The 10 kinkiest places in the UK

When it comes to kinky, the UK has a rich heritage in an ‘ooh matron’, Carry On movie kind of way – but is there a difference in kink levels across the country? We took a look at some of our data from our Valentines card sales to figure out exactly which cities are kinky in the UK, and you’ll definitely be surprised at which towns and cities make it into the top tier!

But before we get into that, why not take a look at some of our favourite Valentine’s cards, designed by our very own thortful card creators?

Based on the number of cheeky Valentine’s card sales we saw last year, we found the UK’s kinkiest hotspots and we can crown a winner for the UK’s kinkiest town! Take a peek at the results:

The most kinky UK county is Cornwall

Did it come as a surprise to anyone else that our surfing, Cornish-pasty loving southern friends down in Cornwall were actually the cheekiest card givers at Valentine’s, and therefore our kinkiest town in the UK? Only two of our kinky towns are in Northern England, and we only have one town from Scotland in the top 10 too – therefore, we can confirm that Southerners are definitely the cheekiest lovers as of our stats for 2021!

Northerners that enjoy a bit of kink are most likely to live in either Durham or Doncaster, which came in third and ninth places respectively; whereas salacious Scots are typically based in Fife, just north of Edinburgh.

Which cities are most likely to send Valentine’s cards?

Our data also revealed some sweet stats about the rest of the UK, including the fact that Leeds was definitely the most lovey-dovey town of the UK, having bought the largest volume of Valentines cards out of any town, and City of London has the loneliest hearts with one of the lowest volumes of cards bought! Birmingham bought the highest percentage of love-based cards, whilst South Norfolk and Bromley had the highest volumes of pretty cards purchased.

Maybe they all invested in our sensual scent sensation we launched last year, or maybe took particular care to avoid our top passionate moment killers with their partners! We’re not kink-shamers here at thortful, so if you want to bump your town’s profile on next year’s list, why not grab one of our cheeky, rude, or funny Valentine’s cards, and if you’re stuck for a saucy message, take a look at our guide on what to write in a Valentine’s card.