What to write in a 30th birthday card

70+ ideas for what to write in a 30th birthday card

While some people might not look forward to reaching the next milestone after 21, your thirties really can be the best time of your life! Being in your 20s can often mean late nights out partying and trying to figure out your path in life whereas once you turn 30 you become more self-assured and ready to take on the world. If you know someone who’s about to enter their third decade soon enough, it’s probably time to start thinking about sorting out a 30th birthday card. We know that it can be hard to think of the perfect message to include in your card. So, we’ve come up with a bunch of different 30th birthday messages ranging from kind and funny (and even shockingly rude).

Why you should look forward to turning 30

For quite a few people, a 30th birthday is one which they won’t have been looking forward to as much as others! Somehow, it’s become known as the official age of ‘turning old’ and no longer being able to be carefree and fun like in your 20s. However, as any 30+ year-olds will be able to tell you, this simply isn’t the case.

Yes, the hangovers are probably worse than they were a decade ago and you might even notice a few more grey hairs, but this is not worth fretting about. There are various reasons why you should look forward to turning 30. You have the perfect excuse for throwing a giant birthday bash and you’ll have gained valuable experience and insight in your twenties that will make you wise in your thirties. Even dating-wise, people tend to be looking for more serious relationships, so you’ll be less likely to end up in situationships or casual hookups.

Honestly, the list could go on but let’s just leave it there and get into our wonderful selection of 30th birthday messages to let the person know just what’s to come… or poke a bit of fun if you prefer.

Simple 30th birthday wishes

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to keep things simple, especially if you’re not sure about their sense of humour. So, here are some nice yet simple 30th birthday wishes you can add to your card:

  1. Happy 30th birthday to one of my favourite humans!
  2. A very happy 30th birthday, I can’t wait to celebrate with you later.
  3. Hopefully you can find a cake big enough to fit 30 candles.
  4. 30 is a birthday worth celebrating, live it large!
  5. Cheers to you entering your third decade of life, happy birthday!
  6. May your birthday be as wonderful as you are, happy 30th.
  7. Wishing you a fantastic 30th birthday, I feel blessed to have you in my life.

Funny 30th birthday messages

Is this person a proper jokester? Then a short and witty message is the perfect option to add to their funny 30th card. And if you don’t see yourself as being a natural comedian, why not wish someone a happy birthday with our funny 30th birthday messages?

  1. Just think, it won’t be long until you can retire. Best get adding to that pension pot!
  2. Uh oh, looks like you can no longer use your 20s as an excuse every time you mess up.
  3. 30, still trying to be flirty, and kind of thriving. Happy Birthday!
  4. You’ve officially been alive for 262800 hours, congrats!
  5. I hate to break it to you…. but you’re officially an adult now and it’s time to act like it!
  6. Happy 30th! Don’t worry, you don’t look a day over 29 and a half.
  7. At least you’ve officially got 30 out of the way now, onto 40 soon!
  8. Just to put things into perspective, you’ve now reached the age you thought was old as a kid.

Rude 30th birthday messages

If you’ve got a particularly close relationship with the person, or know they have an extremely dry sense of humour. You might want to include one of these blunter 30th birthday messages to accompany your rude 30th card.

  1. Happy 30th birthday! Boy are the hangovers going to really hurt now!
  2. Hopefully this is the kick in the ass you need to finally grow up.
  3. F*ck?! I thought you already turned 30 a few years ago!
  4. Welcome to your thirties, you’re gonna have a great f*cking time!
  5. I think it’s clear to say you’re never going to be ID’d ever again. Welcome to being old and happy 30th!
  6. Another year of your sex drive going down… you’re officially 10% less horny than when you were 20.
  7. Congrats you’re halfway to 60, soon enough you’ll be old and grey!
  8. As if the world has had to put up with you for 30 years!
  9. How we’ve all put up with you for the past thirty years I have no bloody clue, happy birthday though!

Kind 30th birthday wishes

Do you know what would go really well with your traditional card? A sweet and caring birthday message. But in case, you’re stuck for words we’ve come up with some ideas to get you on your way:

  1. Cheers to you turning 30, hope your thirties are filled with joy and success.
  2. You’ve really grown into such a marvellous person, wishing you a happy 30th.
  3. Welcome to your 30s, I’m sure the next decade is going to be the best yet.
  4. Wishing you a wonderful 30th birthday, you deserve to have a great day and hope you get extremely spoilt!
  5. Three entire decades of you gracing us with your brilliance.
  6. Look at that, you’re a whole 30 years old. Hope you have a great day celebrating with all your loved ones.
  7. 30 years ago today our family changed for the better, happy birthday!

30th birthday sayings for daughter

Can’t quite believe that your very own daughter is about to enter her thirties? Other than picking a card that quite clearly states this milestone birthday, write out your own message or one of our lovely 30th birthday sayings for your daughter inside.

  1. Crazy to think that 30 whole years ago was when we first got to properly meet you and this year we’ll be partying together to celebrate that day.
  2. See it really wasn’t all that scary after all and I’m so proud to have a 30-year-old daughter like you, happy birthday sweetie!
  3. Happy 30th birthday! Even though I’m the parent, you’re my biggest inspiration.
  4. I’m so glad I got to raise you into my own little mini-me, happy 30th birthday!
  5. In just 30 years you’ve already done so much, and I know that’s not even close to all of it. Always looking forward to seeing what you get up to and wishing you the best 30th birthday!
  6. We’re so blessed to have you as a daughter and just want to make this whole day about celebrating you, happy 30th!

30th birthday wishes for son

Birthdays may come around once a year but a 30th birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone celebration. Other than the typical presents and celebration later on, make it an occasion to remember with these charming 30th birthday wishes for your son:

  1. Happy 30th, son! I could’ve only ever dreamed of you becoming the strong and ambitious man that you are today, and I know you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
  2. It’s great knowing I have the best son in the world who I have been able to brag about for the last three decades. Happy birthday and hope this year’s a good one!
  3. My dear son, I can’t believe today marks 30 years since you were born and in that time our lives have only gotten better. Happy birthday!
  4. You know what turning 30 means, right son? Time to finally grow up and take responsibility including no more coming to mum or dad for money and advice. Just kidding, we’re always here for you and couldn’t be more proud.
  5. Our little boy has become an adult man, happy 30th birthday and hope you have the best time celebrating.

30th birthday messages for a friend

Got a friend about to hit 30? Instead of a plain ol’ happy birthday, use this particular celebration as an excuse to put more effort into whatever you write in a card and use our 30th birthday messages for a friend as inspiration.

  1. You’re such a treasured friend to me and sending all the birthday wishes your way on your 30th!
  2. Happy 30th birthday bestie, surely you’ve come to realise that entering into your thirties really isn’t all that bad after all.
  3. Cheers to you on your big 30th birthday, can’t wait to down lots of drinks with you later!
  4. Happy 30th! Congratulations on making it this far in life, I never would’ve thought you’d become a fully functioning adult back when we first became friends.
  5. Would you look at that, you’ve gone and left me all alone in the twenties club. Happy 30th birthday and may your thirties be epic!
  6. Let’s be honest your thirties are just like your twenties, and we really don’t expect you to become more responsible. Basically, 30 is just when you learn to put on a façade to hide how un-adultlike you are.

Heartfelt 30th birthday wishes for your partner

Perhaps it’s your partner’s birthday coming up and you want a super sweet message that will leave them blushing. No matter how much you care about your significant other, it can be hard to come up with your own romantic note, so here are some to get you started:

  1. Happy 30th birthday, to show just how much I care here are 30 reasons why I love you…
  2. I’m so happy we met and I can’t wait to celebrate you turning 30 together!
  3. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Happy 30th birthday, my love.
  4. Happy 30th birthday to my favourite person in the entire world, I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with you.
  5. My love for you can’t even be put into words, you mean the entire world to me – happy 30th darling.
  6. Wishing you the happiest of 30th birthdays, I love you with all my heart.
  7. From the minute I saw you, I knew that you were the love of my life. Happy 30th sweetheart.
  8. 29 birthdays without me but now we get to spend your 30th and onwards together creating new memories. Today is the day all about you, happy birthday beautiful.

30th birthday greetings for brother

Not really sure how to wish your brother a happy 30th? Well, you’re in luck and we know just how big of a deal is it so have come up with some 30th birthday greetings for your brother that may come in handy:

  1. Baby/Big bro, I couldn’t imagine my life without you and wanted to wish you the happiest of 30th birthdays! I just know you’re going to thrive in your thirties.
  2. Happy 30th birthday to an amazing brother! I feel so lucky to have had you act as my bodyguard growing up and now just the person I turn to for everything.
  3. Honestly, I don’t say this enough, but you really are the best brother I could’ve wished for. Can’t wait to party the night away with you later, happy 30th!
  4. Happy 30th bro, can’t believe you’ve made it to the third decade of life as a fully functioning adult.
  5. Happy 30th birthday to you brother, I promise to be extra nice to you on your special day!

30th birthday sayings for sister

You simply can’t let your sister turn the momentous 30 without an extra special shoutout written in her card. If you’re stuck for what to say, just take a look at our 30th birthday sayings for your sister:

  1. Wishing my fabulous sister a happy 30th birthday, you deserve the world and more!
  2. Happy 30th birthday! Truly not sure how I would’ve made it this far without you looking out for me, thanks for being an amazing person both inside and out.
  3. We may drive each other absolutely mad but there’s no one else that I’d trade you for, wishing you the most wonderful 30th birthday ever!
  4. Even at 30 you still get ID’d whilst out, love you lots sister and can’t wait to celebrate with you later on.
  5. It’s the big day that you’ve been trying to forget about since you hit 25, you’re now officially part of the thirties club sissy.
  6. Time to celebrate the tremendous thirties, I’m sure it’s going to be a great decade for you and can’t wait to see what you get up to!

30th birthday quotes

If you’re feeling the pressure to come up with the right words to mark such a big birthday, why bother when you can steal someone else’s? Below are a few of our picks for 30th birthday quotes:

  1. “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” – George Burns
  2. “The only time you really live fully is from 30 to 60.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  3. “My mother always used to say, ‘The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana’.” – Betty White
  4. “Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.” – Georges Clemenceau
  5. “Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m now a walking and talking adult.” -C.S. Lewis

And that’s that. Hopefully you can use one of our 30th birthday greetings in your card or at least have a better idea of what you want to say. Now you just need to sort out a gift, but that’s another problem entirely. Not sure what to get? You’re in luck as we’ve got all sorts of gift guides.

If you’ve got another special occasion coming up and still can’t think of how to phrase your special message, check out the rest of our what to write articles (and we’ve got a lot) over on the thortful blog including ideas for other milestone birthday messages.