Alternative things for Father's Day

Alternative and thoughtful things to do on Father’s Day

It’s that time of year again – time to start planning some Father’s Day ideas, whether you’re just looking forward to some good old-fashioned chill time with your dad, throwing a little party, or planning on taking your old man to the pub for a pint or two of the cold stuff and some good grub! 

But we’ve all done that before – are you looking for some ideas for Father’s Day that are a bit more memorable? Maybe you want to pull out the stops and come up with some original ideas for Father’s Day. If you want to show your dad, grandad, stepdad or father figure just how much he means to you, then we’re here to help with a list of alternative and thoughtful Father’s Day ideas.

If you’re after some Father’s Day ideas that’ll make your old man feel special, then you’ve come to the right place!

Send him a bottle

Even if – for whatever reason – you can’t see your dad, you can still make his day with a thoughtful present. And lucky you – even if you’ve left it to the very last minute, we’ve got some brilliant Father’s Day ideas with next day delivery. Order any thortful card, and you can send him a six-pack of delicious Firebrand IPA or maybe a bottle of award-winning James Eadie’s Whisky. To be honest, even if you will be seeing your dad this Father’s Day, send him some anyway and hopefully he’ll give you a glass.

Enjoy a family picnic

If – and we know it’s a big if – the sun is shining on Father’s Day, why not take the family out for a picnic? Fill up a cooler with your dad’s favourite treats (we’re thinking pork pies and bottles of beer), grab a couple of blankets and head to your local park. 

If your local park isn’t quite as picturesque as you might like, then set up your picnic in the garden instead. That way you can even play some ‘dad rock’ on the radio, crack a few ‘dad jokes‘ and fire up the barbeque too! The living room also makes a fantastic cosy picnic spot if the weather isn’t on your side. 

Take him to a show

Taking him to see his favourite band or a live show is a classic Father’s Day idea. The buzz of a real-life gig, overpriced pints that he’ll definitely complain about, seeing his favourite riffs live in person so he can air-guitar to his heart’s content – there’s nothing quite like it. 

If your dad is a bit too old to get thrown around at a gig, then you could always throw him a virtual show! Search the web for upcoming performances from your dad’s favourite bands, singers, or comedians, and buy some tickets for all the family. Set the scene in the living room with some fairy lights and cosy blankets, and for a real authentic feel, stock up on your dad’s favourite beer, some plastic cups, and some bar-style snacks. Your dad will love it! 

Play a board game with your dad

A games night for two 

Racking your brains for some fun Father’s Day ideas? If you want quality time with your dad, stepdad, grandad or father figure this Father’s Day, then maybe a games night for two is the way to go. For gamer dads, an evening battling or racing against one another on the PS5 or Xbox would be a dream come true, or you could even team up on Fortnite and celebrate your victories together.

For technophobe dads who prefer traditional board games over digital gaming, why not order a pizza, crank up the tunes and set up a chess or scrabble tournament? Just remember that you might have to let him win some of the games – it is Father’s Day, after all!

Lace up your walking boots

Whether he’s more into a chill stroll, hiking in the hills, fishing or camping, Father’s Day ideas that involve getting out into the great outdoors are a great option for an active dad. Fill a thermos with tea, pack up the snacks and head out to your dad’s favourite natural beauty spot for a wholesome day of Father’s Day fun. 

If the weather is nice, take a couple of blankets and the sunscreen and make a day of it. Perhaps you could sit and have lunch on your dad’s favourite walking trail, or paddle in a pretty brook along the way. If the heavens open or it’s a chilly day, however, don’t let that spoil your adventure! Simply make sure you pack your raincoat, and if you want a bit longer with dad, why not take a tent and spend the evening camping beneath the stars?

Breakfast in bed 

Stuck at home and wondering what to do on Father’s Day? Easy – start the day off right by bringing him breakfast in bed this Father’s Day. We know a full English, a stack of pancakes or a tray of pastries with a cup of tea will always go down a treat, and if you can find your dad’s favourite newspaper too, he’s sure to wake up with a smile on his face! 

And who says the treats have to end there? Order your dad a takeaway or cook him his favourite dish for dinner, complete with a mouth-watering dessert, and chow down on it all in front of dad’s most-loved action movie. He’s guaranteed to feel totally spoilt, and you’ll get bags of quality time with him for Father’s Day.

Bring the pub home

Bring the pub home 

While dads love nothing more than relaxing in the pub on a weekend or after work, another trip down the pub might not be the most memorable of things to do on Father’s Day. So, what’s the alternative? Make him a bespoke private pub!

Stock up on his favourite beer and a range of pub snacks, set up a dartboard or purchase a table-top pool table and get some jukebox music on the go. You can also play quizmaster with your own pub quiz, with themed questions about your dad’s favourite sports, movies and pastimes. He can go to the pub any day of the week, but if you’re looking for some special things to do on Father’s Day, go the extra mile and throw him a pub party he won’t forget. 

Hang out from a distance 

If your dad lives far away from you, that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate Father’s Day together!  You might be struggling for ideas for Father’s Day if you live in different places, or even different timezones, but the internet is a magical thing! Just making sure that you make time for your dad on Father’s Day will make him feel special. A virtual party or games night will be a big hit, or you could even invite the whole family for a quiz. We know it doesn’t compare to giving your dad a squeeze and seeing him face to face, but he will love spending quality time with you, even if it’s from a distance.

However you decide to spend the day with your dad, the only thing he’ll care about is getting to spend quality time with you! For more Father’s Day ideas, check out our guide to Father’s Day gift ideas he’s bound to love, and make sure you make his day with one of our Father’s Day cards.