Hen do dares and challenges for your big night out

Hen do dares and challenges for your big night out

Your final night out with the girls before you become a wife, a hen do is the time to really go crazy. Get dressed up to the nines (including quirky accessories, if that’s your kind of thing), visit as many bars or clubs as you can, and have a great time. If you’ve not got at least a bit of a hangover the next morning, then you’ve not done it properly. But why stop there? Challenge yourself and your closest gal pals and take a look at our hen party dares that are going to make the night that much more memorable. For anyone who won’t partake in a particular hen do dare or challenge you can also have some forfeits at the ready as a backup like taking a shot or buying the next round.

1. Pretend to be famous

One of those classic hen party dares – let the bride-to-be be the centre of attention by pretending she’s a celebrity. Get some photographers to wait outside the bar and snap some candid pics, you could even hire a bodyguard for the night to make things look extra official. Then you can just wait and see how many people actually fall for it and try ask for a selfie or autograph.

2. Dance on the bar

Channel your inner LeAnn Rimes from Coyote Ugly and pull yourself up onto a table or the bar and get dancing. Let loose and have a good boogie or if you’re super prepared you might even have a routine prepared in advance to really impress the bar crowd. Just make sure to be careful as a nasty fall isn’t how you want to end the night out.

3. Party with another stag or hen do

Chances are you might bump into another stag or hen do whilst out partying, so you might as well join forces and have a grand ol’ time together. Discuss your funny wedding planning woes and how excited you are to become Mr. and Mrs., you could even get them involved with the rest of your hen do dares and make some new friends in the process.

4. Photobomb at least five people

An absolute must when it comes to hen party dares, get your group of girls to photobomb at least five different people’s photos. If you see someone with their phone camera on, it’s time to run and make it into the background – even better if they don’t notice and will only spot you all once they look back on the picture later!

5. Swap outfits with another hen

Why stick with one outfit when you can try out someone else’s? Once you’ve taken a decent amount of pictures in your original ensemble, you could run to the toilets and do a quick swap. This way you can try a range of styles and get enough photos to keep your social media updated for a long time.

Of course, not everything will fit perfectly but that doesn’t matter as it’s just supposed to be a little fun hen do dare. To make it even more of a challenge, time how long it takes everyone to get changed with the fastest duo winning.

6. Take some quirky photobooth pics

Make sure you have some physical memories of your night out by pulling all the girls into a photobooth. For the best results, take a few seconds to drunkenly decide on some quirky and fun poses before heading in.

7. Create your very own cocktail concoction

An option for anyone looking for truly daring hen party dares, ask the bartender for an empty glass and start pouring a bit of every other person’s drink of choice in there. Then whoever is brave enough to complete this hen do dare will take on the challenge of trying to down this new cocktail concoction you’ve come up with without getting too ill.

8. Have a conversation in song

Get chatting to someone (but here’s the twist) and try holding a conversation only in song either by downright singing or plainly stating lyrics, and see how far you can get or how long it takes for them to think you’re totally insane. A funny and completely harmless hen party dare, all you need is the confidence to make a bit of a fool of yourself in front of a stranger.

9. End the night with a conga line on the dancefloor

Can you think of any better way to end your hen do by starting a massive conga line with the girls and whoever else will get involved right in the middle of the dancefloor? Neither can we! This makes for the perfect final way to end your night after completing your other hen do dares.

10. Fake propose to a stranger

Time to get down on one knee yourself and find a stranger to propose to on your night out. The aim here is to be as dramatic and fake with it as possible along with getting a yes in response from them (obviously!). Go ahead and pick a random person and pop the question, it truly doesn’t matter who it is.

Surely, you’ve found some challenges or dares for a hen do that you’re happy to try in order to liven things up a bit! Of course, we’ve got the guys covered too in our blog on the 10 most hilarious stag do pranks. If that’s somehow not enough, you might to take inspiration from one of our April Fool’s pranks that could also work well on a hen do.

Once the hen do is over and done with, make sure to take a look at our range of wonderful wedding cards to say congrats to the bride and groom. And for even more lifestyle-y content on all sorts of special occasions, head on over to the thortful blog.