How we’re protecting your new occasion cards

Hello creators! We understand the hard work that goes into creating your designs, especially around the big occasions, so we want to ensure your cards are protected from design copycats. Obviously, this means you get paid fairly for your creativity, but it also means we can continue to offer our customers the latest original content. And that keeps them coming back! 

This article is all about our pre-release feature: why we have it, and how it helps keep your designs that little bit safer from the eyes of our competitors.  We use our pre-release feature for our ‘big’ occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. Cards that have been added to the pre-release category have been accepted into the thortful catalogue, but they won’t appear there until after we release them. This means they won’t be searchable on site until they have been released into the catalogue. You can check to see if your card is being held in the pre-release category by looking at the Card Management tab in your creator account – you’ll see your card’s moderation status underneath the design.


Why do we do this? It’s so we can launch our new collections at the optimum time (we base this on when we see an increase in customer interest), in line with the launch of our marketing campaigns. It also gives our competitors much less time to imitate designs found on our site, helping you to keep your designs unique and protect your IP. 

For you as a creator, there’s nothing you need to do differently when uploading a ‘big occasion’ card design. We want you to continue coming up with your exciting new designs, bearing in mind our deadlines. The deadlines for our ‘big occasions’ can be found in our content calendar here. Just remember, the designs won’t appear in categories or searches immediately until after the collection has been launched!

As always, if you have questions then please drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. 

Team thortful