April Fool’s prank ideas

No April Fool’s Day is complete without a few harmless yet hilarious pranks. So, if you’ve been searching for April Fool’s ideas, and are hoping to pull off the ultimate trick, allow us to be your partner in crime…

Life’s too short to take things too seriously, so we’ve come up with a whole host of light-hearted pranks which won’t end in tears (hopefully…) We’ve got pranks that just about anyone can pull off, including funny April Fool’s Pranks, and harmless April Fool’s Pranks for kids! 

So, whether you’re looking to trick unsuspecting partners, or seek revenge on siblings who always seem to get the last laugh, let’s jump straight into it! 

1.Scrumptious treats

First up, we’ve got the classic yet (mildly) cruel prank of disguising disgusting foods as delightful treats. Think chocolate covered sprouts cleverly masked as cake pops, chilli flavoured cookies, or donuts filled with anything but jam…

Simply entice family and friends with your ‘delicious’ delicacies, and bewilder their tastebuds with some not so appetising flavours. While you might give them temporary trust issues, you can make it up to them with some real sweet treats on April 2nd!

2. Unfamiliar faces

Give your family members a shock by swapping out their treasured family photos for famous faces. Simply exchange sentimental wedding pics and school portraits for celebrity snaps. If you’re a technical whizz, edit A-listers into existing family photos, then print them off and display them around your home! 

All that’s left to do then is sit back, relax, and wait for unsuspecting family members to clock on that they’ve got some new famous house guests. What, you’re telling me that you didn’t know Leonardo DiCaprio was a distant uncle? And that One Direction were at that family wedding? 

3. Tattoo failures 

Another simple yet classic trick is the fake tattoo prank. Everyone knows it, but not everyone can pull it off… you’ll need to summon your best acting skills if you truly want to convince loved ones of your new addition. 

If you’re a savvy editor, edit a terrible tattoo onto your arm (we’re thinking something along the lines of a dreadful celeb portrait). Then, post it in the family group chat and await their horrified responses. Or, why not go for a realistic looking stick-on tattoo? Just make sure to keep a straight face whilst you gleefully show off the beautiful design! (Also, be prepared to spend the next day making it up to your poor traumatised mum). 

4. Harmless fun 

Searching for April Fool’s ideas suitable for little ones? A great way to make the day fun is by transforming everyday meals into silly surprises. This can involve anything from a frozen breakfast cereal surprise, to a drink of fruit juice which is actually jelly! 

You could add blue or pink food colouring to milk, or simply decorate your kids’ water bottles with googly eyes. The options really are endless with this prank, and it’s a harmless way to bring a smile to your little rascal’s face this April Fool’s Day. 

5. Time travel 

Now wouldn’t that be something? Although we can’t teach you how to travel in time, we can help you with another entertaining April Fool’s prank. This next trick involves sneaking around and changing the time on the clocks in your home. If you’re feeling particularly devious, put them forwards an hour and convince unsuspecting snoozers that they’ve dramatically overslept. 

To be super believable, you’ll have to mess with phone clocks as well as household ones to really seal the deal. Sit back and watch as your loved ones frantically rush around, then let them in on your little secret and wait for their amused (or slightly annoyed) facial expressions. 

6. Classic jump scare 

No April Fool’s Day is complete without this classic trick! And, if you’ve been searching for easy April Fool’s pranks, this may be the one for you. All you’ll need to do is find the perfect hiding spot, wait for your unsuspecting target, then jump out on their arrival. (Bonus points if you’ve got a spooky Halloween costume laying around). 

Maybe this isn’t the best prank to pull on your grandparents, but it is a great, minimal effort way to wind up friends, siblings, and partners alike this April Fool’s Day.  

7. Glitter bomb 

For a messy yet dazzling April Fool’s prank, why not fill a card with glitter and watch as your unsuspecting target is showered with sparkles? I mean how can they be angry at such a pretty sight, right?

We’ve got thousands of just because cards perfect for all occasions. Simply order one directly to you, fill it with glitter, and hand deliver it to your chosen victim for the perfect prank. You never know, maybe after they’ve finished hoovering, they might see the funny side of it! (Plus, they’ll have a lovely card to treasure forever). 

8. Home transformation 

If you’re thinking of going all out this April Fool’s Day, channel your inner interior designer to completely transform your target’s home. No, we’re not talking about a lick of paint and new soft furnishings… We’re thinking more along the lines of a room filled to the brim with balloons, or wrapping every inch of your housemate’s bedroom furniture in tinfoil. 

You might need to enlist an ally to help you with this one, but the hilarious results will be worth it!

9. Creepy crawlies  

Why not prank your loved ones with a swarm of fake creepy crawlies? Simply place pretend bugs under pillows, in drawers, and (if you’re feeling particularly cruel) in their shoes, to give them a shock when they start their day. 

Then watch the relief spread across their face when they realise their worst fears are actually made of plastic… This is an easy April Fool’s prank to pull on anyone, and it’s a particularly good one to trick your very own little critters. 

10. Office chaos

Last up, why not inject humour into your working week with some comical office pranks. There are countless options with this idea, including taping mouse sensors, and giving your co-worker’s desk a colourful, yet highly inconvenient makeover with sticky notes! 

You could even throw in a couple of the above ideas … think fake bugs and fake treats for some harmless workplace fun the first week in April.

Hopefully you’re now feeling inspired to carry out your very own pranks for April Fool’s Day. Embrace the spirit of April Fool’s this year, and remember, it’s all about light-hearted fun, so prank with kindness! 

And, who said you’re immune from the wrath of pranksters? Be aware of budding mischief-makers who’ve been researching pranks of their own, and watch your back (you’re welcome for the reminder). 

Before you go, check out our huge range of sorry cards, where you’ll find humorous designs perfect for winning back the trust of your unlucky targets: 

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