10 of the most hilarious stag do pranks

No stag do with your friends is complete without a few good stag do pranks. We’re not here to tell you to give the groom-to-be too much of a hard time, but if you haven’t got plans to pull a few stag night pranks, you may well be failing in your duty as groomsmen.

Not sure what level of embarrassment to go for with your stag party pranks? A good rule to go by is no scars, either mental or physical. After all, as much as you want to pull a great stag do prank on your friend, you do presumably want the groom to have a good time (and eventually make it to the wedding in one piece). So if you’re looking for inspiration, here are ten solid ideas for stag do pranks that will mortify, embarrass and generally stitch up your best mate.

1.    Busk for your beer

This is one of those stag do pranks that’s actually even better if your stag has a complete lack of musical talent. Grab the groom’s wallet, phone, hotel keys, then deposit him on a street corner to quite literally sing for his supper. If you’re an organised bunch, set him up with an instrument or a karaoke mic – but otherwise, as long as he’s got a hat or a cup to catch some change, he’s on his own until he’s earned enough for a pint. Make sure you find a pub within viewing distance, then sit back and watch.

2.   Stagnapped

A classic straight out of the book of best stag do pranks, you could argue a stag weekend isn’t complete without a traditional fake kidnapping. Get him a bag packed ahead of time and find out his schedule (getting the bride-to-be on side can be helpful here). Then get some of the groomsmen appropriately kitted out – all in black with balaclavas is the classic look – and make your move. Pounce somewhere he won’t expect, blindfold him, and whisk him away in a car or taxi. Top tip: keep it relatively calm and non-threatening, and try to make sure you’re not anywhere public. You don’t want anyone calling the police and putting a serious dampener on the stag party pranks.

3.   Glow for it

If you know you’ll be ending up in a club with some UV lighting, this is a perfect stag do prank for the unsuspecting groom – especially if you’ll have access to him while he’s sleeping, showering, or conked out on a sofa prior to the big night. Invest in a tube of UV glow paint – you can find it online and it doesn’t cost the earth. It goes on completely invisible – and then shows up nice, bright and glowing under UV lights. We’ll leave the designs to you, but it’s a stag do prank, so embarrassing is definitely the name of the game here.

4.   Hi-vis, high-risk, high-reward

Paintballing is a popular pick for a stag do – after all, what bunch of guys doesn’t love getting all tooled up with big guns and sniping at each other in a free-for-all? It’s also a great opportunity for some stag pranks. One of our favourites? When everyone else is kitted out in tactical stealth gear, make sure your stag has the appropriate look to match – like a high-vis reflective jacket with matching trousers, and a hat if you can manage it. If he still manages to score points while looking like a giant safety cone, he’s definitely earned an extra pint at the end of it.

5.   A chilli reception

Picture the scene: “Alright”, you’ll say, hands open in surrender. “That’s the last of the stag pranks, you’re free and clear. Here’s a drink to celebrate.” The unsuspecting stag gratefully takes a swig of his drink. Then he might begin to wonder why the rest of the party is going red trying not to laugh. Then the hidden extra hot chilli sauce you mixed into his drink registers… and before long he’ll be going red for entirely different reasons. Be prepared to take pity on him with a glass of milk. (And obviously check he’s not allergic to chillis beforehand!)

6.   Fake tan surprise

If you’re headed somewhere hot and sunny for your stag do, make sure the stag applies plenty of sun tan lotion to keep him protected. And if his sun tan cream should happen to be ‘accidentally’ switched for a mahogany-toned self tanning lotion so he looks like Donald Trump with better hair, well, you were only trying to look out for his complexion.

7.   Paperwork panic

Stag prank ideas like this are a great bet if you’re headed somewhere a bit more far-flung, where you could conceivably need a visa – and especially if your stag is the nervous type. Knock up some official-looking paperwork that looks like a visa for everyone in your party – bar the groom. Then when you’re on the way to the airport, ask if everyone sorted their visas, and watch the blood drain from his face when everyone else brandishes their ‘paperwork’. Tell him you’re sure it’ll be fine at the airport – then see how long you can keep up this sneaky little stag do prank for. Bonus points if he doesn’t twig until after you’re already home and clear.

8.   Hair today, gone tomorrow

Disclaimer: Do not attempt this stag do prank close to the wedding, or you risk seriously angering the bride-to-be, as well as your mate. But if you’re a good 6 months (at minimum) away from the ceremony, then by all means get some wax or hair removal cream and give some hair related stag night pranks a go. Rouse your stag from sleep with a very rude awakening and a little less body hair – think half a beard, a daft pattern on his chest carpet or (if you’re willing to risk the ire of the bride) an eyebrow.

9.   Tattoo trauma

Some of the best stag do prank ideas need a little bit of preparation, but this one is worth it. After a very heavy night of drinks on the stag do, wait until your mate has passed out and is truly dead to the world – then slap on a custom fake tattoo that’s suitably embarrassing/mortifying. We’re thinking a girl’s name other than his future wife or a Hangover-style Mike Tyson tattoo on his face, but you can really personalise this stag do prank to give your stag the biggest jolt of terror the morning after.

10. The lamppost

Look, we know this is the most cliché of all stag do pranks ideas – but it’s a classic, and we’d be doing you a disservice by not suggesting it. You’ve seen it done before, and you definitely know the score – complete a night of stag party pranks by using clingfilm or tape to attach your stag to a lamppost in a suitably public area, complete with attention-attracting headwear or clothing – or lack thereof.

So there you have it – ten hilarious stag do pranks that will work for any poor, unsuspecting groom, with no permanent damage done other than to his ego. Be sure to check out our blogs on hen do dares and April Fool’s prank ideas for even more cheeky inspiration.

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