How to drive sales with titles and descriptions

Hello creators! This article, the latest in our creator basics series, looks at how you can optimise titles and descriptions when uploading your designs, in order to drive your sales. If you can crack this, you’re increasing your discoverability on the thortful website and on Google.

When writing your title and description, it’s important to think about how a customer would search for it. What kind of keywords would they search for? These details will help the team moderate your card quicker but most importantly will help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is SEO?

Firstly, let’s discuss SEO. What is it? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s built on words that people type into a search engine when looking for a service, product, information etc. These words must appear in your website in order for your website to be considered a match for the search words.

For example, if we type into Google ‘funny airfryer birthday card’ the top organic result is Becky Wood’s thortful airfryer card.

Funny airfryer card on Google. An example of how to drive sales


Your title should be unique and tell us your card’s occasion and the key message. It can be up to 150 characters long. However, the first 70 are the most important. We recommend using the title caps and ‘–’ to break out any elements. Where appropriate, it should incorporate:

  • Style: funny, cute, classic
  • Occasion: birthday, anniversary, thank you
  • Recipient: for mum, for boyfriend, for wife
  • Unique elements: dog, airfryer, plants
  • Messaging: have a paw-some birthday



The description is where you can bring your card to life a little. It’s great to see some personality injected into the description. We’re looking for something fairly short and snappy but you do have more room to play around with, since the character limit is up to 5,000 characters. We recommend using around 350, as we’ve seen an increase in performance at this point. Make sure you include any additional details as well as synonyms, abbreviations and colloquial expressions and key words you would expect a customer to search for.

Once you’ve uploaded your design, you’ll be able to add the title and descriptions. If you want to amend a title or description on an existing card design, go to Card Management in the dashboard, click the pen icon and then click update card details. 

Check out the examples below to see this in action.


Emmy Lupin Chin Chin Chica card. An example of how to drive sales

Title: Cocktail Birthday Card – Cute and Fun – Chin Chin Chica

Description: Say chin chin to your favourite chica on her special day. No better way to celebrate than fun cocktails with a sprinkle of magic! Perfect to send your bestie or sister on her birthday!


Title: Funny Typography Anniversary Card – Parents – Financial Burden – Happy Anniversary From Your Favourite Financial Burden

Description: This funny typography card is perfect to send your parents to celebrate their Anniversary from their favourite financial burden!

Jeffrey and Janice born to be wild card

Title: Funny Motorbike Anniversary/Valentines Day Card – Motorcycle – They Were Both Born To Be Wild

Description: Send this funny Anniversary/Valentine’s Day card that says it how it is! Wish your ride or die a Happy Valentine’s day with all the young, wild and free attitude with a 9pm bedtime…

As always, if you have any questions on this, please email us – [email protected]

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