Two sisters celebrating Sisters Day

Ways to show your sister you love her this Sister’s Day

It’s time to show your sister some love on August 1st, when the world celebrates Sister’s Day, and if you’re short of ideas on how to spoil her we’ve got just the article for you.

We’ve come up with the essential selection of ideas and plans that will make for a sensational Sister’s Day, and you can peruse them before cherry-picking those that will make your sister feel special.

Whether your sister is happier in the great outdoors or cuddled up on the sofa, read on for some suggestions on how to treat her to a day she’ll treasure.

Plan her perfect picnic

With Sister’s Day falling right in the middle of summer, there’s a good chance the weather will be nice enough to treat your sister to a luxurious picnic in the park.

Our advice when it comes to the perfect picnic for a discerning sister is: don’t hold back. In fact, go way over the top and if possible pack a hamper that’s loaded up with luxuries, from strawberries and cream to gin and tonic or sparkling wine.

You can purchase woven hampers online that come complete with crockery and glassware that tuck neatly away inside along with plenty of room for food.

Once you’ve planned the contents of your hamper, pick a spot that’s accessible, perhaps with some shade available in case the sun is particularly hot that day, and choose a picnic blanket on which you’ll be comfortable for a decadent hour or two of eating and drinking.

Two women enjoying a picnic for Sisters Day

Happy up her home

Your sister might be the type of girl who prefers home comforts to the natural elements, and if that’s the case you might want to treat her to a Sister’s Day surprise right on her doorstep.

A great way to set the tone is to hang some bunting around the house. This can be bought cheaply in shops, and you could personalise it with a Sister’s Day message to let her know you love her!

Adorning your sister’s house with beautiful flowers will make her feel extra special. We recommend bright, uplifting colours such as roses, carnations, peonies and tulips, placed strategically in spots where they will catch her eye. You could even create a special flower arrangement as a centre piece if you’re good at that kind of thing.

You can be sure to make your sister feel happy to be home on Sister’s Day by giving her house a thorough clean and by tidying up before she arrives. Giving the surfaces a polish, vacuuming the carpets, and lighting some incense will create a lovely atmosphere for her to come home to and be greeted by the flowers and bunting you’ve lovingly prepared.

With all that done, all that’s left is to plan your time together, which might involve cooking her favourite meal, ordering her takeaway of choice, inviting her best pals over, or putting on her cherished childhood movie and reminiscing about your time growing up together!

Prepare her for a pampering

A spa day can be a great gift for a beloved sister, but if you find yourself priced out by your local sauna or Turkish bath, you can give your sister a perfectly good pampering at home!

Essential oils and candles are important for creating the atmosphere of a luxurious spa at home, and if you’ve got some particularly fluffy towels it’s a good idea to have them clean and ready for her to use during your home spa experience.

 You could set up a massage space by using a bed or sofa, or by placing some cushions on the floor. If you think your sister might enjoy a massage to unwind on a day dedicated to her, make sure you create the right ambience in the room by choosing a playlist with some relaxing vibes and fill the room with a calming scent such as chamomile or lavender.

 The internet is your friend when it comes to learning how to carry out spa treatments at home, with plenty of tutorials available on YouTube if you want to find out how to give a good basic body massage, pedicure, manicure or facial. Make sure you stock up on massage oils and other cosmetics required to give your sister the treatment you think she’ll enjoy the most.

If you’ve got access to a bathtub, then nothing will round off your sister’s day of pampering at home quite like a big, hot bath full of bubbles. Again, get the candles lit and set the mood with some music that she’ll love, and you’ll be in her good books for a long time to come!

Two women in bathrobes enjoying a spa day for Sisters Day

Be great at gifting

Getting your sister a great gift will help any of the above ideas go even more smoothly, and the items we mentioned such as gin, sparkling wine, candles and flowers are all available to order from thortful.

Other popular gift choices for sisters include cosmetics, jewelry, confectionary, clothing, crafts, ornaments, and personalised trinkets.

Clinch it with a card

All of these ideas will speak volumes about your love for your sister, but if you want to send a particularly heartfelt message this Sister’s Day, the best way to do it might be by choosing from our range of sister cards.

 Whether your sister would prefer something light-hearted and a bit silly or a more simple, decorative design, you can choose a card from our sister-focused range and let her know all the things about her that you want to celebrate on Sister’s Day.

Missed Sister’s Day? There’s always National Siblings Day so your other siblings don’t feel left out! And if you’ve really left it til the last minute, check out our last minute gift ideas – suitable for sisters as well as anyone else.