What to buy your boyfriend for his birthday

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend to go along with a ‘happy birthday boyfriend’ card, then you’re in the right place! At thortful, we’ve curated a range of gifts from some of the best brands across the UK, supporting small businesses – and any of them would make a fab gift for a boyfriend or significant other. Discover some of our best gifts ideas for boyfriends and partners, from

Thoughtful gifts for boyfriend

What does your boyfriend like? Whether it’s sports, music, food, drinking, or humpback whale watching (you never know), the best and most thoughtful gifts for a boyfriend are sure to be the ones that are related to the things he loves most. Along those lines, here are some common genres of boyfriends, along with some thoughtful gift ideas for a boyfriend that falls into those subsections.

Foodie boyfriend

Looking for gift ideas for a boyfriend who loves food? Well, if he’s a keen carnivore, then make sure you order him a deliciously meaty biltong gift pack from the Cheshire Biltong Company.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for other gift ideas for a boyfriend who’s mad about food (eating, preparing, or otherwise), then here are a few cute food inspired gift ideas he’s bound to love:

A personalised steak plate

If he loves nothing more than digging into a tasty steak, then a personalised steak night plate, customised with his name and the time and day of his customary steak night, is sure to make his day.

Hot sauce selection

Can he brave the heat? If he loves shaking hot sauce on to everything he eats, then make his day (and test his tastebuds) with a selection of hot sauces. Spice maniacs will love to show off with a hot sauce challenge set – just don’t let him try them right before date night, yeah?

Dim sum making class

If he fancies himself a dab hand in the kitchen, then help him take his skills to the next level with a cookery class, like a dim sum making class from Ann’s Smart School of Cookery. He can show off his incredible new dumpling making skills, and you get the benefit of delicious dumplings. We love that for you.

Birthday gifts for a boozy boyfriend

Does your boyfriend pride himself on his taste in pale ales, or consider himself the best cocktail maker on the street? We can help – choose a hilarious card and then add a perfect present from our selection of alcohol gifts. Is he keen on a crisp G&T at the end of a long week? Try a bottle of award-winning Salcombe Gin, distilled on the Devonshire coast. If he’s more of a craft beer connoisseur, then try a six-pack of beer from the Firebrand Brewing Co.

If you want to get him something a little more than just the booze, then here are a few gift ideas for a boyfriend that’s serious about his liquor.

A personalised beer tankard

If he’s precious about his beer/lager/cider/pale ale/craft beer/cask ale etc, then make sure he has a suitable receptable for drinking it with a personalised beer stein. Whether you customise it with his name, his favourite tipple, or his birthday, he’s sure to feel like a grand king when he drinks from it.

Whisky stones

Partial to a good glass of whisky? A set of whisky stones are perfect for keeping a glass of the good stuff cold without diluting the taste. Choose a set depending on his taste, whether he’d prefer the rough and ready look of natural cut stone or the sleek and shiny appearance of stainless steel sky ice cubes.

Out to really prove your ‘best partner ever’ title? Pair the whisky stones with a whisky tasting set from our friends at Compass Box. With three bottles of some of the finest whisky around, he can broaden his taste palette while enjoying an ice-cold glass of award winning whisky.

Sentimental gifts for a sweet boyfriend

Looking for sweet and sentimental gift ideas for your boyfriend? If you can’t be sickly sweet on his birthday then when can you, is what we say – and we’ve got some suggestions that are bound to sweep him off his feet.

A custom vinyl lyrics poster

Does your boyfriend love one band or musician above everything else? Whether he’s a Rolling Stones superfan or an Oasis obsessive, all you need are the lyrics to his favourite song to buy a custom vinyl lyrics poster for his birthday. Or if you’re feeling romantic, get the poster made with the words to ‘your song’!

A date night experience box

Give him the gift of a perfect date night with the help of a company like Box42. They’ll send you snacks, games, and accessories to set the scene, so you can enjoy each other’s company on the best date night in ever.

Boyfriend birthday card ideas

Looking for some boyfriend birthday card ideas? Look no further – that’s kind of what we do here at thortful. Browse our boyfriend birthday cards, from risqué and rude birthday cards to heartfelt and sweet cards.


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