Car stereotypes that are 100% accurate

The car stereotypes that are 100% accurate

Did you choose your car based on budget, look or speed? It turns out, that which car you drive reveals your personality with 100% accuracy*. So, read on to see what your car really says about you…

Fiat 500 stereotype

Fiat 500

Ahh, what better way to kick off this list than with the classic Fiat 500 girl stereotype. You love nothing more than watching Love Island, getting your nails done, and going ‘out out’. Oh, and you definitely refer to your boyfriend as ‘this one’ on Instagram. But despite being labelled as basic, you don’t care, ‘cos you know you’ve got the prettiest car on the road.

Mini Cooper stereotype

Mini Cooper

You’re basically just a Fiat 500 girl but with more money (or access to daddy’s bank account). You’re probably a vegan (or at least you say you are, because you lasted a whole week during Veganuary), and you love nothing more than a bottomless brunch – although a spin class comes a close second! You most likely work in marketing or PR – although perhaps you quit your job to work in real estate for the Selling Sunset vibes (no one can deny that Christine Quinn is a QUEEN!).

Audi stereotype


Audi drivers are the WORST drivers on the road. Fact. You suffer from severe road rage if someone dares to drive one mile below the speed limit (it’s proven!). You probably work in sales, and use the phrase “crushed it” multiple times a day. You spend your holidays “living it up”, reclaiming your youth in Ibiza and Ayia Napa, and your weekends at a VIP booth in the *fanciest* club in town.

Volvo stereotype


Well, aren’t you just a safe pair of hands? Dependable, reliable and loyal, you may be prone to always driving a few miles under the speed limit, but you won’t let those aggressive Audi drivers put you off, because you know that it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. The mum of the friendship group, you constantly carry around all the things you might ever need, because you take safety seriously.

Range Rover stereotype

Range Rover

Growing up, your aspiration was to become a Yummy Mummy, and when you achieved that, you bought yourself a Range Rover, because why not?!

You enjoy an upper-middle class lifestyle, and you want EVERYONE to know this. That’s why you love to drop your little darlings off on the school run in your Range Rover, where you can double park by the gates, before heading off to visit your other Yummy Mummy friends for a spot of lunch, followed by copious amounts of skinny decaf lattes.

BMW stereotype


From the same ilk as the Audi driver, you treated yourself to a brand spanking new BMW after you suddenly found yourself with a lot of disposable income. You describe yourself as a “businessman”, but when asked to elaborate, you will refuse to divulge what that business is.

As every BMW driver knows, there is no such thing as indicating. After all, why should you? Surely everyone else on the road should instinctively know where you’re going? You also love to describe yourself as a “leader”, and really can’t deal with losing.

Tesla stereotype


You have an extortionate amount of money, and you know what? You’ve earnt it. Sure, you like to spend your hard-earned cash on a statement car, but that’s because you actually care about the technology inside of it.

You’re fully aware that people may label you as “slightly dull”, but you don’t care, because you’ve finally found the perfect car that reflects you and your love of tech and gadgets. And that Elon Musk? What an icon.

Jaguar car


Most likely retired, your car is your pride and joy, and you care for it as if it were your child. You’d never dream of missing an annual service, and regularly top up your screen wash, for fear you may one day run out.

When you’re not driving around in your Jag, you’re often found playing a spot of golf or bowls, or stood in a car park locked in deep conversation with a fellow Jag owner, as you passionately discuss how superior they are.

Think these car stereotypes are accurate? Sorry if we hit a little too close to home! But if you know a basic Fiat 500 girl in your life, or a passionate Jag driver, then why not send them a car-related card for their birthday? Alternatively, for more funny guides and articles, make sure you check out the rest of our blog.