How to make your birthday special for yourself

Not everyone wants to spend their special day with others, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! So, if your idea of birthday heaven sounds something like sinking into a luxurious bubble bath, then diving into that book that you’ve been meaning to read for far too long, we’ve created a guide full of similar solo birthday ideas for you!

As an adult, organising a birthday celebration can feel more like a chore than a joy. There’s long-distance friends, partners, and parents to consider (as well as frantically searching for a date which works for everyone). But there are countless things to do on your birthday alone, so this year why not opt for a stress-free solo celebration? After all, it only comes around once a year, so you should celebrate it in a way which makes you happy!

It’s more than fine if you’d rather mark the occasion just you, and small, solo celebrations are often the most meaningful. So, if you’re spending your birthday alone this year, here’s some inspiration on how you can still make it one for the memory books. Simply sit back, relax, and let us do the birthday planning for you…

Put together a relaxing spa evening

Up first, we’ve got the classic solo spa evening suggestion. Nothing screams birthday self-care better than a tranquil at-home spa set up. Think clay face masks, your fave fluffy bathrobe, and a hot bubble bath (ahhhh…) Sounds perfect right? Well, the great news is that this solo celebration is perhaps the simplest to set up on our list.

All you’ll need to do is gather your best self-care products, pop on a relaxing playlist, and spend your evening lazing around. To finish off the at-home spa evening, snuggle up on the sofa in front of a TV series and binge-watch the night away.

Use your birthday as a well-deserved opportunity to relax, recharge, and switch off from the world. For a few blissful hours, you won’t have to worry about anyone but yourself!

If you’re sold on this idea (we don’t blame you, we are too) then head over to our guide on how to have a spa day at home and start planning your perfect birthday pamper night.

Cook yourself your favourite meal

Cooking your favourite meal is another way to practise self-care and make your birthday super special! So, leave behind the stress of a ten-person birthday dinner and host a solo feast this year.

First, head to the shops and gather your ingredients (go on, whilst you’re there you may as well throw in your favourite drink). We’ve got guides on fun botanical cocktail Ideas to try at home, along with easy mocktail recipes. So, before heading off, delve into these and decide on which drinks you’re going to treat yourself to!

No dinner party is complete without dessert (and no birthday is complete without cake) so why not channel your inner baker and whip up a birthday cake for yourself this year?

Think chocolate fudge, traditional sprinkles, or heavenly lemon meringue. Who needs the professionals when you’re around hey? Once you’ve finished, all that’s left to do is set the table and dig in.

Alternatively, if you’re hoping to put your feet up this year, why not book a table at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try? Go wild with ordering and indulge in starters, sweet treats, and birthday cocktails.

Plan a solo trip

Looking for more extravagant birthday plans? A solo adventure to a bucket list destination might be exactly what you’re craving. Satisfy your travel bug and indulge in a European getaway to really treat yourself this year.

Or, you don’t have to break the bank to explore on your birthday. You can always make solo memories closer to home with a staycation in that city you’ve always wanted to visit! Simply hop in your car or jump on the train and set off on a day of birthday fun.

Spend your day wandering around new streets, then settle in a local café, order your go-to coffee, and blend into the surroundings whilst you people watch for the rest of the day. Birthdays don’t have to be about grand gestures or big plans, sometimes something as simple as this can give you a day you’ll never forget.

Spend some time outdoors

Another solo idea for adventure-hungry birthday folk is to simply spend some time outdoors! You shouldn’t underestimate the power of nature on your birthday (or on any day for that matter) as it can play a big part in boosting your mood on your special day.

If you’re a seasoned walker, head out on one of your favourite walking trails to soak in some bday fresh air and sunshine. Or, if your natural habitat is your favourite corner on the couch (don’t worry, this is a judgement-free zone) why not try something new this year and head out on a birthday stroll? Grab your headphones, fill up your water bottle, press play on your favourite podcast, and head off on your birthday adventure.

What better way than to switch off from the hustle and bustle than heading outside? Whether it’s a nearby park or a defined walking route, you might surprise yourself with how amazing you feel once you get going!

Learn something new

Still wondering how to celebrate your birthday alone? Forgetting that yoga class you’ve been meaning to sign up for? Or that cooking course you’ve been promising yourself you’ll give a go? Well, there’s no time like your birthday than to try out a new skill!

Your special day is a brill time to try out something new, and you’ll end the day feeling accomplished with new talents under your belt.

If you’d prefer to learn new skills at home, why not try your hand at arts and crafts? You could create a birthday scrapbook, filled with all your fave memories from the past year.

Just dig out those art supplies from the bottom of your drawer, print out your pics, and make a memory-style scrapbook to treasure forever! You could also make a vision board and set some goals for the upcoming year.

Write yourself a letter

This final idea on what to do on your birthday alone is one of our personal faves. You don’t need to be a journalling maestro for this option, you’ll simply need a pen, some paper, and your thoughts (we know it sounds scary but trust us).

Simply let your thoughts flow and write a letter addressed to your future self to open on next year’s birthday! You can record your favourite memories from the previous year, and also write about what you’re hoping to achieve by your next birthday.

Letter writing, especially when you know you’re the only one who’s ever going to see it, is therapeutic and it allows you to get things off your chest. So, let go of any bad vibes you’ve been harbouring and go into your new year feeling ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Make letter writing a birthday tradition, and give yourself the gift of wisdom next year with some comforting words from younger you. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to treat yourself to a physical gift this year, why not browse our range of gifts where you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love.

No matter what you decide to do on your special day, hopefully you’re now equipped with ideas on how to make your birthday special for yourself! From scrapbook making, to solo adventures and letter writing, there are countless solo birthday ideas on offer.

Be intentional with your celebrations, but most importantly have fun! Your birthday is a day for you after all, so celebrate in a way which makes you happy. We’ve got plenty more ideas over on our thortful blog, including a guide on what to do on your birthday with fun options which can be adapted to fit solo celebrations.

Or, If you know someone who’s going to be celebrating alone this year, check out our range of birthday cards and make them smile from afar with one of our designs. We’ve got funny, cute, traditional (and even cheekily rude) cards for you to choose from!