Best first anniversary gift ideas

Has it really been 12 months already?! Time often flies in the first year of marriage and before you know it you’ve got first wedding anniversary gifts to think about. Traditions dating back 200 years make this the paper anniversary, with many couples keeping up the ritual when it comes to gifting.

Whether you’re approaching the first anniversary of your own marriage, or if you’re looking for something to give to friends or family members who are getting ready to toast a happy 12 months together, we’ve got some paper wedding anniversary gift ideas that will help you find a gift that hits the mark. And if you’re looking for something easy to add on to your anniversary card, you can find some sweet and simple gift ideas from our selection of thortful gift options. Here’s to one happy year – and, hopefully, many more to come!

If you're not the artiest of spouses, there are some great paper gifting options available from the crafters of the web!

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What to look for when buying paper anniversary gifts

You might think of paper as being too flimsy to make a good gift, but there are plenty of creative ways to turn paper into a present that will commemorate your first wedding anniversary, or that of your friends or loved ones, in style. Just be careful of papercuts!

First anniversary gifts for him

Song lyrics are often the way to melt the heart of even the grumpiest of guys, and on your paper wedding anniversary you could turn your fella’s favourite song into a piece of art to create the ideal gift.

If you haven’t got time (or inclination) to cut out a silhouette of your partner’s head and scrawl the lyrics from Wonderwall into it (and let’s face it, who has?), then you’re in luck, because sites like ArtyLyrics will do it for you – and even frame it!

Also, don’t forget that photos count as paper too! So if your hubby isn’t the most musical of men, you could order some prints he’ll love and turn them into a montage of memories. In fact, we reckon that a photo card from thortful is a perfect way to say ‘happy anniversary’. 

Why not give the gift of a memory montage?

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First anniversary gifts for her

With a bit of luck, the lady in your life has lots of fond memories she’ll be keen to reflect on as you hit the milestone of one year’s marriage, and a love book could be the ideal first anniversary gift. While you could put together your own handmade creation featuring photographs and stories from the last 12 months of your marriage, if you’re not the crafty type you could use an online service that allows you to simply upload your content and have the book made for you.

A love book could make a great gift… assuming you've got some good memories to fill it with!
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Another crafty paper anniversary gift that can be handmade or purchased online is a box of date night cards. Depending on how often you and your loved one like to devote a night to spending quality time with each other, you can give a box of 12 cards featuring suggestions for monthly date nights or a box of 52 if you reckon you’ll manage to fit them all into your schedule!

Papercut mood lights can capture (or perhaps embellish?) a romantic moment from your marriage.

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First anniversary gifts for couples

Paper might seem like a tricky material to find a good gift in but – as is often the case when buying presents these days – the crafty folk of the World Wide Web have got your back!

Papercut mood lights, which work by shining a light through cut paper designs to create a dramatic silhouetted effect, can be personalised with an anniversary message, and most suppliers allow you to customise the silhouette and tailor it to fit.

 Another clever and effective paper anniversary gift is an original newspaper from the day the happy couple tied the knot. Various online retailers offer gift-boxed newspapers from the day of your choice, along with a personalised certificate of authenticity. Of course, there’s no guarantee the headlines from the day in question will have been particularly pleasant!

First anniversary cards

You might want to celebrate a year of love, or you might just be glad to have survived without killing each other! Either way, we’ve got a selection of first anniversary cards that will capture the appropriate sentiment and raise a smile, a hug, or at the very least an eye roll. Have a scroll through our collection of first anniversary cards – you never know, the card you choose might just inspire your gift selection too. Alternatively, for more gifting inspiration, check out our gift options, or head on over to our blog!