How to get featured on our Instagram

Hello creators! If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that we love nothing more than being tagged in posts by creators. Tagging us in your content is lovely for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we can showcase your work on our page (free promo anyone?!) and, because we always tag our creators it’s a great way for you to expand your network! We’ve put together a couple of tips on how to get featured on our page. 

Milestone Monday

We run this on our stories every Monday (unsurprisingly). It’s a way to celebrate creators’ wins and to show how proud of the community we are. It can be a story or a grid post showing a sales milestone you’ve reached, or your sales made for that month. Be sure to tag @thortfulcreators and we’ll share to our stories the following Monday. You can also join in on the day and share your milestone via your Instagram story – we’ll be keeping a close eye out.

Images by @poppyandmabel_ (left) @ruluart (right)

Tuesday Tip

We’ve recently introduced a new series called Tuesday Tip where a creator shares their top tip for other creators in the community. If you’d like to get involved, drop us a DM with your tip.


Creator lifestyle images

We want to show your cards that’ve been spotted out in the wild, and showcase your brilliant designs on our page. Here is what we look for:

  •  Whilst not essential, we’d recommend incorporating a human element, such as a hand or even holding it in a selfie as we’ve noticed this has helped us increase engagement!
  • No filters, with the image bright and the card in focus. We’re looking for high quality imagery.
  • Preferably one card – two at the absolute max. Images of more than one card tend to see a lower engagement. You want the focus to be on the design of your card – less is more is definitely the case here!
  • Cards featured must be thortful cards, in our A5 format. If you’re including an envelope, it must be the thortful envelope.
Images by @boldandbrightcards (top left), @sophiedownes_studio (top right), @thortful (bottom left) and @silky_rose_design (bottom right)


We’re always on the lookout for reels that we can share onto our page. As we all know, the Instagram algorithm is currently favoring video content so we’d recommend reels as part of your social media strategy. 

This can be a video of your process of designing a card, like Joanne Hawker has done, or it can be showing your cards in person, like Kate Fox Design. You can get as creative as you want to.


As well as tagging us in your posts, be sure to use our hashtags to get spotted and featured on our page:


If you’re having some creative block with the ‘gram, check out these thortful creators who showcase their products well on Instagram.

Rachel’s Instagram feed is filled with bright, bold and colourful cards and designs. It’s full of inspiration for creators. She creates design process reels, behind the scenes content as well as her thortful cards. Rachel has an eye for detail that comes across in her work, which makes her feed excellent to follow.

Whilst Studio Boketto features digitalised work more heavily, there are also regular lifestyle posts showing the faces behind the brand. From a packing orders reel, to days in the life with the creators Micky and Olivia, Studio Boketto has it covered well. 

We love Emmy’s engaging posts that are a mix of day-to-day behind the scenes lifestyle imagery, with digital shots of her creative work. Her design aesthetic is carried through onto her Instagram feed and she also creates resharable content – making her one of our faves to follow. 

We hope this gives you some inspiration for your social strategy. If you have any questions, please do email us at [email protected].