Top interior design trends for your home

Moving somewhere new, or feeling like your home needs a bit of a makeover, but not sure where to start? Let us lend a helping hand – we’ve rounded up some of the latest interior design trends for 2021 and beyond that you can use to freshen up your space. From statement starry ceilings to a new take on classic snuggly Scandi-inspired style, these are some of our favourite upcoming interior design trends to tap into and take inspiration from.


Bring the outside inside

If you keep up with the latest interior design trends even a little bit, this one won’t come as a surprise – it feels like all of our homes have been invaded by plants over the last few years. From Monsteras to cheese plants to succulents, we’ve become a nation of plant people. Believe us, we’ve got the range of plant lover cards to prove it!

But this trend isn’t just about the plants – we’re bringing the outside world indoors all over the place, with more natural elements and sustainable approaches to living. Think stripped-back bamboo and rattan for furniture, and a more eco-friendly approach with plenty of recycled and upcycled goods.

How to get the look:

  • Stretch your green thumb (is that a saying?) by investing in some indoor plants. We actually have our own range of plants here at thortful – they make perfect new home gifts, but if you buy yourself one, we won’t tell. Make sure you check out our guide to caring for house plants as essential reading before you click Buy Now.
  • Choose natural wood furniture. It’s sturdy and built to last, and there are plenty of finishes available. If you have a dark, luxe style then there’s plenty of dark woods or even antique furniture for a vintage vibe. If you like things light and airy, then look at bamboo or oak for a bright and natural feel.
  • Make the most of natural lighting. Nothing lifts a room like natural light – and your bevy of new plants are going to need it! Choose plenty of reflective surfaces to bounce light around a room, like gold and brass decorative accents, and install large statement wall mirrors to make rooms feel bigger and airier.

Maximalist styling

Less is less? We’re sorry, Marie Kondo – it’s not sparking joy. Forget sleek, chic, barely-there minimalism that strips everything to basics. Instead, maximalism is one of those fun interior design trends that is all about more being more.

If you love colourful decor and being surrounded by beautiful objects and art, then you’ll love maximalism. It’s a loud style that’s still welcoming – plenty of excess, but carefully curated. Maximalist decor mixes and matches contrasting patterns, rich fabrics and textures for a lived-in bohemian style that’s effortlessly cosy and welcoming.

How to get the look:

  • Pick one or two base tones to pull everything together, then build your colour palette from there. Will you go for wild pops of pink and green, or stick to a more muted colour range that runs across a whole range of rich natural tones?
  • Create a gallery wall of all your favourite art. Forget what you think you know about gallery walls, too. Throw out the rule book, and embrace clashing frames and colours, as long as the end result is one you love.
  • Mix the large and the small – think big framed prints next to small decorative details like dried flowers or postcards on the wall.

Statement ceilings

You’ve heard of statement walls, and even statement floors, but we’re taking things to a higher level, literally. A statement ceiling is an amazing and unexpected way to make your home feel like a new place. The best interior design trends are all about creating spaces you love in your home, and a statement ceiling is bound to bring you joy every time you glance up!

Make the most of every part of every room by considering the ceiling as a fifth wall – from statement ceiling lights to attention grabbing painted ceilings, there’s plenty of ways to tap into this fun interior design trend.

How to get the look:

  • Keep your walls light and save the statement piece for the ceiling with a dramatic dark floral wallpaper. It’s a look that works for lots of interior design trends, from cosy rooms with lots of accessories to minimalist spaces that need a bit of ‘wow’.
  • Create a sense of depth and texture – paint your ceilings a dark green or midnight blue and cover it with shimmering, subtle stars in bronze or gold metallic paint. Think of it as somewhere between Renaissance inspired church art and a grown up version of those awesome glow in the dark stars you had as a kid.
  • Got a room that needs all the light it can get, but sick of plain white walls or beige? Inject colour into a room without sacrificing light interiors by keeping the walls plain and painting the ceiling with a bold pop of colour.

Image source: Clark + Aldine

Stripped-back Scandi style

We’re all about Scandinavian-inspired interiors here at thortful – check out our guide to making your home more hygge or our favourite cosy autumn accessories for proof. But the latest interior trends from our Nordic friends are about pulling it back a little bit to create a welcoming, calming sanctuary.

This is a relatively low-maintenance look, with furniture that’s made to last, worn-down finishes and plenty of natural fabrics that can be cleaned and renewed. Forget shopping for the perfect Scandi home accessories – less is more, and new Scandi style is about being sustainable and making the most of what you already have.

  • Ditch the grey – choose a warmer colour palette to create a cosy space that’s lifted from dark tones in the autumn and winter months. Look at colours like oatmeal, warm neutrals and creamy beiges for inspiration.
  • This is a simple but structured style, so pay attention to the lines of your rooms. Choose accessories like tall pampas grasses or cotton branches that draw the eyes upwards, running parallel to the lines of your sofa or side table.
  • As always with Scandinavian style, natural textures and fibres are key for that snuggly, soft feeling, but keep it grown up by swapping faux fur throws for chunky cable-knit blankets and brushed wool.

Whether you’re settling into a new house (in which case, here’s our guide to throwing the perfect housewarming party – you’re welcome) or freshening up your home, these ideas should give you plenty of interior inspiration. For more home and DIY inspo, check out the rest of the thortful blog.