What to write in a thank you card

‘Thank you’: two little words that mean the world. But sometimes just a simple ‘cheers mate!’ doesn’t quite cut it – so if you’re struggling to know what to write in thank you cards, be it for your wedding, Christmas or a special birthday, we’re here to help.

Many of us are lucky enough to have friends and family members who love to shower us wonderful and thoughtful presents, celebrating our milestones with us and letting us know they care. Whether we’ve tied the knot, graduated with honours, celebrated a birthday or landed our dream job, our friends and loved ones are always there to let us know just how happy they are for us.

Besides presents, however, the people that are close to us show up in plenty of other ways, by being there to celebrate our successes, supporting us when we’re having a hard time, brightening up our days, or making themselves available to listen to our problems and dry our tears.

Here at thortful, we’ve got a fantastic range of thank you cards perfect for thanking your nearest and dearest, no matter what they might have done for you. Whether you want a risqué rude thank you card, a card to let someone know you care, or a beautiful and simple card to express your thank you wishes, we’ve got something for you.

And if you need some inspiration on what to write in thank you cards, then look no further, because we have lots of ideas!

Simple thank you card messages

Sometimes you just want to add simple messages, instead of racking your brain for wild things to write in a thank you card. And if you intend on buying someone a fun and charismatic card with plenty of writing and doodles on the front, you won’t need to write as much inside. A message for thank you cards for your friends don’t need to be extravagant because as they say, less is more (sometimes anyway).

So, pick from our range of cute thank you cards and pen one of these wonderfully simple messages inside:

  1. Thank you so much for all that you do
  2. How lucky am I to have you? Thank you.
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.
  4. You’re simply the best.
  5. I’m so touched, thank you greatly.
  6. What did I do to deserve you? Love you.
  7. I’m so grateful for the card, gift (and you of course).
  8. I won’t ever stop thanking you for this…

Funny things to say in a thank you card

Wondering what to write in thank you cards for a friend who always makes you smile? We’ve got just the words. And for a little bit more inspiration, make sure you check out our funny thank you cards.

  1. If I had a penny for every time you’ve been an amazing friend, I’d be a millionaire by now! Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you for saving me a ton of money on a real therapist! You’re the best friend I could ask for.
  3. Thanks for always supporting my bad decisions. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
  4. Thank you for taking better care of me than I take of my houseplants.
  5. I’ve thanked you so many times that I’m getting sick of repeating myself! But once more can’t hurt: thank you so much.

To match your comical card, get them a gift that will make them smile from ear to ear. Our thank you sock gifts are a real winner; they’re a simple, slightly funny and useful present!

Wedding thank you card messages

It can be hard to find the perfect words to thank someone for being a part of your wedding, but we’ve got a couple of ideas. Don’t forget to check out our brilliant wedding thank you cards too!

Here are some of our favourite wedding thank you card messages, for you to write in your chosen card:

  1. Your presence at our wedding was the best present we could have received. We can’t tell you how much we appreciated your attendance.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us. It was all the more memorable because we were able to celebrate it with you.
  3. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without your participation in it. Thank you for making it the unforgettable day that it was.
  4. Thank you so much for coming to my wedding. It wouldn’t have been the same without worrying you’d offend someone with your speech!
  5. Thank you for the money you gave us as a wedding gift. When we’re sunning ourselves on the honeymoon it helped pay for, we’ll be sure to send you a postcard!

Truly thank them for attending your big day, with a thoughtful gift selected especially for them, by browsing our wonderful wedding gifts; a nice bottle of bubbly springs to mind…

Thank you messages for gifts

There’s no better feeling than when someone buys you a gift, whether it’s for your birthday or “just because”. But you might then be wondering what to say on a thank you card, to show how giddy with gratitude you are after receiving their prime present.

So, we’ve curated several sterling messages for you to write:

  1. You know what I loved the most about the gift you sent? How much you must listen to me on a daily basis. Love you!
  2. Thanks so much for the box of birthday brownies, I scoffed them quicker than you could imagine!
  3. You are so thoughtful, thanks for sending me a little pick-me-up when I needed to be picked up…
  4. Wow, I never thought I would own this watch. I’m in awe – thanks so, so much.
  5. You are the most generous person I know. I can’t thank you enough for the spa vouchers (but I’m trying my best).
  6. You taught me that gifts aren’t just sent for birthdays, and I’m super grateful for that (and you).
  7. I love a good tipple, so thank you for sending me those blissful beverages to my house. Let’s cheers to that!

Of course, when someone sends you a heartfelt present, they don’t expect to receive anything in return; it’s not tit for tat. However, if you love getting gifts as much as they do, send them something spectacular to their door to show your appreciation. All you need to do is pick their favourite from our thank you gifts selection and it’ll be sent alongside your card.

Caring thank you card messages

Sometimes, people just come through when you need them. Say a massive thank you to a friend, loved one or colleague who really had your back. For some more ideas on what to say, check out our sweet thank you cards, or take a look at our send a smile collection.

  1. My world is a brighter place for having you in it. Thank you for being my sunshine on a cloudy day.
  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me, but I hope this card is a start.
  3. The gift you bought me not only made my day, but my whole week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting a smile on my face.
  4. I’ve got so many memories from our time together recently, and they wouldn’t have been possible without your help and your presence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  5. There are no words to convey how grateful I am for your continued and unwavering support, so thank you will have to do. I am so lucky to have you.

Graduation thank you card sayings

It’s hard work, making it through university or college – so give thanks to the people who got you there with these graduation thank you card sayings.

  1. Thank you for the money you gave me as a graduation present. It’s sure to come in handy when I’m an unemployed graduate searching for work!
  2. My graduation wouldn’t have been possible without all the support you have given me throughout my studies, and my ceremony wouldn’t have been the same without you there. Thank you so much for attending.
  3. Seeing the pride on your face as I collected my certificate made my graduation a day I will never forget. Thank you for being there to celebrate my success.
  4. Without supportive parents like you, my graduation wouldn’t have been possible. I feel very lucky to have you, and I can’t thank you enough for always believing in me. Having you at my graduation made it a really special day.
  5. Thank you so much for the personalised watch you bought me for graduation. I could have done with it earlier to make it to those early morning lectures, but it’ll certainly make sure I’m never late when I go into the working world!

Choose a birthday thank you card message

Been spoiled rotten for your birthday? Make sure you say a special thank you with a birthday thank you card message.

  1. Thank you so much for the chocolate you got me for my birthday. You’ve always known my stomach is the fastest way to my heart!
  2. My birthday party just wouldn’t have been the same without you there; I’m so pleased I got to share my special day with you. Thank you for attending.
  3. The gift of time spent with you on my birthday was the best present I could have ever received. I can’t thank you enough for coming to my birthday party.
  4. Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party. I just want you to know that you’re the only person in the world that I’m happy to share my birthday cake with!
  5. Thank you for being the life and soul of the party on my birthday this year. You always make my birthdays memorable.

What to write in a Christmas thank you card

Christmas is a time to be grateful for what we have, and a great time to say thank you. If you’re too stuffed on turkey to think about what to write in thank you cards, here are a few good ideas.

  1. Presents are fantastic, but Christmas is my favourite time of the year because I get to spend it with you. Thank you for sharing Christmas Day with me.
  2. Thank you so much for my beautiful Christmas gift. I’m really grateful for it, and for having you in my life.
  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you got me this Christmas! It’s almost as wonderful as you are.
  4. Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without you there. Thank you for making it a truly unforgettable day.
  5. I’ve never received a Christmas present as special and meaningful as the one you got me this year. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

It’s nice to be nice – so spread the love and bring a smile to someone’s day by going the extra mile and sending a thank you card. Hopefully, these messages for thank you cards will help to make sending a heartfelt thank you easier than ever!

If you want to go one step further, why not upgrade your penmanship with our guide on how to get started with calligraphy? And if all this talk of what to write in thank you cards has got you thinking about future gift giving opportunities, then make sure you look at our gift guides for some brilliant ideas for any occasion.