Sweet ways to announce your engagement

You said “yes”?! Congrats! Getting engaged is one of the happiest and most exciting times of your lives, so whether it was an intimate proposal on a secluded beach while you were on holiday, or a public affair at that restaurant you both met on your first date, you’ll definitely be on cloud nine for a while!

Once you’ve both had the time to enjoy the moment as just the two of you, you’ll probably want to start shouting your happy news from the rooftops! But what’s the best way to do so?

If you want to do something other than posting the classic ring photo on Insta (but hey, no judgement from us if you do!), or you want to break the news to those closest to you in a more thoughtful way before you do so, then read on for some cute and creative engagement announcement ideas!

Who should you tell first?

But, before we get into the ideas, you’ll first need to think of who to tell before the generic announcement goes out, so no one gets upset or feels left out.

If you have kids – whether together, or from a previous marriage, it’s important you tell them first. This is especially true if they’re from a previous marriage, as it’s going to be life-changing for them… even more so if they’re going to have step-siblings.

Plan a fun day out where they get to do all their favourite things, and where you can break the news gently. Then, give them plenty of time and attention so that they can ask any questions they have.

Once you’ve broken the news to your kids, the next people to tell are your parents or parental figures, and then your siblings (or you can do that together if you prefer), before telling your closest friends.

Not sure what’s classed as “closest”? If you think they’d be upset about not being told about the engagement personally, then add them to your list. Just make sure you let your friends all know on the same day, so no one accidentally breaks the news before you have the chance to.

How to announce an engagement

So, now the formalities are out the way, it’s time to get to the fun part… how to announce the big news to your nearest and dearest!

Send a personalised letter

There’s nothing sweeter than getting a surprise handwritten letter in the post, because who actually gets mail in this day and age?

OK, so you probably won’t be telling your parents this way, but it’s something you can do for some of your friends. Buy some cute paper in a pale pink or red, or get creative and write out something like “We’re engaged” or “We’re getting married” in Scrabble tiles. You could even try your hand at writing in calligraphy, when penning your thoughtful message.

Complete the letter with a sweet photo of you and your other half – with the ring front and centre, obvs!

Get your pets involved

Nothing’s as cute as a furry friend, so why not get them involved when announcing your engagement? Hold an impromptu photoshoot with them, where you can hold a sign up in front of them saying something like “my mummy and daddy are getting them married”, or arranging the ring in front of them (making sure they don’t accidentally run off with it or worse… eat it!).

Bonus points if you can incorporate some balloons or other cute decor into the picture.

Share the news in-person

At the end of the day, can you beat a good-old fashioned breaking the news in person? Umm, the answer’s obviously no! Pop round to your parents pretending you’re just dropping in for a catch up, and then casually showcase the ring and wait to see their (hopefully ecstatic!) reactions in real life.

Say it with balloons

Nothing quite screams ‘celebration’ like balloons do, and if you can’t wait to get the party started, then why not plan a pre-engagement party? Invite your nearest and dearest over to yours on the pretence of coffee and a catch up, whilst decorating one of your rooms with some cute balloons – think something along the lines of “I said yes” spelt out, or a giant engagement ring-shaped balloon.

Open up the door, and wait for the congratulations to roll in! Then, once that’s over, you can start planning your actual engagement party.

Get matching tattoos

Whilst this potentially isn’t one of the ways to announce your engagement, one way to commemorate your special day is by getting inked. Opt for somewhere subtle like your wrist or the crook of your elbow, so whenever you see it, you’ll smile as you think of the day you said ‘yes’.

You could even turn it into a modern tradition, with both of you getting your wedding date tattooed onto you too. Alternatively, if you like the idea but are a bit put off by the permanence, then you could opt for a temporary tattoo instead.

Create a website

Another way to announce your engagement is by getting straight in there and buying a domain for your website (both your names should fine, if they’re free!), and then simply have the homepage state “We’re engaged”, or “We’re getting married!”, with the full story of how it happened, and a picture or two. Then, drop your friends a link to the site, before basking in all the well wishes that’ll no doubt come flooding through.

Put an announcement in the newspaper

Once you’ve told your besties, if you’re not a social media fan, then why not go back to basics and go down the traditional route of announcing your engagement in the newspaper? Lots of local papers have options where you can pay to put in a small but significant ad, and then you can keep the newspaper as a keepsake, so you can reminisce over your years of wedded bliss for years to come.

So, now you’ve gotten the engagement celebrations out the way, it’s time to start planning your big day! Luckily, we’re here to help – why not have a read of our wedding planning checklist, so you can make sure nothing is missed, or even more importantly, have a read of our guide on how to choose your wedding dress.

Alternatively, if one of your besties has just had the question popped to them, then you’ll want to buy the perfect engagement card for them – and luckily, we’ve got plenty, alongside tons of wedding cards, too.