What your favourite Netflix show says about you

For obvious reasons, now more than ever, Netflix has come to feel almost like a friend, bringing the evening’s entertainment, some much-needed escapism, and plenty of eye candy. But just what does your favourite binge-worthy boxset say about you? And no, we’re not doing Tiger King.

We’ve taken a look at some of the nation’s favourite Netflix shows – read on to discover what your favourite Netflix show says about you, and discover some of our fave Netflix cards for your Bridgerton-obsessed bestie or your mate who loves Black Mirror.

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If you’re a Bridgerton fan, chances are you love getting dressed up. You obsessively check to see if your crush has seen your latest carefully posed selfie on your Instagram story. You spend hours over-analysing every message you receive on Tinder/Hinge/Bumble, wondering if there’s some hidden meaning because the person you’re talking to used the cat version of the heart eyes emoji. (Spoiler alert: there really isn’t.) You almost certainly hold your potential partners to an impossibly high standard – probably because in your heart of hearts, you’re still holding out for your Mr Darcy or Elizabeth Bennet.   

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Stranger Things

You love an 80s throwback – you’re happiest when watching Back to The Future, and you’re willing to throw down to defend your opinion that Steven Spielberg has never made a bad film. You’re ride-or-die loyal to your best mates – but you’ve got a hot temper, and your friends know that you can go from zero to eleven in mere seconds.

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The Queen’s Gambit

You’re a smart cookie with a killer fashion sense. You fancy yourself the champion of your work Zoom trivia night, and you’ve declared Becky in marketing your sworn nemesis after she won the big Christmas quiz. You might not fully understand just what exactly the Sicilian Defense is, but as soon as the final credits rolled, you were already looking for chess sets on Amazon.

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Orange is the New Black

You refuse to live by anyone else’s rules – you’re an individual with a rebellious streak. We’re not saying that you’re likely to start a fight, but if someone at the bar gets up in your face, there’s definitely going to be some harsh language at the very least. Your petty streak runs deep, but you’d do anything for your friends (and god help the person that hurts them). The loudest voice in your squad’s group chat, you’ve got a strong personality and a knack for planning awesome nights out.

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You probably loved Gossip Girl back in its 2008 heyday, and you’ve just about managed to stop seeing Dan Humphrey instead of Joe – but he definitely gives you the shivers. (We really hope it’s the bad kind.) You live for a good bit of juicy relationship drama, and you love to give completely unsolicited advice to your friends whenever they’re having romantic problems. You absolutely have fallen for someone wildly unsuitable, even though you could barely see them for all the red flags, and then wondered why the relationship blew up in your face.

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Black Mirror

Your humour is darker than a cold cup of black coffee, and your jokes tend to err just on this side of acceptable. You call yourself a cynic, but deep down inside, there’s a part of you that loves a sappy, happy ending, even if you roll your eyes about it. You’re not afraid to share your (strong) opinions, and more than willing to bruise a few egos in the process. You always make sure your laptop webcam and selfie camera are covered up… because you never know who might be watching.  

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13 Reasons Why

You have an overly emotional Spotify playlist for every occasion, and you’ve definitely pictured yourself in a fictional music video to your favourite song. Let’s be honest here – crying your eyes out is practically an Olympic sport for you. Most people think you’re sweet, if somewhat unassuming, but they should be warned – you have a list of people who’ve wronged you in some way, and a long memory.

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Daredevil fans are likely to be the movie nerd of any friend group – you’re the one who steps in with an explanation when your mate starts asking if kryptonite is one of the Infinity Stones. You’re at least geeky enough to have considered going to a comic con, and come the release of a new Marvel movie, you can be found at the head of the queue. You took boxing lessons for a few months after Daredevil came out, but without the red leather suit and heightened senses, it just didn’t quite measure up.

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The Crown

You absolutely love a bit of scandal and gossip. While you might dream of one day having an entire staff of servants to cater to your every whim, it’s fair to say that you like things in your life done a certain way – and woe betide those who disrupt your perfectly organised life. You think everyone is too hard on the Royal Family… but still, even you aren’t a big fan of Charles.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You’ve watched Parks and Rec at least twice, and you didn’t know what to do with yourself when the Office left Netflix. You are likely to break into song at any given moment, without warning. Your friends would describe you as ‘quirky’ or ‘kooky’, and you’re pretty sure they mean it as a compliment.

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Netflix inspired cards

Whether you want to pledge your love to your fave Netflix and chill partner, or send your Valentine a card that’s more romantic than Joe from You (shouldn’t be hard) we’ve got you covered. Check out our collection of Netflix cards – here are a few of our favourites.  

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