Wholesome winter activities

Wholesome things to do in winter

Baby, it’s most definitely cold outside and maybe you’re getting a bit antsy and looking for things to do on those chilly winter days? In true thortful fashion, we’ve pulled together all the inspiration you need including things to do in winter when indoors along with fun ideas for what to do in the snow. Just keep on reading to discover all sorts of whole winter activities that you can enjoy alone or enjoy with family and friends!

Things to do on a cold day

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful! If you’re looking for inspiration on things to do on a cold day when you don’t want to go outside, we’ve got you covered.

Whip up some yummy treats

Stay warm and cosy by the hot oven and try out a new recipe you’ve been meaning to give a go. No matter if it’s savoury or sweet, there’s nothing more fulfilling than making your very own yummy homemade treats that you can show off to all your friends and family (and maybe even let them try a bit if you’re feeling extra generous). And if you’ve got a beloved pet, you could even try making your own treats for them too thanks to our cookbook including all sorts of festive food for furry friends.

Get lost in a book

What’s a more wholesome winter activity than finally getting around to starting a book that’s been sitting on your shelf gathering dust for however long? A cold winter day indoors is the perfect atmosphere too – just get all cosy in bed or on your couch with a snuggly blanket and fully immerse yourself into whatever it is you’re reading.

Build a fort

A fort doesn’t have to just be for the kids so whether you’re helping the little ones create the ultimate comfort space or plan to use it yourself, a cold day is a perfect time to build a fort. Grab all your pillows and blankets then once ready, it can be used to watch your favourite films or series, play video games, or for relaxing and having a nap.

Start planning your summer vacation

Perhaps you’re really not a fan of the cold at all and are already thinking about when you’ll next be able to top up your tan and lounge in the sun. Well, if this sounds like you then why not make it a reality and distract yourself from the winter conditions by planning your next summer vacay. A trip to Spain, anyone?

Dig out the board games

When stuck inside trying to avoid the cold weather conditions outside, if you’re wanting to avoid resorting to spending all day sitting in front of the TV then it’s time to dig out the board games. All that’s left is to gather the family to play and hope no arguments break out (but hey, that’s all part of the run, right?).

Fun ideas for what to do in the snow

When you see snowflakes starting to fall and settle on the ground, there’s only one thing to do – go outside and enjoy it, of course! From building snowmen to going sledging, there are all sorts of great things to do when it snows. Below we’ve rounded up just a few of our fun ideas for what to do in the snow:

Build a snowman

A quintessential winter activity when it snows is heading outside to build a snowman! Whether you decide to keep things classic with coal eyes, sticks for arms along with a top hat and scarf, try making one of your favourite characters or create an entire scene out of snowpeople, let your imagination run free.

Building snowmen is a great winter activity that the whole family can get involved with – why not try and make it even more challenging and create yourself or each other out of snow?

Go sledging

If you live near the English countryside or just have some local fields close by, then this is one for you! Once there’s a decent layer of snow on the ground, it’s time to dig through the garage, find your sledge, and run to your nearest safe yet hilly spot. Just make sure to stay all wrapped up with the full winter kit of gloves, waterproof clothes, and snow boots in case you fall off into the freezing cold snow.

Build an igloo

A step up from building a snowman, if you think you’ve got the architectural ability then you can try your hand at building an igloo. Plus, once it’s all built and finished you can have a good sit inside to admire all your hard labour and show it off to the neighbours.

Have a snowball fight

One of the classic outdoor activities in the winter is to head outside and have a good ol’ snowball fight. If your family lives on a street filled with other kids, then everyone can get involved! Of course, it goes without saying that it’s important to make sure not to throw too hard or form super solid snowballs that could cause any actual harm.

Surely, you’ve now got more than enough ideas to get you through those cold days and stave off the winter boredom both for those wanting to take advantage of the snow or stay warm indoors. For even more inspiration and festive ideas, you can head on over to the thortful blog where we have guides on winter craft ideas and how to make Christmas wreaths.