Hello creators!

Our sights are firmly set on Christmas and we’re very excited to bring you our first ever Christmas lookbook. “What’s more festive than that?” I hear you ask, a few things actually, but that’s beside the point.

It’s jam packed with search insights, best sellers from 2022, opportunities and tips and a look at diversity and inclusivity… all with a festive twist.

The deadline for Christmas uploads is the 4th October 2023.

This lookbook is uploaded onto Dropbox, you’ll be able to view it there or you can download it to your device. It’s password protected, you can find the password in your Creator Dashboard. If you need any support with this, get in touch at [email protected].


As always, with big occasions the accepted card designs are held in a pre-release category until they are released, which will be from the 30th October.  You can read more on pre-release here.

Happy creating!


Team thortful