Deciding who you want to be your child’s godparents is a pretty big deal as these are the people who’ll take on the responsibility of being a role model for your child. Given that it’s such a special moment between you and those closest to you, you might want to make it extra sentimental or fun.

Nowadays, there is more to having a baby than ever with babymoons and gender reveals… and that’s before you’ve even given birth! We understand that you’re probably exhausted from all of that and already have a lot on your plate with a new baby. Or perhaps you’re getting ready to pop soon and are just being prepared. So, to help make things easier for you, we’ve come up with all sorts of godparent proposal ideas.

What is the role of a godparent?

A godparent, sometimes known as a guide parent, is basically the person your child will turn to for support other than you guys, the parents.

While there aren’t really any specific responsibilities that come with being a godparent, they will play a big role in your child’s life. That’s why it’s important you take your time when deciding who to choose and it also provides the perfect excuse for making a big deal out of asking them! (Something us guys here at thortful love to do.)

How to ask godparents in a thoughtful way

Once you’ve picked who you would like to be the godparents, it’s time to take the final step and ask them. If you’re looking for more sentimental or thoughtful ideas for asking potential godparents, here are a few that only require a little bit of preparation on your end but will make their heart feel full.

Write them a heartfelt message in a card

Simply find a card to your liking such as these and write out a touching note inside in your neatest handwriting. Don’t stress if you’re struggling to come up with the words yourself, as always, we’ve got you covered:

  • You’ve been such an important part of my life and have helped me become the person I am today. That’s why we’d be honoured if you would be our child’s godparent and help them navigate their way through life.
  • Honestly, we trust you implicitly and would love it if you would be a part of our child’s life as their godparent.
  • When it came to deciding on who would become godparents, you were right at the top of our list.
  • We know it’s important for our daughter/son to have great people around them as they grow which is why we hope you’ll take on the role of being their godparent.
  • You really do light up any room and we know you’ll be the most positive influence on [insert baby’s name], so that’s why we’d love to ask if you would be his/her godparent?

Fill up a box of baby essentials

See if they can take the hint by filling up a box of baby essentials for them to keep at their house, ready for when they’re doing babysitting duties. You can go out and grab a bottle, dummy, nappies, and a babygrow to put inside. And just so your intentions are super clear, you can write something like ‘will you be my guide parent’ on some paper at the bottom of the box.

If you’re feeling extra artsy then you can always get a plain box and decorate it yourself, feel free to go wild!

How to ask ‘will you be my godmother’

Give them a piece of jewellery

Perhaps more of an idea for the potential future godmothers, but a lovely piece of jewellery like a bracelet or necklace is a beautiful way to ask someone if they’ll take on the role of godparent. Whether you keep it simple or choose to get it personalised with a sweet message such as ‘fairy godmother’.

That’s not to say you can’t do the same for the men! You could even add a bit of humour and have some jewellery, maybe a dog tag, engraved to say, ‘the godfather’. Whatever you decide to do, this is going to be something that they treasure forever.

Present them with their very own fairy godmother wand

Taking full inspiration from Cinderella, a super cute way to ask ‘will you be my godmother’ is by giving them their very own magical fairy godmother wand! Alas, this won’t actually have any real magical qualities but that doesn’t mean they can’t pretend it does when your child is round at their house.

And to top it off, we have this special fairy godmother card!

Fun ‘will you be my godparents’ ideas

Are you wanting to make the occasion more memorable? Looking for ways to ask that are unique and fun, but struggling to come up with anything yourself? We’ve come up with some extra fun ways to ask godparents to be a big part of your child’s life that just need a little bit of planning in advance.

Do a full godparent proposal

Much like getting engaged, why not officially pop the question to the godparents? Take them out for a fancy dinner or another spot that you share with them, get down on one knee and open a ring box to reveal… a dummy!

All that’s left is to say the magic words, either “will you be my godmother” or “will you be my godfather”. How big of a deal you want to make this totally depends on you, but no matter what we’re certain they’re going to remember this moment.

Have them solve a puzzle

Another way of making your godparent proposal fun is by having them solve some sort of a puzzle. One way you could do this is by giving them a personalised jigsaw puzzle which includes a secret message asking them if they’ll be a godparent once complete. Plus, they can also keep the jigsaw as a sweet reminder of the moment they found out!

Alternatively, you could sort out some sort of a fun scavenger hunt where the prize at the end is a personalised babygrow with the words ‘will you be my godmother’ on it. What an idea!

Hopefully, now you’re filled to the brim with ideas on how you’re going to ask your chosen few if they’ll take on the all-important role of godparents. And if you’ve enjoyed this article, then why not check out the rest of the thortful blog where we have a whole host of other content all the way from lifestyle and special occasion articles to gift guides.