What to write in a thank you card for a teacher

As the end of the school year nears, you might be thinking about the best way to thank that extra special teacher for all their hard work over the last year. From spending late nights marking homework, dealing with classroom drama on a daily basis to patiently answering a billion and one questions, teachers certainly have a lot on their plate. One great way to show your appreciation for everything they’ve done is by writing them a thank you note. Whether you’re looking for something cheeky or perhaps more inspirational, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you with our wide range of original teacher cards to pick from. And then, all you need are some thoughtful thank you messages for teachers to scrawl inside your brilliantly thortful card!

But for anyone who may be struggling with exactly how to phrase your thank you teacher message, we’ve got you covered with a bunch of different ideas – so go grab your pen and let’s get writing!

Classic thank you messages for teachers

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and if you’re not sure what sort of card you want to get then you can’t really go wrong with a classic thank you card accompanied by a lovely message inside:

  • You’ve been such a big help to me, and I have learned so much in school this year due to your support, thank you!
  • I’m going to miss having you as my teacher and your future students are lucky to have you.
  • Thank you for coming into class every day with a smile on your face.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, thank you for always going the extra mile for your students.
  • Thank you for being the best teacher in the whole wide world!
  • You made learning fun, and I wanted to let you know that all your hard work and patience hasn’t gone unnoticed

Funny thank you notes for teachers

In every class, there’s always going to be the class clown and if you think you’ve earned that title then you might find it fitting to get a funny thank you card. And to top it off you can add an extra tongue-in-cheek note that will be sure to bring a smile to the teacher’s face:

  • Thank you for giving my parents a much-needed break during the week!
  • Psst! I know I’m your favourite student… don’t worry, I won’t tell the others.
  • Let’s just hope you don’t have to teach my little brother in a few years, he’s much worse than me!
  • I pinky promise to hand in that long overdue homework next time we have class together.
  • Thank you for teaching me all the things my parents never could
  • Congratulations, you made it through the school year!
  • I hope you like this card… that my mum bought.
  • Another school year complete, fingers crossed the next one is a bit easier!

Thank you messages for teachers using quotes

We’re not all wordsmiths and when it comes to expressing gratitude it can be tricky to figure out what you want to say. So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck on what to write, why not let someone else do it for you?

Below are some of our favourite teacher-related quotes you might want to include in your card:

  • “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai
  • “Your heart is slightly larger than the average human heart, but that’s because you’re a teacher.” – Aaron Bacall
  • “Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” – Colleen Wilcox
  • “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” – Solomon Ortiz
  • “It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom.” – Michael Morpurgo
  • “Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding.”—William Arthur Ward

How to thank a teacher as the parent

It might be that you as the parent are feeling particularly thankful to a certain teacher who has gone above and beyond for your child, or you might just simply be impressed that they’ve managed to put up with your child’s antics for the past year.

Either way, there’s no reason why a thank you card can’t come from the parent, but if you can’t quite find the right words here are a few suggestions:

  • Thank you for everything that you’ve done for our child, we really appreciate it
  • Make sure to enjoy the summer holidays, you deserve it!
  • Thank you for creating a great learning environment and encouraging our child to reach their full potential
  • As a parent, I just want to say that you’ve been a brilliant teacher and I can’t thank you enough
  • Our child has grown so much and always comes home happy since you started teaching them, thank you for believing in them

Receiving a little thank you card from grateful families is bound to brighten up a teacher’s day. Hopefully, with all our suggestions, you now know exactly what thank you messages for teachers would be right for your favourite teacher!

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