Father's Day instagram captions

25+ different Father’s Day Instagram captions

The first man you truly love and the person you judge every other male against for the rest of your life, dads deserve to be shouted about. If you’re hoping to put up an extra special Father’s Day post in honour of your dad, then it might be wise to figure out what to write as your little message underneath as well! If you always spend too long on this, here to share our top picks for Father’s Day Instagram captions because getting the caption right is crucial.  And even if you’re putting a post up it’s only right that you take things offline too by picking him up a Father’s Day card from thortful.

Funny Father’s Day captions

Not the sort to post something overly sentimental on your social media? A funny Father’s Day caption sounds like the right choice for you and we’ve come up with some options for you in case you need the help:

  1. Anyone seen this man? Currently wanted for constantly telling bad dad jokes.
  2. Look everyone, it’s the man who helped bring me to life. So, you can blame him for the 50% of my traits that you don’t like.
  3. Not into all that emotional nonsense but got to show appreciation for my old man on Father’s Day.
  4. Shoutout to the coolest dad, don’t worry you’re still ‘down with the kids’.
  5. And to all the people who call my dad a dilf, you’re welcome. #thirsttrap
  6. Hoping this adorable post makes me the favourite child until next year.

What could make this even better is giving him one of our extra funny Father’s Day cards on the day itself! This way, you can either try and embarrass him a little bit or make him laugh with some inside jokes since it’s for his eyes only.

Daddy-daughter captions for Father’s Day

While it’s truly hard to sum up the special father-daughter bond in words, it’s still worth giving it your best shot. Alternatively, if you need a quick idea or just a bit of inspo before uploading, here are our daddy-daughter captions for Father’s Day:

  1. Had a wonderful day out celebrating the best dad in the world for Father’s Day.
  2. You’ve always been my hero and the best dad a girl could ever have, happy Father’s Day!
  3. Here’s to the most amazing dad who’s always been there to lift me up when I needed it.
  4. I may be all grown up now (in fact, I’m not that far off your height) but I’ll always be your little girl.
  5. This man right here is the reason why I grew up to be the confident and independent woman I am today.

Sweet Father’s Day Instagram captions

If you’ve got a great relationship with your dad then there’s no reason not to show that off online too, especially since Father’s Day is all about him. Below we’ve got some sweet Father’s Day Instagram captions that can work perfectly with all sorts of posts:

  1. Enjoyed taking my dad out for a meal at our all-time favourite spot, happy Father’s Day!
  2. Gracing your insta feeds with a lovely picture of me and my amazing dad in honour of Father’s Day.
  3. To the man who makes Father’s Day worth celebrating (quite literally), I present to you my wonderful dad!
  4. Now you get to see exactly who I inherited my humour from. Thanks for always making me laugh, even when I tried my hardest not to and happy Father’s Day.
  5. My best friend and confidante, dad you’re always the person I’ll turn to you. Happy Father’s Day.

Don’t forget to top your sweet Father’s Day post off with a heartfelt Father’s Day card that might even leave him a bit emotional.

Father’s Day captions for when you’re far apart

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t always see your dad on the day itself. But that shouldn’t stop you from uploading along with an equally appropriate Father’s Day caption for when you’re far apart, just check out what we’ve come up with:

  1. Sad that we’re not able to spend Father’s Day together this year but throwing it back to past celebrations.
  2. No matter the distance, I know I can always rely on you to be there. Thanks for being the best and happy Father’s Day dad!
  3. Happy Father’s Day to my dear dad, even though I can’t give you a hug I’m sending you lots of love (and hope you enjoy the pictures I chose).
  4. Happy Father’s Day! Found my favourite picture of the two of us since I can’t actually see you in person.
  5. The first Father’s Day we’ve not been able to see each other so I’ve taken the opportunity to post some truly embarrassing pics from over the years.

Father-figure Instagram captions

Maybe you’ve got someone you see as a father instead? An uncle, stepdad, or another male in your life who’s just stepped up to the role? Regardless of who he is, show some recognition online by posting a sweet photo dedicated to him. In terms of what to write below that picture, we understand it’s sometimes hard to figure that part out so here are some of our father-figure Instagram captions:

    1. The resemblance between us is uncanny, you’d almost forget we’re not actually related. Happy Father’s Day!
    2. Behind every person growing up is a father figure guiding them along the way, and this man is mine.
    3. You’ve always had my back and treated me as if I was actually one of your own. Happy (unofficial) Father’s Day!
    4. In case you didn’t already know, you’ve always been an inspiration to me.
    5. Happy Father’s Day! As they say, family isn’t just about being related by blood.

Now you’re all ready to save a draft of your Father’s Day post for Instagram complete with a caption and whatever photo you’ve ended up deciding on. Don’t forget to add a few appropriate emojis to go alongside your post either. And if you found this helpful then we’ve got lots of what-to-write articles over on the thortful blog that cover every special occasion imaginable.

Oh and as we’ve mentioned a few times now, you still need to get your old man a Father’s Day card too! Just take a look at some of our favourites below… our blog on what to write in a Father’s Day card will probably come in handy here too.