Summer holidays bucket list

Summer is almost here and with it comes sunny weather, flip-flops and the smell of SPF50. If you’re already in the summer mood, why not send a smile to a friend or loved one to let them know you’re thinking about them?

We realise it can sometimes be difficult to fill up your calendar with fun things to do, so here are some summer bucket list ideas from our team to get you out and about.

Visit an amusement park

From Thorpe Park to Alton Towers, the UK has plenty of awesome amusement parks to keep the whole family entertained. Visiting an amusement park is a classic summer holiday bucket list activity, as you can choose from white-knuckle rollercoasters, splash rides, haunted houses, and more relaxed offerings such as shows and food stalls. Make sure to buy a fridge market from the souvenir shop too – it’s the law.

Go camping

You can go camping pretty much any time of year, but come on, summertime is definitely the best season for reconnecting with the great outdoors. Camping is a popular one for summer checklists because it offers so much to see and do, from hiking, fishing and cycling to exploring local flora and fauna, toasting marshmallows over a campfire and sleeping beneath the stars. It’s also a great opportunity for the family to have a digital detox and learn new things together, which could be anything from tying knots to identifying the constellations.

Book a wine tasting tour

Do you appreciate a good glass of plonk and want to feel all sophisticated? Wine tasting tours are an excellent way to achieve both at the same time, as you get to walk through the vineyards, learn about the wine-making process, and of course sample various wines in the process. Make sure to add this one to your summer checklist if you get chance, as it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

Attend an outdoor concert or festival

Surely your bucket list for summer won’t be complete without a festival or two? There’s a huge variety available at this time of year, including music concerts, cultural celebrations, outdoor theatre shows, Pride events, food festivals, and so much more. One of the great things about festivals is that you’re bound to find a few to suit your budget, as they range from multi-day ticketed concerts to local events that are free to attend.

Take a trip to the zoo 

Another item on your summer checklist could be a day out at a zoo or aquarium, especially if you have kids. These trips are fun and educational, as you’ll get to see all kinds of animals, birds, and aquatic life. Whilst there, your children can also learn about the role they play in conservation and creating a greener future for everyone. 

Try some creative crafts 

On the days when you’d prefer to stay at home, there are still tons of summer bucket list ideas available to you. Craft projects are an excellent way to unleash your creativity and make beautiful decorations for your home, which is also a great activity for kids that doesn’t involve screens. For example, you could each make a flower garland and place them around your home to bring some extra colour to your space.

Go on a litter pick

Most towns and cities have community groups that organise litter picks and beach clean events on a regular basis, particularly when the weather is nice. If you’re wondering what to do in the summer holidays, joining one of these events will give you something interesting to do and allow you to meet new people. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping to clean up your neighbourhood or green space, and we guarantee you’ll feel a real sense of fulfilment for getting involved.

Host a BBQ 

What could be better than getting out the barbecue and grilling up some juicy burgers, mouth-watering skewers, and maybe even a cheeky steak in your own back garden? BBQ parties are a great way to get all of your friends and family together for good times under the sun, plus you can make it very affordable by asking everyone to bring something on the day (just make sure they don’t all make coleslaw). And what’s a BBQ without good drinks? Here are some top summer cocktails you can make at home.

Or maybe a pizza party?

If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, how about a pizza party? Set up a pizza-making station with various toppings and let everyone create their own personalised pizzas. This summer bucket list idea is perfect for both adults and kids, as you all get to be creative and adventurous as well as fill your bellies.

Have a picnic

Sticking with the foodie theme for a minute, going for a picnic is another great summer bucket list idea because it combines a lovely day out with delicious treats. Grab the gingham cloth from the cupboard, make a few sandwiches (use the good bread), chuck in some crisps, strawberries, and a few chocolate mini rolls, and you’re all set for a summer picnic. Where you have it is entirely up to you – the local park, the beach, or even just the back garden if you don’t fancy moving very far. We recommend taking some games, a football, and a frisbee too, or maybe a good book that you can enjoy under the shade of a tree.

Expand your mind

How about adding something educational and inspiring to your summer checklist? Whether it’s a science museum, an art gallery, or a site of historical interest, there’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, and they all make for a great day out for all the family. Many of these are either free or very affordable (look online for discounts beforehand), so you can either squeeze a few into a single day or stretch them out over a few weeks.

Get your fingers green

Last but not least in our summer bucket list ideas, let’s all get out into the garden and make it look its best. No matter how large or small your outdoor space, there’s always room for a few flowers, a herb garden, and perhaps a bird box or bug hotel to support local wildlife. This is also a brilliant way to get the kids outside, as they can help you to tidy things up and even plant their own seeds. If you’re not sure where to start, tomatoes and strawberries are very easy to grow, plus there’s the added bonus of being able to eat them when they’re ready.

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