Unique and original wedding table name ideas

With everything that comes with wedding planning including finding the venue and sending out the invites, the little things can often be left till last. While wedding table names might be easily overlooked it is a great way to add an extra personal touch to your big day. It could even end up being a conversation starter for the guests too! Instead of opting for the same boring old table numbers for your wedding, here are some ideas for unique and original wedding table names for you to pick from, or at the very least inspire you.

Unique wedding table names

Don’t go for the typical wedding table names or numbers, why not go for something a bit more unique to stand out and make it memorable. If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some of our unique wedding table name ideas.

Pet names

Why not be extra adorable and pick out some pet names to put as your table names. Think along the lines of honey, sweetheart, darling or whatever other nicknames you guys have for each other. To make it that bit more special, you could write out a compliment to leave by each seat too which will be sure to have your wedding guests in an extra good mood!

Star signs

Why not group everybody into the star sign you think fits their personality. To add a little extra something, you could even include a note with a description of the star sign personality traits. This is bound to create buzz on the tables as they decide whether you’ve chosen well… or not.

Just remember that there are only 12 star signs altogether, so you could really only have a maximum of 12 tables fitting this theme (unless you do multiple of the same if you’ve got too many Cancer friends, for instance).


Another unique idea for wedding table names are gemstones like emerald, sapphire, diamond, and so on. One way you could take this further is by leaving some little fake stones on the table so that each one is easily identifiable.

Romantic wedding table names

A wedding day is full of heart-warming moments and gestures such as the vows, the first dance, and probably some happy tears too. Make your wedding day even more adorable with these romantic wedding table names.

‘I love you’ in different languages

Don’t just state your love for one another in English, name your tables with the word for love in all sorts of different languages. We actually have a whole blog on how to say I love you in different languages that is perfect for this. Plus, it saves you the hassle of finding all the translations yourself.


Perfect for a spring or summer wedding (although it would still work in autumn and winter), is the idea of naming your wedding tables after your favourite flowers. And if you really want to go all out, you could even decorate the table with a matching centrepiece or petals. How sweet!

Oh, before we forget! We actually have a blog on what your favourite flower says about you if you were curious about their meanings which you could also include as a note on the tables.

Songs by your favourite singer or band

Do you have a favourite singer that you’ve both seen together in concert? Or perhaps you just have an artist or song that means a lot to you as a couple? Alternatively, if you were struggling to narrow down your song choice for the first dance or when walking down the aisle then you could use these as the names as well. Either way using song titles that hold a special meaning to you both is a lovely, and personal, idea for wedding table names.

Funny wedding table names

A wedding is all about celebrating your love for one another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little extra fun to your day! So, if you’ve both got a great sense of humour, we’ve got some funny wedding table names that you might want to consider.

Football player names

If the groom is a big football fan, then this is going to be right up his street. Whether you solely pick players from his favourite team or just his favourite players in the world, this is probably one that the male wedding guests are going to appreciate most.

(A note for the brides, if you do let him do this, we reckon this means he should have to wait on you hand and foot for the foreseeable future!)

Names of your exes

Mix things up a little bit and use the names of your exes as your wedding table names. We recommend maybe not using their full names and instead just sticking to the first name. After all, we don’t want to cause any actual drama on your wedding day. However, it’s a great (and funny) reminder to you and your future spouse of the ones that didn’t get away!


Why not have the guests try to figure out where they’re sat by giving them a riddle with the answer being their table name? Here’s an example for you, ‘I’m there when you need me but often dismissed, what am I?’ with the answer being… (insert drumroll) … an alarm clock.

This is a fun little way to get everybody chit chatting as well while they try to get to the bottom of where their seat might be. Maybe try not to make the riddles too difficult though otherwise you might be waiting a while.

All that’s left to do now is decide who’ll be sitting at each table which is arguably the harder part, but hey, at least you have some fantastic table names to impress all your guests.

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