Biggest passion killers revealed

The top passionate moment killers revealed

In a busy modern life that’s full of distractions, it can be hard to find dedicated time with your special someone. And once you do get one-on-one time, there’s nothing worse than a romantic evening in getting ruined by a serious mood-killer.

New research from thortful has revealed the biggest passion-killers, that will stop your romantic intentions in their tracks – and it’s also revealed that a stunning 70% of Brits have been interrupted while getting it on!


From dogs barking to your boss calling you mid-encounter, here are the top interruptions that will really throw a bucket of cold water over any passionate moment.

Bigest passion killers
Biggest passion killers mobile

As it turns out, it’s family that gets most in the way of our romantic encounters – the number one most likely moment to kill the passion is kids walking in, which understandably brings things to a pretty abrupt end. Second on the list would be a friend or family member calling, interrupting your moment of romance with both an annoying ringtone and familial obligations.

The lowest-ranked passion killers include weird songs playing on shuffle (always a risk with a Spotify playlist) and fire alarms. Frankly, we’re more impressed that anyone could keep the passion going while an alarm goes off, so hats off to those determined lovers.

If you’re hoping for any romantic time with your significant other while you’re visiting family, bad news – the biggest turn off whilst having sex is having your parents in the house, closely followed by babies or kids being in the room.

Now you know the interruptions most likely to kill a sexy moment dead in its tracks, you can plan accordingly and make sure your next date night goes off without a hitch. If you need any help wooing your special someone, check out our range of romantic cards for a little bit of inspiration.



*Survey was undertaken in November 2020 by TLF with 2,000 UK respondents.