Celebrate your siblings for National Siblings Day

If you grew up with siblings, you’ve undoubtedly had your rough patches. Whether your sister ‘borrowed’ your clothes for nights out or your brother loved nothing better than to tackle you into furniture, it can be tough having a sibling. But the relationship we have with our siblings can be one of the most defining relationships of our lives – and it’s worth celebrating them every once in a while. Lucky, then, that there’s a National Siblings Day to make the most of.

Show your big bro or little sister that you love them despite years of insulting each other under your breath, elbowing each other in the car, telling on each other to your mum and dad – you know, sibling stuff. In case the warm familial feelings aren’t flowing, let us help you get started with some ideas on how to celebrate National Siblings Day.

Image source: Pexels

When is National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day is celebrated in the US and Canada on April 10th, while there’s a Brothers and Sisters Day on May 31st in Europe. But you don’t have to wait for National Siblings Day to tell your brother or sister how much you love them!

How to appreciate your siblings for Siblings Day

You don’t have to go all out to show your brother or sister some love. Here are a few cute ideas of how you can show your siblings that you appreciate them, and say ‘Happy Siblings Day’.

Put together a slideshow of your favourite memories

If you’re not quite feeling up to putting together a full scrapbook, you can still relive some beloved childhood memories with a slideshow. Scan or photograph some snaps from when you were kids – the more embarrassing the better – and use your phone’s Photos app or a free app like Canva to create a little slideshow you can send to them. Aww, aren’t you just the sweetest? 

Buy them lunch

They say there’s no such things as a free lunch, but it’s time to prove them wrong. Arrange to meet up and buy your brother or sister lunch and have a good catch up – choose their favourite food if you’re being selfless, or take them to your favourite place if you’re looking for an excuse to treat yourself. Hey, we said appreciate your siblings, not stop teasing them altogether. 

Watch a movie together

Pick a childhood classic – the kind of movie you watched so often you wore out the VHS or insisted you watch the DVD once a year, minimum. Get together for a good giggle – drinking game rules optional. 

Play siblings trivia

If you’re willing to put in a bit of prep work, this is a super funny idea the whole family can enjoy. Get a list of facts about your siblings, and take it in turns asking to see just how well you really know each other until one of you is declared the Ultimate Sibling.

Fancy making it a bit more competitive? Make your trivia more like the Newlywed Game. Give each sibling name cards, sit back-to-back, and ask questions like ‘who always got the top bunk on holiday?’, ‘who’s the most stylish sibling?’ or something like ‘who was the mean one growing up?’ – we’re sure that one won’t start any family debates.

Recreate an old family photo

Get inspired by the hilarious family photo recreations that go viral on social media and get together to replicate a treasured snap from the family photo album! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out BoredPanda for some hilarious re-enactments.

Brother cards to send for National Siblings Day

Looking for a funny card to say happy birthday to your brother, or just a card to say ‘cheers for always being there’? Celebrate the guy who’s always had your back (and understands your complaining about your parents) with a hilarious brother card, from the huge range here at thortful.

Sister cards to make her smile

Some sisters are like best friends you didn’t have to make – even if you’re in a huff with each other sometimes. Show your sister some love with a funny sister card, with hilarious designs and snarky slogans. Whether it’s to say happy birthday or just a ‘thanks for everything’, say it with a funny sister card that will get her giggling.


No matter how you choose to say ‘happy Siblings Day’, say it with a thoughtful gesture – or a thortful card (see what we did there?). For more inspiration on special days, check out the thortful blog, with inspiration on what to write in a card or gifting ideas.