Types of friends in a friendship group

From the joker to the drama queen and the designated mum, we know that there’s no one quite like your friends. So, with Best Friends Day coming up on June 8th, we’ve decided to dive into a few of the most common friendship stereotypes!

We’ve carefully identified the different types of friends in a group, so why not see if you can match your besties with the below descriptions? And, if you’re wondering what type of friend you are, simply ask them to do the same for you!

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But, before we jump into our fun-filled list, have you thought about sending your bestie a thoughtful card to celebrate the occasion too? We’re pretty proud of our love and friendship cards, and here’s a selection to give you an idea of what you can choose from:

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1. The mum friend

Every friend group has the classic mum friend. Known for sending the “you home?” text, as well as planning all the group get-togethers, they really are the glue that holds your tribe together.

When it comes to important life events, the mum friend has already sent the card and organised the group gift. Not to mention their magic ability to sort out scuffles and keep the peace. Need a plaster? 2am airport pickup? Or life advice on an existential crisis? The mum friend has got your back. What would we do without them, ey?

2. The (slightly) chaotic friend

Next up, we have the lovably chaotic one, worlds away from the mum friend and their super organised ways. A wonderful whirlwind, there’s never a dull moment when the chaotic friend is around.

You’re lucky if you can squeeze in a catch-up with them once a year. And when you do finally reunite, they’ve probably moved country and got four new tattoos. The “you coming out tonight?” text almost always pops up with their name attached… 7am Monday morning Instagram story in Ibiza? No questions asked when it comes to the chaotic friend.

3. The chronically late friend

Probably besties with the chaotic friend, meet the chronically late friend. This member of the group never quite manages to show up on time (even when you tell them to arrive an hour before you’re actually meeting). If this sounds like you, be honest, how many times have you said you were ‘on your way’ whilst frantically jumping out of the shower?

Despite their timekeeping issues, they’re otherwise an endearing and unproblematic member of the group. Here’s a top tip: how about you all chip in for a watch for their next birthday gift?

4. The jokester

While there are many different types of friends, there’s always the joker. This friend constantly has a pun at hand to lighten the mood, and they’ve got a special way of making everyone chuckle (even in the most sombre of situations).

You probably laugh at their laugh more than the actual joke, and they definitely don’t know how to whisper in silent situations… Nevertheless, they’re your very own little slice of sunshine, and an integral part of the group.

5. The fashionable friend

When it comes to types of friends, there’s always the stylish one too. Leaps and bounds ahead of the latest trends and always camera ready, they put everyone else to shame in group pics.

The fashionista friend has a new outfit on every time you see them, and they’re equipped with tips on the latest style hacks before they’re even a thing. This member is everyone’s go-to when it comes to borrowing shoes, clothes, and accessories!

6. The emotional one

A walking drama queen, the emotional friend certainly keeps things interesting… Perhaps they spotted an elderly man eating lunch alone? Instant tears. A puppy playing in the park? Tears of happiness. Not to mention the watery eyes which rom-coms spark.

Gentle and unafraid to show emotion, they’re an open book and they wear their heart on their sleeve. The emotional friend is unafraid to be unapologetically themselves, and you’ve got to admire them for it.

7. The bookworm

Speaking of books, we’ve all got that friend who spends their weekends hibernating with a good novel. Unless group plans involve an atmospheric rainy day wandering around the local book shop, they’d probably rather give it a miss.

This member is your introverted, tote bag-carrying, latte-drinking bestie, who always has a list of book recs to hand. Usually in bed by 10pm, they’re your go-to when you’re after a cosy night in.

8. The laid-back member

Finally, we have the easy-going, laid-back member of the group. Quiet, confident, and always chilled, they’re a calming presence in the chaos of friendship.

They’re the mediator, the ‘always down’ friend, and a well-loved member all round. Faced with imminent disaster? The laid-back friend remains unphased. And, when it comes to friendship group roles, this member prefers to take a backseat.

Well, there we have it, the roles you’re bound to find in every friendship group!

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, we’re sure you’ll recognise some of the traits your besties carry in these descriptions. Perhaps you’re wondering ‘what type of friend am I’? Well, why not send this in the group chat to see which one you’re given?

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