Homemade Christmas gifts wrapped in brown paper

The best homemade Christmas gift ideas

When it comes to giving gifts to friends and loved ones, they say it’s the thought that counts. So, what could be more thoughtful than homemade Christmas gifts that have been created with love, care and creativity?

We’ve put together a few ideas for homemade Christmas presents that are guaranteed to bring smiles to faces this Christmas. Make sure to set aside an afternoon, as it’s time to release your imagination and get crafty!

Homemade Christmas decorations

If you’re visiting a friend or family member’s home during the Christmas period, why not make them something to add to their festive decor? Homemade Christmas gifts like baubles can be given pride of place on their Christmas tree – and we’ve even got a whole guide on how to make your own Christmas tree decorations, so you can create something heartfelt that doesn’t look totally amateurish. Thinking of something a little bigger?  A DIY wreath will make a lovely addition to their door, wall or fireplace – if you want to make some free-standing Christmas ornaments that they can use as decor, check out our guide on homemade Christmas decorations.

Homemade decorations can be constructed using a wide range of materials. You could use wood, cardboard, straws, soft textiles and ribbon, or even search your home for interesting items that can be upcycled into fun and eye-catching homemade Christmas gift ideas. If in doubt, you’d be amazed by how much potential a few empty loo rolls have when combined with felt tips and a bit of glitter.

Homemade Christmas cookies

Do you consider yourself a fabulous baker who would definitely receive a Hollywood Handshake? Cookies make fabulous homemade Christmas presents, so pop on your apron and start whipping up a few batches!

You could go for the usual round variety or be more adventurous by opting for festive cookie cutters in the shape of Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa. Don’t forget to decorate them too, as this is your opportunity to make your cookies look really jolly and you could even add people’s names using red and white icing.

For an extra special touch, homemade cookies can be packaged in a box or tin that you’ve decorated yourself. What could be better than receiving a colourful box full to the brim with delicious homemade biscuits? Yummy! And don’t worry – if you’re really not a dab hand in the kitchen, you could always send something like our cake card so they can make their own, fresh from the oven.

Homemade Christmas iced cookies

Homemade jams and snacks

Can you tell we’re feeling hungry right now? Jams, marmalades and other edible creations really do make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts, particularly when you decorate the jar or container with ribbons and stars.

It’s probably a good idea to stick to what you know rather than experiment, so make some raspberry jam, citrus marmalade, caramalised walnuts, gingerbread fudge, or perhaps a freshly baked fruit loaf with plenty of juicy raisins. Make sure to prepare it at the perfect time, such as a few days or weeks beforehand for jarred preserves and the morning before visiting for bread – this way, the recipient will get to enjoy it at its very best.

Homemade wall calendar

For those who really want to wow their friends and loved ones, we think DIY wall calendars make the best homemade Christmas gifts. This is a great chance to share all of your sweetest photos and you could even theme the calendar, such as using pics that were taken in January, February, March and so on.

If you’re a bit of a joker, a homemade calendar can contain all of your funniest snaps from the last year or you could have some taken specifically for it (that’s right, this is yet another excuse to dress up as Joe Exotic from Tiger King – you’re welcome).

Whichever type of theme you decide to go for, we guarantee the recipient will love how much effort you’ve put into creating their homemade Christmas gift. As for actually making the calendar, it could be a case of designing it on a computer and then printing out multiple copies or even creating each one entirely by hand. You can then use a large stapler, a hole punch and string, or bulldog clips to hold it all together.

Homemade snow globes

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but this really is the most amazing homemade Christmas present, as a snow globe is so much fun to make and the recipient will absolutely love it. Simply get a mason jar and build a festive scene inside it, such as by adding a pine cone, a mini Christmas tree made from pipe cleaners, a homemade snowman and anything else that takes your fancy.

Remember that everything needs to be very secure, so use hot glue to fix the items to the underside of the lid. By doing it this way, you can then fill the jar with water and add a liberal sprinkling of glitter, then firmly screw on the lid without getting glittery water all over the place.

Check that your snow globe doesn’t leak by turning it over and around a few times above the sink. Once finished, leave it to settle before giving it to your loved one, as they can then shake it up and watch the homemade festive scene come to life.

Homemade spa day

If you’d rather treat your partner to an indulgent experience, how about a homemade spa day? Simply set up a room so that it feels warm and relaxing, with an area where they can sit or lie down whilst you massage away their tension. This calls for plenty of towels, soft lighting, comfy pillows and maybe even some whale song or the sounds of the rainforest (just ask Alexa, she’ll sort it for you).

Add some candles to the room and give your partner a few choccies and you’re sure to remain in their good books well into the new year.

Don’t forget the Christmas cards

Making a homemade Christmas card for your partner can be great fun, but we certainly don’t expect you to do it for everyone. Imagine making cards for all of your friends, family members, neighbours and work colleagues – you probably wouldn’t have them ready until next February!

But don’t worry, as we have a wide selection of traditional, funny, cheeky and naughty Christmas cards available. We also have Christmas cards specially designed so that they’re from the kids, cat, dog and even the bump, allowing you to celebrate as a family. And if you’re feeling a bit stumped when it comes to putting pen to paper, check out our guide on what to write in a Christmas card.

Do you love Christmas so much that you start celebrating it in November? If so, we like your style! Make sure to check out the rest of the thortful blog for tons of inspiration and all things festive.