Baby thank you cards

What to write in a baby thank you card

After going through pregnancy for nine months or so, there’s no better feeling for new mums and dads than spending time with their little angel. Of course, it’s pretty standard for parents to receive congratulatory cards – but what about everyone else who supported them throughout the journey? If you feel like there are some people you owe a big thank you to, just keep on reading. From hospital staff and arrival announcements to friends and family messages, we’ve come up with all the baby thank you card wording and message inspiration you’ll need post-partum.

Baby thank you notes for family and friends

No doubt your closest friends and family have gone out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy and our thank you cards are a great way to show your appreciation for everything. Don’t forget to write a sweet message inside or go with one of our baby thank you notes:

  • Thank you for always being on call and an absolute saint throughout the pregnancy. She/he is doing amazing!
  • There’s honestly no way we could’ve gotten through this journey as seamlessly without all your wise words and support, thank you.
  • As new parents, we send our deepest thanks for being by our side as we learn the ropes and for sharing all your baby wisdom with us both.
  • I’m so glad to have you be a major part of baby [insert baby’s name] life. You’ve been such an important person to me and the little one is super excited to meet you.
  • Thank you so much for everything including the gorgeous card and gift, we’re extremely lucky to have you.

Thank you messages to hospital staff

When it comes to thinking of people you should thank for helping bring your baby into the world, one of the most obvious choices is the hospital staff, particularly the midwives. Always there to provide full care and support for women during birth, their role is so important and they’re the ones that help you and the baby stay healthy and safe during delivery.

What’s more, at thortful we’ve got midwife thank you cards or even a thank you card for the doctor or other NHS staff to write your message in!

  • Thank you for being so supportive when I was going through the most exciting yet terrifying experience of my life.
  • We’re both so thankful that you were there to help safely welcome our little bundle of joy into the world.
  • We can’t even begin to explain how much it means to have had such good support by our side during this process. Thank you!
  • We just want to express our gratitude for everything you do and of course how much of a big help you were to us during our time in your hospital.
  • I can’t even imagine having gotten through giving birth without your constant encouragement and support, you truly are the best at what you do!

Baby arrival announcement messages

If you want just one message to send out to everyone you know, or potentially even to post on social media, that lets people know about your baby’s arrival, here are some of our suggestions for baby arrival announcement messages:

  • The announcement you’ve all been waiting for – we’re pleased to share that baby [insert baby’s name] arrived on [date and time]. Mother and baby are both doing great and can’t wait to meet you all.
  • Thank you to everyone for your prayers and best wishes, it means so much to us and we really appreciate it. Baby [insert baby’s name] is now settling into life at home and we’re as happy as ever.
  • It’s a boy/girl! We’re beyond thrilled to let you all know that our family has grown and baby [insert baby’s name] made their arrival into the world on [date and time]. Now onto sleepless nights and endless nappy changes.
  • We’d like to welcome to the world [insert baby’s name], she/he is absolutely beautiful and we’re so excited to grow our family.
  • After 9 months of hibernating baby [insert baby’s name] decided to bless us all with their presence on [date and time]. We can’t wait for you to meet him/her but first want to say thanks to everyone for their lovely messages, cards and gifts!

Thank you for attending my baby shower messages

Maybe you’re not quite ready to pop yet? For those who have recently celebrated their pregnancy with a baby shower, here are some ways to say thank you to those who attended or took the time to organise it:

  • It honestly meant so much to have you at my baby shower to celebrate my future little one’s arrival, thank you for the lovely card and gift too!
  • There’s nobody I’d rather celebrate our peanut’s journey with than you, I love you so much and appreciate you for always being there!
  • I’m so glad you were able to make it to my baby shower, having you there to celebrate with us was honestly so amazing.
  • My baby shower was more than I could’ve ever imagined, thank you for taking the lead. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I had that much fun!
  • A baby shower is a time to celebrate with the people who are going to be part of my baby’s life and I can’t wait for you to meet him/her once they eventually make their appearance.

Hopefully, we’ve covered all the possible people you might want to thank for their part in helping bring your baby into the world. If you love any excuse to send a card but sometimes struggle to think of your own sweet messages to send someone on special occasions then our what to write articles are exactly what you need (and we’ve got loads of them on the thortful blog).