If you’ve ever longed for a slower, more peaceful way of living, or wished that you had time to really enjoy life’s little pleasures, then hygge home decor might be the key to a happier life. Hygge is a Danish word (it’s pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) and it’s one of those words that can’t be directly translated – but that’s probably because it’s more of a feeling than anything.

In essence, hygge is the concept of being happy, comfortable, and together. It’s a way of living that goes hand-in-hand with cosy interiors, natural materials, togetherness and home cooked meals. Sounds idyllic, right? If you want a more hygge lifestyle, the warmth and welcoming starts at home. So we’ve put a handy guide together on how to hygge your home, perfect for a cosy Christmas or just to improve your general wellbeing!

Image source: Stella Rose at Unsplash

How to have hygge home decor

Bringing the concept of hygge into your life starts at home. Here are six simple suggestions on how to make your home cosy, and how you can embrace the Scandi way for a sense of wellness.

Decorate with neutral colours

Hygge is all about creating a calm atmosphere where people feel welcomed, so decorate with neutral colours that make you feel cosy and comfortable. For hygge home decor, keep walls basic with whites, beiges, creams, and greys – the lighter shades will help to reflect natural light and keep your home feeling well-lit and welcoming at all times of day. Stick to calming pastels and neutrals for accessories – overly bright colours can be distracting, pulling focus away from your snug sense of warmth and wellness.

Image source: Logan Nolin at Unsplash

Bring the natural inside

The cosy feeling of hygge goes hand in hand with a love and respect for the natural world. Natural textures like wood, greenery and stone in hygge home decor help bring the outside in, and make your home feel grounded. Plus, natural textiles like wool, felt and cotton are intrinsically super tactile and touchable, which really helps with that ‘snuggle up and get cosy’ vibe. Think about sinking your feet into a soft rug or cuddling up under a knitted wool blanket, and you’ll see why natural fabrics and materials help to make your home feel cosy.

Make areas where you feel cosy

Every house needs what the Danish call a ‘hyggekrog’ – essentially a space or a nook where you can happily curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Whether that’s your sofa, a favourite chair, or your bed, make sure your hygge home decor features cosy nesting spots where you can switch off and escape from the outside world.

Image source: Alisa Anton at Unsplash

Choose warm lighting

Wondering how to make your home cosy with not much effort? It’s all about the lighting. From the warm flicker of candlelight to gathering around the cosy glow of the fireplace, light is a pivotal part of making your home more hygge. If you live in a flat or a home without a hearth and cuddling up in front of a crackling fire isn’t an option, you can still create a homey gleam and glow with twinkling fairy lights and tealights.

Image source: Allison Christine at Unsplash

Switch off

Hygge, at its heart, is all about enjoying everyday togetherness, and taking time to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. So part of learning how to hygge your home is taking the time to switch off from the world, and being thankful for time spent with family, friends and loved ones. Even time spent by yourself is important, whether you read a book, practice a hobby, or just sit and listen to calming music. Turn off the bings and bleeps of your phone, stop checking your emails, and go offline to turn on the comfy and cosy hygge vibes.

Keep it simple

Part of how to hygge your home is about taking pleasure in the simple things – and that means surrounding yourself only with the things that make you truly happy. Hygge home decor is all about the things and people that genuinely bring you joy and comfort. Use your space for living comfortably and fill it with things that make you feel truly happy, and you’ll find a sense of contentment that everyone can enjoy.  

For a more peaceful and comfortable way of living, do as the Danes do, and bring hygge into your house. We hope these ideas help to make your home cosier and your heart happier! For more lifestyle guides and ideas, check out the rest of the thortful blog. And if you’re looking for some appropriately warm and fuzzy feelings the next time you send a card, check out our positive and inspirational card range.