Discover the various styles of engagement rings

Most popular engagement ring styles

Proposing is a very stressful business. Choosing the right time, the right place, making sure everything is as romantic as can be for the Big Moment – it’s a lot. And that’s before you even factor in maybe the biggest part – the engagement ring. Whether you’re choosing the ring as a couple, or picking for your bride-to-be, getting the ring right is a huge pressure – and when it comes to engagement ring styles, what’s the difference between a Solitaire and a Halo ring, or a Cathedral ring versus a Channel setting?

To make things just a little bit easier, we’ve put together a whole guide to some of the most popular engagement ring styles, from current trends to engraving ideas to the most popular engagement ring design ideas. Kick off a long, happy married life the right way, with a perfect proposal – and with the perfect ring. (And if you’re really stuck for ideas on how to pop the question, check out our range of proposal cards for a few ideas…).

There are various engagement ring styles

Popular engagement ring styles

When it comes to engagement ring styles, there are lots of different settings, cuts and designs to consider! Look for a ring that’s as unique as your fiancée, that really fits her personality. We’ve put together a handy little guide to some of the most popular engagement ring design ideas, and what they say about your fiancée-to-be. 


The quintessential engagement ring, and the one you probably think of when you imagine an engagement ring, a Solitaire ring is all about one sparkling central diamond with a solid band. One of the most popular engagement ring styles, this is truly a timeless option – perfect for a woman with a classic sense of style.


The Pavé setting is similar to a Solitaire, but featuring lots of petite diamonds (or other gemstones) in the band to give a brilliant finish – an ideal pick if your fiancée loves luxurious things, but without being overtly flashy.


A sophisticated engagement ring style, a Channel ring also features stones set into the band, but here the diamonds are securely held in a ‘channel’ between two strips of metal. This style looks a little bit more modern than the traditional Pave, so it’s a great pick for a cosmopolitan, chic woman.


Cathedral rings feature a central focus stone, with two elegant arches to hold it in place that mimic a cathedral’s vaulted ceilings. Cathedral engagement rings can be casual or extravagant – it just depends on if you add diamonds to the band or keep it simple. A great pick for a woman who really knows her style.


One for a girl who likes some serious sparkle, the Halo setting is just what it sounds like – a central stone, surrounded by a brilliant ‘halo’ of gemstones. This is definitely your go-to for a fun-loving fiancée who loves the finer things in life!


A truly classic engagement ring styles, an engagement band with three stones (usually one larger diamond in the centre flanked by two complimentary stones) gives off a slightly vintage vibe. A lovely choice for easy-going and stylish girls.

Personalise your engagement ring by engraving it

Engagement ring engraving ideas

Looking for a way to make your proposal more personal? Look into engraving the ring with a meaningful phrase or words. Here are some of our favourite engagement ring engraving ideas for a personalised inscription – speak to the jeweller or craftsperson who’s creating your ring to see how much space you have to work with!

  • The date you met, or the date you proposed
  • Your initials, or a monogram combining them
  • Lyrics from ‘your song’
  • Your favourite pet nickname for each other

If you really want to make her swoon, engrave the ring with an inscription that tells her how you really feel. Only the two of you know what’s written on the inside of the band, so it’s a deeply romantic way to show your love. For some inspiration, we’ve put together a few suggestions for engagement ring engraving ideas:

  • Forever & always
  • For eternity
  • To have and to hold
  • All my love
  • Happily ever after

Engagement ring trends

The traditional engagement ring features a diamond – but if your fiancée prefers things that are a little bit different, why not look into alternatives to the usual? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular engagement ring trends for 2020 engagements and beyond…

Coloured diamonds

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn’s pink-toned diamond made headlines, and the subtle colouring of diamonds like this are increasingly popular. Coloured diamonds come in all sorts of shades, from romantic pinks to pretty yellows and greens.

Forget the diamond altogether

They say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ – but that’s not always the case. One of the most popular engagement ring styles at the moment is a morganite stone, which has a beautiful soft pink tone. Another great alternative is moissanite, which has all of the glamour and hardiness of a diamond… but with a significantly lower price tag!

Alternative metals

Instead of the traditional gold or silver, a current engagement ring trend is to use alternative metals. There are more options than ever, from high-shine, high-durability metals like tungsten or cobalt to pretty rose golds that pair well with classic diamonds as well as less traditional stones (like the previously-mentioned morganite).

Hopefully our guide has helped you to distinguish between the different kinds of rings, and made it a little bit easier to pick the perfect ring for your fiancée to be. Of course, aside from getting the right ring, you’ll want to nail the way you pop the question, and we’ve got a guide full  of different proposal ideas along with another on how to plan the perfect proposal that should help with just this.

Once the proposal is out of the way, you can focus on your engagement, and planning the big day (we’ve got you covered there as well – check out our complete wedding planning checklist). Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog for more special occasion ideas and guides.