What to write in a wedding card

Wedding bells are ringing, you’ve got your suit or a brand new dress – but before you head off to the chapel, don’t forget the card! The happy couple will love looking through their wedding cards after the big day – and chances are they’ll keep their cards for a long time to come, so better put a bit of effort into deciding what to write in a wedding card, right? Don’t panic – we’re here to help, with plenty of suggestions for non-cheesy wedding card messages. And if you’re looking for wedding cards, then we’ve definitely got you covered! Shop our huge range of sweet, funny, and romantic wedding cards and find the perfect style, then use one of these sweet wedding card messages to wish the lovebirds all the best.

Nice wedding messages

Keep it sweet and sincere with these sweet wedding day messages. These wedding card wishes are sure to bring a smile to the happy couples’ faces and make their big day feel even more special!

  1. Wishing both of you every possible happiness, now and forever.
  2. This is the start of your happily ever after.
  3. You guys are so perfect – I’m so glad to be here on your special day.
  4. Sending all the love, joy, and happiness to a special couple on this wonderful day.
  5. A toast to my favourite couple in the whole world. I love you guys!
  6. I’ve seen your love for each other, day in and day out, and I’m so honoured to be here to watch you make it official. Have a magical day.
  7. Happy ‘I do’ day – so happy to be here to celebrate your love.
  8. Big love on your big day. I can’t wait to watch you two say ‘I do’.

Funny wedding card messages

Looking for some non-cheesy wedding card messages? We’ve got you covered with these funny sentiments, perfect for friends who love a good joke, and don’t take themselves too seriously…

  1. You two weirdos are perfect for each other.
  2. Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is the husband.
  3. May the happiest moment of your wedding be when you realise that you no longer need to plan a wedding.
  4. You’re getting married and I’m getting wasted. Congrats!
  5. Apologies in advance for whatever dumb sh*t I do at your wedding.
  6. Happy wedding day! Eat, drink, and dance badly.
  7. Marriage is an endless sleepover with your favourite weirdo.
  8. You do realise that you’ve entered into a contractual agreement to only shag each other for the rest of your lives, yeah?

What to write in a wedding card for a wedding that’s been postponed

Over the last year, unfortunately lots of weddings had to be postponed – no shortage of stress for prospective brides and grooms! When the big day comes around at last, let the happy couple know that it was worth the wait with these wedding day messages – and make them smile with one of our brilliant postponed wedding cards.

  1. Finally! We can’t wait to watch you walk down the aisle at long last.
  2. Patience is a virtue, and love conquers all… your wedding is finally here, so let’s have a ball!
  3. Some things are worth waiting for! Happy wedding day, and congratulations to you both.
  4. It’s about damn time. SO glad your big day is here at last – can’t wait to watch you guys tie the know!
  5. Good weddings come to those who wait. Happy ‘happy ever after’, guys!

Wedding card messages for son and daughter in law/daughter and son in law

Watching your precious son or daughter get married? Make sure you’ve got a hanky handy, and don’t forget to welcome their new spouse to the family with open arms using these sweet messages for wedding cards.

  1. We are so pleased and proud to welcome you into our family.
  2. Best wishes to our wonderful new son-in-law/daughter-in-law. Wishing you both happiness on this special day.
  3. You have been part of our family for a long time now – but we’re so glad to make it official! Wishing you the most wonderful wedding day.
  4. Sending all the happiness, love, and joy to such a special couple on your wedding day.
  5. To our beloved son/daughter – we are so happy that you’ve found such a wonderful love, and we hope you’ll be very happy together for the rest of your lives.
  6. Seeing the two of you so happy has been our greatest joy.
  7. Thank you for caring so deeply for our son/daughter. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect partner for him/her.
  8. We love you both very much, and we’re so excited to watch you finally tie the knot. [Name], welcome to the family.

Now you know what to write in a wedding card, you just need a perfect wedding card to match! Make sure you check out our huge collection of sweet and funny wedding cards. But before you race off to the big day, consult our guide on what to wear to a wedding and make sure you turn up in style. For more wedding-related tips, check out the rest of the thortful blog.

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