How to ask someone to be your bridesmaid

What’s that? Do we hear wedding bells? First of all, massive congratulations on your engagement! But we know why you’re really here… to find out how to pop the other big question of ‘will you be my bridesmaid’, of course.

Wedding prep can be exhausting (and that’s putting it lightly) but we’re here to help with some great bridesmaid proposal ideas. All you need to do is pick the lucky few girlfriends who will get the honour of being part of your bridal party.

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Bridesmaid proposal ideas

Right, you’ve managed to whittle down your options and finally decided who you trust with the responsibility of being a bridesmaid, all that’s left to do is pop the question! But maybe you don’t want to just casually bring it up in conversation, oh no, you want to make it more memorable with a proper bridesmaid proposal.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, then we’ve done the hard work and come up with a bunch of suggestions on how to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day.

Hold a bridesmaid sleepover party

Sleepover parties are not just for kids, and what better way to celebrate the special moment than by gathering the girlies at your place with your favourite films, snacks, and drinks at the ready! You could even take it even further by surprising them with some cute matching bridesmaid pyjamas for them to wear.

Have a cute group photoshoot

Gather all your girlfriends, get glammed up with hair and makeup, and start having fun and taking group photos. To make it even more special, you could even capture the exact moment you ask them to be your bridesmaid on camera. And then at the end, you can get all your favourite pictures printed out and put them into photo frames. How sweet!

Attend a dance class

You’ve probably seen those videos on YouTube of epic wedding dances? Well, get your dancing shoes on and go to a dance class with the girls. What style of dance you decide to do is honestly up to do or you could just do a complete mix? Either way, it’ll be a great time with everyone letting loose and you can surprise all your guests with a performance from yourself and the bridal party on the big day.

Chill out and have a spa day

With all the stress that comes with sorting out a whole wedding, take some time to unwind alongside your future bridesmaids with a relaxing spa day. There’s no better time to ask them than over a glass of prosecco while you’re all being pampered (just maybe be prepared for some overexcited responses).

And if you’d prefer to do this in the comfort of your own home then just take a look at our handy blog on how to have a spa day at home for all the tips and tricks you need.

Bridesmaid proposal gifts

Other than a gesture, you could also get your chosen bridesmaids a lovely little proposal gift, so they have something to remember the moment by. Of course, this doesn’t have to be expensive but is instead supposed to be a memento that they can cherish.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what’s suitable or if you’re simply stuck for ideas – here are a few things we’d recommend.

Gift them a personalised jewellery box

Perfect for storing their wedding jewellery for the big day, a personalised jewellery box is a lovely bridesmaid proposal gift. If you’re feeling extra generous then you could even include a little extra something in the box like a pair of earrings so that they’re all matching on the big day.

Spruce up their house with a plant

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, brighten up their day by getting them a charming houseplant. Clearly, you already think they’re a more than capable plant parent if you’ve given them the responsibility of being your bridesmaid! What’s more, you can actually easily combine your plant gift with a card from thortful.

Give them a personalised wine bottle

What better way to ask them to be one of your bridesmaids than over a glass of wine, especially one which has a personalised bottle – cheers to that! Plus, they can hold on to the bottle afterwards as a cute keepsake whether they choose to put it on display or somewhere safe or even use it as a decorative vase.

Satisfy their sweet tooth

After all the costs that come with a wedding (and boy, does it all add up quick), we appreciate you might be looking for something a bit more budget-friendly. If you know they enjoy indulging in a sweet treat every now and then… or on the regular, because we’re not going to judge, treat them to something sweet. Whether you opt for fancy chocolates, a giant cookie, or a brownie slab, this will really be the cherry on top when you ask them to be your bridesmaid.

There you have it, all our ideas and suggestions for bridesmaid proposals and gifts. And last but not least, our bridesmaid cards are a perfect way to share with them just how much they mean to you with a touching and personal message written inside. Or if you’re feeling extra sentimental (and are perhaps a fan of Lord Byron and romantic poetry), why not write out a touching ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ poem?

If you’re ever in need of inspiration, that’s what we specialise in! Just check out the rest of the thortful blog for an abundance of special occasion and lifestyle articles covering pretty much everything.