What to write in a 25th wedding anniversary card

Any marriage milestone is always a special occasion that should be celebrated, but there’s something timeless and wonderful about a couple reaching their silver wedding anniversary. Despite the many trials and tribulations life will often throw in the way, you’re still together 25 years later – and that means pulling out all the stops for your silver wedding anniversary wishes!

Silver anniversary messages shouldn’t hold back on the deep romance, willingness to compromise on common ground, or the dry humour that helps hold the best marriages together. Thus, 25th wedding anniversary wishes should express these to their fullest.

Of course, when it comes to silver wedding anniversary wishes, it’s not about the number of words you say, but how you convey the meaning behind them. That being said, it can be tricky to know what to say in silver anniversary messages; after all, it only happens once per couple.

But no matter if you’re sending some 25th anniversary wishes for friends, silver wedding anniversary wishes for parents, or you’re struggling to think of what to say to your other half, thortful is here to offer you some helpful inspiration.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the very best wishes for a silver wedding anniversary to help get your creative juices flowing. After browsing through our selection of messages for a 25th wedding anniversary, you’ll have no problem knowing what to write in a silver wedding anniversary card for that special someone.

Traditional 25th wedding anniversary wishes

If you’re not close enough to the couple in question to write funny 25th wedding anniversary wishes, or you simply want to congratulate them with a genuinely honest message, you can’t go wrong with more traditional 25th wedding anniversary wishes – perfect for writing in a traditional anniversary card. Check out our traditional silver wedding anniversary wishes below:

  1. Congratulations on celebrating your silver anniversary! The bond you share is incredible and can only grow stronger in the coming years.
  2. What an amazing milestone on this crazy journey we call life. Your deep love for each other is truly an inspiration for everyone around you.
  3. Happy silver wedding anniversary. Your long-lasting relationship is proof that fairy tales do happen.
  4. After twenty-five years, it’s truly wonderful to see your love continuing to blossom. Happy silver anniversary wishes, may you have many more perfect years together.
  5. Twenty-five years on and the two of you only become stronger as a couple each year, hope you have a lovely anniversary!

Romantic silver wedding anniversary wishes for your partner

If you’re struggling to know what to write in a silver wedding anniversary card for your one true love, give them all the feels with some romantic 25th anniversary wishes. After all, if there’s one day that calls for a touch of romance, it’s your anniversary.

You’ve just spent a quarter of a century together, so it’s important to let your significant other know how you really feel with some romantic silver wedding anniversary wishes. messages.

  1. With you at my side after all this time, there are no future obstacles we can’t overcome together. Happy anniversary with all my love.
  2. I’m so blessed to have had you as a partner for all this time. You’re more beautiful than on the day I met you, and you only grow more beautiful every day.
  3. The journey to reach our silver wedding has been absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t change any of it for a second. All the joy, the arguments, the loud and the quiet nights, they’ve all made us stronger.
  4. We’ve many years behind us but also many more years ahead. I can’t wait to take our next steps into the future together.
  5. Twenty-five years is a long time to be with someone, but there’s nobody else in the world that I would rather grow old with.

Funny 25th anniversary wishes for your partner

Every couple has their own unique sense of humour, and there’s absolutely no reason you can’t inject some into your 25th wedding anniversary wishes for your partner. Here are a few ideas for what to write in a funny anniversary card:

  1. We’ve spent 25 years together. Twenty-five years of love. Twenty-five years of arguments. Twenty-five years of trying to understand how marriage works. So well done, after twenty-five years, I think we’ve just about nailed it down.
  2. Every day I’ve woken up beside you for these last twenty-five years has been a blessing. Both for the joy you bring, and for the simple fact that you’ve somehow resisted smothering me in my sleep for so long.
  3. Happy silver anniversary! I didn’t forget this one!
  4. I think you’ll agree that reaching our silver wedding anniversary is quite an achievement. Therefore, I believe a small round of applause is in order.
  5. Wow, even on our wedding day I wasn’t sure that we’d make it to twenty-five. Congratulations to us!!

Funny 25th wedding anniversary wishes for friends

There’s no better way to celebrate the love of your friends than with some funny 25th anniversary wishes. Let them know how much you value their friendship and all the fun times you’ve had with them both by writing some hilarious 25th wedding anniversary messages. Go ahead and add these chuckle-worthy silver wedding anniversary wishes to their card and put a smile on the happy couple’s faces:

  1. I can’t believe you guys are still together after all this time, I thought you’d break up years ago.
  2. I’m so giddy that you guys have reached your 25th anniversary. Now, just stay together till your 30th so I can win a bet.
  3. The fact you’ve been together for so long is incredible. Tell me, what’s your secret for not murdering each other?
  4. Reaching your 25th wedding anniversary is pretty cool, I guess.
  5. It’s a good job you didn’t ask me where I thought you’d both be in 25 years… because it wasn’t here. Congratulations and happy 25th anniversary to you both!

25th wedding anniversary quotes

Quotes are always a good choice if you’re after something touching to write in your anniversary card without stressing over the words yourself. Below, we’ve found a few 25th wedding anniversary quotes that would work for friend, family member, or your spouse:

  1. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  2. “An anniversary is a reminder as to why you love and married this person.” – Zoe Foster Blake
  3. “The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.” – Julia Child
  4. “Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet, understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” – Ann Landers
  5. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

Silver wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Say thanks to your Mum and Dad for teaching you what love is and setting such a great example by writing some sentimental silver anniversary messages in their card. Any kid knows that seeing their parents reach such a prominent life milestone is an incredible achievement, and a sign of strong family bonds. So, help them celebrate the unity of your family with some personalised 25th anniversary wishes from their favourite children:

  1. Happy 25th anniversary, mum and dad. We’re so proud of the bond you have and to be able to learn from the best. Sending you all the silver anniversary wishes in the world on this very special day!
  2. We know that family life isn’t easy all the time, and sometimes we get into arguments about trivial things, but we couldn’t be prouder to call you our parents and see you reach such a wonderful milestone in your life.
  3. We think that it’s great that you’ve reached your silver wedding anniversary, which is why we got you this card. Naturally, we didn’t get you any presents, seen as you already have the daily gift of our company instead.
  4. Today we get to take a chance to really see what you’ve built together in the last 25 years. Of course, we already know that the best thing to happen to you both is us, the kids!
  5. Reaching twenty-five years of marriage is no mean feat, especially when you’ve had boisterous kids along the way. However, you two always found time for one another and I think that’s what made the difference, happy anniversary mum and dad!

25th wedding anniversary words for brother

When coming up with 25th wedding anniversary words for your brother, it’s important to make sure they come from the heart. However, if you’re truly finding it hard to just start, we’ve come up with some inspiration for you:

  1. Growing up it was clear that you were always a hopeless romantic, so it fills my heart with joy to wish you and your write a very happy 25th anniversary!
  2. It’s been such a joy to see my brother so happy in married life, congratulations on making it to 25 years.
  3. You are a couple that really do prove that true love exists, hope the next 25 years are just as great for you both!
  4. Sending all the love your way as you mark 25 years of marriage, brother and sister-in-law.
  5. Feeling very blessed that I’ve seen your relationship all the way from the start to now 25 years of marriage, happy anniversary you two!

25th anniversary wishes for sister

Maybe it’s your sister celebrating her 25th year married to your brother-in-law? Since your wishes need to a bit more special given it’s such a milestone, here are our ideas for 25th anniversary wishes for your sister:

  1. Dear sister, I’m so happy you found a long-lasting love and still cherish each other just as much after 25 years of marriage.
  2. Happy 25th anniversary sister, onto the next big one – 50!
  3. Sending all my best wishes to my brother-in-law, no idea how he’s managed to stay sane after 25 years with you.
  4. As the maid of honour from your wedding 25 years ago, today is a really great reminder of how your love has only grown since. Happy anniversary to you both!
  5. From the moment I first saw you two together, I knew you had something special. Wishing you both a very happy 25th wedding anniversary.

Now, you should be able to craft the perfect silver wedding anniversary wishes and messages for your partner, friends, or loved ones to help them celebrate this truly special day. With these 25th wedding anniversary wishes examples at hand, you shouldn’t have any issues knowing what to write in a silver wedding anniversary card – whether they’re funny, heartfelt, romantic, or traditional.

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