How to evolve your best sellers

Hello creators! We know that the feeling of designing a best selling card is great, as is the buzz when you can sit back and watch the sales roll in. It’s a feeling no-one wants to end, so today we’re talking about how you can evolve your best sellers, and keep that lovely buzzy feeling coming in. 

If you’ve had an occasion best seller, it’s really worth putting on your thinking caps and seeing how you can take the idea or sentiment behind the design and evolve it to maximise its sales potential. 

It can be as simple as amending the recipient if you had a big occasion card that sold well, as shown below by Zoe Brennan where they amended Father to Mother.


We can also look at Ilan Galkoff, who took their best seller Valentine’s Day air fryer card and turned it into a Mother’s Day card. It was one of our best sellers for this Mother’s Day, with over 9,000 sales. Looking into why we think it sold so well, parents will cook for their children whilst partners will cook together. The airfryer has been a topic of conversation in many households over recent years so therefore taps into the relationship between sender and recipient.

Another great example comes from Pottsy Prints. After the success of his Father’s Day Government Form, Pottsy Prints evolved this design into birthday and Valentine’s styles – both of which have also been best sellers. These cards bear the recipient in mind, and the creator has delved deep into the relationship that the recipient will have with the sender. They’ve also used common, relatable topics that customers can connect with. Looking at the sales figures, the Father’s Day card sold over 8,000 times, and the quick adaptations generated an extra 4,000 sales!

Thinking about our customers’ mindset, it’s likely that the in-joke, sentiment or thought that they had in mind when they bought a card previously is still there. Think about how you can adapt that to keep those customers coming back to you, whilst staying up-to-date and modern. An example of a creator who does this well is Jeffrey and Janice. They are consistent with their naughty and sometimes rude sense of humour, with many of their designs depicting grumpy introverted characters who they know their audience resonate with, making their cards the perfect choice time and time again.

We hope this helps you when it comes to getting the most out of your successful designs. If you have any questions, please email us [email protected]

Team thortful