What to write in a birthday invitation

What to write in a birthday invitation

Regardless of who you are or what age you’re turning, everyone should be able to celebrate their very own special day with a birthday party. And of course, no real birthday party can happen without sending invitations to those you’d like to come. Instead of sticking with the same standard language that everyone uses, we want to jazz yours up so have pulled together a whole host of birthday invitation wording for you to choose from.

How to write a birthday invitation

It’s probably best to get the basics out of the way first and cover exactly how to write a birthday invitation. This is because there are certain details you’ll pretty much always need to include otherwise your guests will be left clueless. Basically, this is how most birthday invites tend to be laid out:

[The name and age of the birthday boy/girl in question]

[The date, specific time, and location of the party]

[RSVP information including details and deadline]

There are also a few other things to consider mentioning in your birthday invite such as whether they can bring a plus one or not, the party theme (if there is one), and any other details they might want to know like costumes, supplies, etc.

Classic children’s birthday invitation messages

Planning a child’s birthday party is fun but equally a big undertaking and birthday invites are the opportunity to shout about all your hard work, particularly to the parents of the other children invited. Unsure how to convert the excitement into words? Here are some of our classic children’s birthday invitation messages:

  1. I’m turning [insert age] and I’d love for you to celebrate with me. Promise it’ll be lots of fun with party games, birthday cake, and more!
  2. It’s time for a party because [insert name]’s birthday is coming up. There may even be a special guest in attendance that you won’t want to miss.
  3. Ta-dah, you’re officially invited to [insert names]’s upcoming birthday bash.
  4. We’re throwing a wonderful birthday party for [insert name] and we’d love to have you there to celebrate his/her special day with everyone.
  5. Craving some birthday cake? Perfect because we’re inviting you to [insert name]’s birthday party where you’ll be able to eat cake, dance, and have fun!
  6. You’re invited to the birthday bash of the year for [insert name] which will be an unmissable day of fun and laughter for everyone.
  7. A good pun is also never amiss if the child in question is having a theme such as a pirate birthday party or a princess party.

Birthday invitation messages for adults

You might not initially think about sending out official invitations for a birthday party when you get older (or maybe just save this for the big milestone birthdays). However, your birthday is all about you and there’s nothing wrong with making that very clear with an invitation to friends and family. Just check out some of our birthday invitation messages for adults:

  1. Raising a glass as I celebrate yet another year of life, I hope you can join me as I get even older.
  2. It wouldn’t be my birthday without you there by my side to party with me.
  3. Up for good food, good music, cake, and lots of booze? Get dressed up in your best for my birthday party.
  4. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to let loose so leave the kids/pets at home and come and boogie with us!
  5. Do you know what date it is? Almost my birthday, of course! Come on and let’s party as I see if I can finally act like an adult.
  6. You’re cordially invited to my upcoming birthday celebrations. After playing such a big and important role in my life there’s no way I could have missed you off the guest list.

Funny birthday invite messages

After something that will add a bit of humour? If you see yourself as the one who brings all the laughs in your family and friendship group, then these funny birthday invite messages are just for you:

  1. It’s all about to kick off as I’m throwing myself an epic birthday party because I deserve it.
  2. Shhhhhh…. you’re invited to a surprise birthday party for [insert name]. I know you struggle to keep a secret sometimes but don’t tell anyone, or else.
  3. Congratulations, you’re invited to my birthday party! If you see me crying about turning another year older later in the evening… no, you didn’t. p.s. Yes, I am old af, but you don’t need to know my exact age.
  4. Aren’t you just the luckiest person in the world? Why? Well, you’re invited to my birthday party so make sure to dress for the occasion.
  5. Category is – [insert name] realness. The attention is all on me as I add another year to my age and I hope you’ll join in me dancing the night away.
  6. Oh look, you’ve received a pity invite to my birthday bash. Hope you can make it (… or not).
  7. Hey! It’s time to celebrate [insert name]’s birthday which will probably be one of the last before they can no longer move their hips. No leaving allowed before midnight.

That’s all of our birthday invitation messages, the only thing we can’t personally offer guidance with is deciding which loved ones to invite to your upcoming birthday – that’s entirely up to you. However, we hope all of our different suggestions for what to write in a birthday invitation come in handy once you’ve whittled it down!

From solo birthday ideas to birthday card messages for children, we’ve got plenty of other what to write ideas and inspiration for celebrating special occasions over on the thortful blog. And if you’re about to attend a birthday party then you should have a look at our selection of birthday cards for something to take along with you.