Best Friends Day

How to celebrate your BFF on Best Friends Day

Here at thortful, we believe that there are few things more valuable than friendship, especially those extra special connections that bond you as besties. From supporting one another during the bad times to cheering each other on when things are good, there’s nothing better than having a best friend by your side.

Given that we love to celebrate each and every occasion, it’s probably no surprise that we want to help you make the most of National Best Friends Day and show them just how much they mean to you.

What is National Best Friends Day?

A day all about telling your best friend just how special they are, Best Friends Day is the perfect time to celebrate your friendship, lock in some much-needed quality time, and let your bestie know that they are loved and appreciated.

When is National Best Friends Day?

Sold on the idea of a friend appreciation day but want to know how long you’ve got to prepare? Well, National Best Friends Day is officially celebrated every year on June 8th.

So, depending on when you’re actually reading this blog, there might not be too much time left to figure out what to do. That’s why we’ve pulled together some inspiration for fun things to do with your best friend and other ways to make your bestie feel loved.

Things to do with your best friend

Rock out at a gig

Shower your bestie with love by taking them to see their favourite band live or getting them tickets for a show. You’ll make shared memories together that you’ll never forget, and can spend the whole night dancing and rocking out.

Get crafty

Whether you’d rather do arts and crafts from the comfort of your own home or go to a class so you can learn from the best, you’re sure to have a ton of fun with your bestie if you spend Best Friends Day making things together. You might make jewellery for one another as a show of your appreciation, or perhaps you might try your hand at pressing flowers, zine making, or making your own flower garlands.

You might have a go at watercolour painting, or perhaps you’d like to buy some lino, ink, and a roller and make lino prints to hang in each other’s homes. Whatever you choose to do, bonding over arts and crafts is the perfect way to spend Best Friends Day. For some crafty DIY ideas, check out our How To section which has plenty of ideas.

Enjoy an all-night pamper party

Nothing beats a pamper party jam-packed with prosecco, girly movies, and PJs, not to mention some facemasks, manicures, and pedicures. If you think your best friend would appreciate a spa session for Best Friends Day but you’re not sure you can afford the expensive treatments, then bring the spa to her!

You could paint her nails and give her a facial while she watches her favourite Patrick Swayze movie (don’t forget, nobody puts Baby in a corner) and enjoys a glass of bubbly. For more pampering pointers, be sure to check out our full blog on how to have a spa day at home.

Best Friends Day present ideas

A memorable experience

While physical presents are fantastic – we know you can never have too many bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates – getting your best friend one of our experience gifts is a sure-fire way to let them know just how much you care. If your bestie is an adventurous spirit, for example, why not take them zip-lining, rock climbing, or wakeboarding?

If they’re a music or theatre buff then you can’t go wrong with tickets to a show, while arts and crafts fans will love a class on pottery making or screen printing. We all love receiving presents, but memories made during shared experiences will last a lifetime.

Delicious treats

If there’s ever a time to throw the diet out the window and enjoy your favourite treats, Best Friends Day is it. If your bestie is sleeping over, why not make them a mouth-watering breakfast in bed or a bottomless brunch, complete with all the sparkling wine and Danish pastries money can buy?

Alternatively, a huge takeaway and a movie marathon may be a solid way to their heart. To bring a true grin to their face, be sure to finish things off with a sweet treat – one of our Tony’s Chocolonely gifts combined with a thoughtful friendship card, perhaps?

Self-care products

Whether your best friend is a fan of bath products, body butters, or skincare miracles, a hamper of their favourite creams, lotions, and everything in between is sure to make them feel like a million dollars.

After all, we want our besties to love themselves just as much as we love them! If you want to step it up a notch, you could even buy your best friend a voucher for their favourite salon or spa, and that way they can have their nails done and their eyebrows shaped by a professional.

A friendship box

You might be wondering what a friendship box is, and why it makes the perfect gift for your bestie on Best Friends Day. A friendship box is, as its name suggests, a box filled with specially selected items that show your best friend just how well you know them, and most importantly, just how much you love them.

The beauty of a friendship box is that no two are the same, because it has been specially created by you for your best friend in the world, based on your unique relationship. Fill it with their favourite sweets, trinkets from their favourite stores, a mixtape of ‘your’ songs, and any other special gifts you just know they’ll absolutely love.

For an extra sentimental touch, you could also include one of our friendship cards complete with a message inside as well as a fitting best friend quote that really sums up the two of you.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Best Friends Day, make sure you put a big smile on their face with one of our sweet ideas to celebrate your bestie. For more sweet celebration ideas, check out the thortful blog where we’ve got loads more articles including more friendship-related blogs like how to get over a friendship breakup and tips for staying in touch with long-distance friends.