looking for some Father’s Day activities, then keep reading!

Before we dive into our ideas for things to do on Father’s Day, take a second to browse our collection of Father’s Day cards! We’ve got a wide range of wonderful, heartfelt, and even hilarious designs:

And, if you need help coming up with a Father’s Day card message, why not check out our guide on inspirational Father’s Day quotes for some inspo? We’ve also got some Father’s Day Instagram captions if social media is more your thing…

Fun Father’s Day activities

No matter if you’re looking to make it a full occasion and venture out or just spend some quality time together during the evening if things are too busy. There’s always something you can do to make Father’s Day fun and memorable.

But if you’re truly stuck for ideas, then we’ve rounded up six fun activities that you can choose from:

Do something adventurous

Whether you end up going rock climbing, visiting a theme park, or even going for a long hike, if your dad enjoys getting out and about then you might want to see if you can do something adventurous this Father’s Day. Perhaps you can even make this a yearly tradition!

Have a BBQ

With Father’s Day falling right before summer properly starts in the UK, there’s a good chance that it might end up being a lovely, sunny June day. So, what better way to spend Father’s Day than getting the BBQ out, inviting some family and friends over, and enjoying some grilled goods.

Go camping

A great bonding activity which would be perfect for Father’s Day is a camping trip. Once you’ve chosen where to go, whether that be a drive away or even just in the garden, you can just enjoy being in the outdoors and taking time away from the stresses of everyday life.

Have a spa day

If you’re looking for things to do as dad and daughter, why not try a spa day? While this might usually be seen as more of a Mother’s Day activity, there’s no reason dads should miss out on being pampered. You can either do this at home or by visiting a proper spa, but the important thing is that it’s all about having a chilled out, relaxing day. Dads do so much for us, so make Father’s Day extra special with a spa day that will allow him to completely relax and go to sleep feeling super refreshed.

Have a movie marathon

Pick out a selection of his favourite films (Star Wars is a safe choice for most dads, right?) and get the popcorn and other snacks at the ready for an epic movie marathon. And if you are above the legal drinking age, you could also make some homemade cocktails together to enjoy whilst watching. We even have a blog on the top summer cocktails you can make at home to get you started.

Get competitive at mini golf

Does your dad fancy himself as some sort of Tiger Woods on the golf course? Even if you’re not that big of a golf fan yourself, this is the perfect compromise for a Father’s Day activity that everybody will enjoy! And just imagine the bragging rights you’ll have if you manage to beat him… although maybe wait until the next day to start bringing it up.

Thoughtful things to do for Father’s Day

Don’t feel like you have to go all out or do big activities to make Father’s Day special, it’s really the thought that counts. To help, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite, caring gestures and things to do for Father’s Day that will instantly brighten up your dad’s day:

Make a scrapbook

Social media makes it so easy to look at old memories, but you really can’t compare that to a physical scrapbook which you can actually hold and flick through. This activity is a great option if you’re looking for something extra special to do this Father’s Day, and it makes a nice gift too. (Plus, if you do decide to do this with your dad then you’ll definitely be able to have a good laugh looking through embarrassing pictures.)

If your dad’s sadly no longer with us, this can also be a wonderful Father’s Day activity for you to complete (on your own or with loved ones). Take a walk down memory lane and make a scrapbook filled with treasured memories. Then, take inspiration from our happy heavenly Father’s Day wishes guide and adorn your book with some words.

Do some extra chores around the house

It might sound silly but something as simple as cleaning the house or washing the car is a super meaningful way to show your dad that you care. On Father’s Day especially, your dad deserves to be able to put his feet up and relax rather than going around cleaning up after everyone.

Cook him his favourite meal

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this is no different for dads. So, instead of going out to a restaurant why not put on your own chef hat and cook him his favourite homemade meal made with love? And if you are somewhat of a liability in the kitchen then you can always just get his usual takeaway order delivered!

Get him some flowers

Sending someone flowers is a lovely gesture whatever the special occasion. Of course, many of us might not even consider flowers for Father’s Day. In fact, there are probably not many times that men receive flowers themselves, especially compared to women. At thortful, we have our own flower delivery service that makes it easy for you to sort out your gorgeous bouquet and card which they’re bound to love and appreciate. We’ve also got a guide filled to the brim with Father’s Day gift ideas!

Father-daughter activities for Father’s Day

If you’re a daughter searching for fun things to do on Father’s Day, we’ve got ideas for you too. We know that there’s no one quite like your dad, and these ideas for Father’s Day activities are guaranteed to impress!

Learn something new

Learning something new together can be a fantastic Father’s Day activity. You could take a local cooking class and bond over preparing a delicious dish. Or, sign up for an art class and unleash your inner artists?

If you go with this option, you’ll be able to create fun memories to treasure forever. And who knows, you might even find a new hobby whilst you’re at it!

Attend a concert

Seeing your favourite artist live is a memorable experience, so why not attend a concert with your dad this Father’s Day? Whether it’s a huge artist or a local gig, attending a show together is a wonderful father-daughter activity for any day of the year.

Or, do some digging to see when his fave band is next playing live, and surprise him with the tickets for Father’s Day!

Father-son activities for Father’s Day

If you’re a son racking your brains for things to do with your dad on Father’s Day, fret no more. Here are some fun Father’s Day activities, perfect for sons and their dads:

Plan a trip

There’s nothing quite like a getaway when it comes to real quality time. So, this year, why not whisk your dad away on a father-son trip of a lifetime. Perhaps a fun city break, or a trip to that holiday destination your dad’s always wanted to visit?

Also, this option doesn’t have to break the bank, as you could even plan a cheap and cheerful staycation to a nearby area!

DIY day

For Father’s Day this year, why not get together and tackle that DIY project you’ve been meaning to start? Whether you need to assemble a table, paint a shed, or fix your car, two sets of hands are better than one!

This is a wonderful way to bond and spend quality time together, whilst accomplishing something in the process.

Whatever you end up doing, the main part is that you spend the day together with your dad and make him feel loved and appreciated. And we hope our blog has given you some food for thought on things to do with your dad on the big day.

For even more inspiration and ideas you can also check out our other blog on alternative and thoughtful things to do on Father’s Day. You can also head over to the rest of the thortful blog where you can find loads of lifestyle and special occasion articles, along with gift guides and much, much more.