How to get the perfect Christmas family photo

Is there anything sweeter than receiving a personalised Christmas card during the festive period with a cute family Christmas photo, so you can see how much your friends and family have grown? This is a trend that we are right on board with, especially when we can share the final products (and maybe some of the funnier outtakes) on Instagram as well. 

Whether you’re looking for the best tips and tricks, or just want some fun ideas and inspiration for the perfect Christmas family or couple photo, we’ve got an amazing list filled with tonnes of Christmas photo ideas you can use to make your friends and relatives smile. 

Family Christmas photoshoot ideas

If you’re looking for Christmas family photo ideas that involve everyone, from the baby to the dog, then we’ve got an extensive list of sweet and cheesy ideas you can try with the whole gang:

  1. Matching pyjamas – A classic Christmas card idea, and an opportunity to get everyone some new PJs as a gift! thortful has some exciting gifts you can add to the kid’s stockings too this Christmas. 
  2. Matching Santa hats – This works out even better if you get everyone a size large, including the baby, for some very cute individual photos too.
  3. Coordinated outfits – Whether you go for an all-white, all-red or the classic elf mix of green and red, colour-coordinated outfits are sure to be a winner.
  4. Go to a Christmas tree farm – Take some inspiration from the legend that is Taylor Swift and visit a Christmas tree farm this festive period to get your cute photo amongst the snowy pines.
  5. Visit Santa’s Grotto – Hop along to your local shopping centre or garden centre and get the whole gang in a photo with the main man, Santa Claus, or even better, hire a Santa suit to wear yourself!
  6. Get busy in the kitchen – Getting a sweet snap of the whole family in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies or making a gingerbread house will look very sweet on the front of your Christmas card
  7. Get the kids involved in painting your baby bump if you’re pregnant – paint Santa’s face or a Christmas bauble, and send out a card to your friends and family from the bump

Funny Christmas photo ideas

If your family don’t like to take themselves too seriously, and you love the thought of an hilarious Christmas card dropping through your loved ones’ letterboxes, why not try out one of our funny Christmas photo ideas:

  1. Start a snowball fight – Try to capture the funniest snowball hits and put them together as a collage to send out to your loved ones to give them a good giggle imagining all the fun you must have had. 
  2. Hold the kids ransom – If you’ve got older kids, tie them up with some tinsel and slap some tape over their mouths that says ‘Silent Night’ or ‘Peace on Earth’ over the top for a hilarious ransom note message that is sure to get their grandparents laughing. 
  3. If you’re a dab hand at photoshop, another hilarious photo idea is to take a classic family photo and swap your faces with your kids faces for some confusing hijinks. 
  4. Long donkey/reindeer – There’s nothing funnier than comically long animals, so get the whole family dressed up in grey outfits and have either the youngest or oldest being the head of the donkey – and the biggest ass at the end for a cheeky Christmas card!
  5. Recreate the nativity – We’ll bet you never thought about how funny it would look to have Dad as the baby Jesus and the baby as a Wise Man!
  6. Recreate scenes from famous Christmas movies – Home Alone, Nativity, The Grinch, all of these classic films have some hilarious characters and scenes you can recreate for a picture perfect holiday card!

Cute couple Christmas pictures

Whether you’ve been together for decades or you’ve just started dating, couple Christmas pictures are a great way to show the whole family how much fun you’re having with your partner and sending your joint festive greetings. Here are some of our favourite cute Christmas card ideas:

  1. Visit your local Christmas market – Whether it’s Manchester, London or Edinburgh, visiting an iconic Christmas market and getting some cute photos by the sweet stalls or on the ice rink is a great Christmas photo idea.
  2. Get matching Christmas jumpers – Don’t worry, we all know it’s tacky, but it’s definitely the cutest idea on our list! You can make it a bit less cringe by getting some funny Christmas jumpers, or swapping jumpers so that one is too big and is too small. 
  3. Get cosy on the sofa – Cuddle up on the sofa with your pets and take a sweet CHristmas picture in your pjs – and sign all the cards from the dog
  4. Recreate scenes from famous Christmas movies – As we mentioned above, get in the Christmas spirit by recreating some seriously romantic scenes from Christmas films – Love Actually, Meet Me in St Louis, and Netflix’s Happiest Season immediately spring to mind for inspiration. 
  5. Get all dressed up for a Christmas party – Get your gladrags on and take a cute picture of you and your partner enjoying a Christmas party and really getting into the festive spirit.
  6. Use your favourite photo from the year – You might not have the opportunity to see your partner this Christmas, or you might not get the chance to take a more staged picture, so instead why not pick your favourite picture from the year and send it on the front of one of our photo cards

If you’re a little stuck for inspiration of what to write inside your family Christmas photo, check out our what to write section of our blog to find some hilarious, sweet and rude messages that will perfectly suit your card – and its recipients! The thortful blog also has lots of fun ideas, from Christmas crafts to homemade Christmas gift ideas, or the best Christmas markets for a weekend break for a fun location to capture your cute couple photo!